Did People Just Figure Out DJ Khaled Would Be Horrible To See Live?

A few days ago I saw the video from DJ Khaled’s set at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and said to myself, “well… what did these people expect?” As a fan of hip hop I can (sort of) appreciate DJ Khaled as a producer, but even if someone offered me free tickets to see him live I’d probably pass unless he was going to hook his pro-tools up to a jumbo-tron and walk the audience through his favorite compression techniques.

Anyway, the new shit on Khaled is that he’s actually not the best music (a contradiction of his oft repeated mantra). After having sound issues Khaled and company took the stage forty minutes late at the festival. He then proceeded to play snippets of other people’s music out of a laptop while shouting into a microphone and teasing his supple, Palestinian FUPA-belly underneath a black T-shirt.

If you’ve ever been on acid at a party where you don’t know anyone but are convinced everyone is talking to/about you, it’s very similar to the iTunes playlist Khaled and Ko. rifled through on stage. It was literally a fragmented hodgepodge of 15-20 second choruses of popular songs over the last 20 years, bookended with Khaled yelling about… Another one? I don’t even know.

Check it out:

Now DJ Khaled is saying his set was sabotaged because he has no idea what he’s doing as a headliner of a music festival. Even Rolling Stone is throwing shade on the guy:

Khaled tries to make up for the technical difficulties during his time onstage by playing 2Pac’s classic “California Love.” “They want to cut my shit … but this is California,” he says in the video. Las Vegas is, in fact, located in Nevada, as several fans were quick to point out.

Earlier this year, Khaled also caught flack for a subpar performance at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, where his sound was similarly cut off when he went over his scheduled time by several minutes.

Regardless, Khaled is about to release another “album” that I doubt he did anything to actually produce. It’ll be kind of like “NOW: That’s What I Call Khaled’s Friends Vol. 38“.