Dita Von Teese topless lesbian photos

October 20th, 2009 // 181 Comments

These are never-before-seen shots of Dita Von Teese in a 1999 lesbian photo shoot that some Indiana Jones-esque hero unearthed then immediately sold to Splash News instead of putting them in a museum, where they belong. In the meantime, for those of you who think I’m just posting porn now, it’s not porn if it’s in black and white. That’s in the Bible.

Pics are NSFW. Obviously.

Photos: Splash News

  1. I think the pictures are actually quite artistic. It definitely looks more classy in black and white.

  2. jules

    Fish, you are my hero…

  3. claudio


  4. JADE

    For once I am at a loss for words.

  5. Bluecalypso

    I agree the pictures look a bit artistic and b&w helps. Dita looks better than the other one, to me. In pic #3 Alley looks like she has dirt (or weird shadows) on the side of her face.

  6. Mike

    These are spectacular

  7. Enethea

    Oh my, my son wants to have a flower tattoo on his lower-belly. Does this mean he is a gay? Would normal 14 y old boy chose such a design http://www.designs-tattoos.com/tattoo-designs/flower/flower-bloom.html for a tattoo??? Please help

  8. umm

    nipples are too big..and both of their titts are saggy.. yuck

  9. Jones

    @#7, yes, your son is a homosexual. I’m kidding. Who cares? He’s not old enough to get a tattoo, anyway. Maybe by the time he is, he’ll get something you’d approve of, like a naked biker chick.

  10. xx

    dita is stunning, the other girl looks like a crusty hoe.

  11. sixpack

    Lord and baby Jesus these are fantastic.

  12. Jack

    Ummmm…topless? Am i the only one that sees hooha there?

  13. poppabot

    fook yah i like!!!

  14. vani

    wow, those are some big nipples. Alley looks trashier. Dita looks artistic. I can’t believe she showed her asshole!

  15. Teets McGee

    its not porn if the strap-on isn’t in full view

  16. Randal(l)

    You can totally see cornhole in pic #2. I’m not a huge fan of whoever this lady is, but any celebrity who is willing to show their shit chute is more than o.k. in my book


  17. OTP


  18. Suck It Trebek

    Dear #8.

    Seriously? Are you GAY?! Not only are their nipples PERFECT, but they are also FAR from fucking saggy. AND IM A GIRL. Those are amazing breasts. So either you are secretly a super gay guy (and the only gay guy who doesnt find Dita attractive regardless of the fact that she has a vagina), or you are one insecure and ugly woman. Wow.

  19. sin

    Now why can’t Linndsay Lohan hook up with a real woman. Then we could have some real lesbian pictures, I like these by the way. More, please.

  20. anon

    Dita made her waist much too small… It’s weird.

  21. gigi

    …and Brian let that go? The boy has issues

  22. Dance_across_water

    Beautifully done. I love these pictures. Dita is gorgeous.

  23. John

    Ohhhh lord, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…. Dita Von Tese is my highest power. Beautiful face, ass , tits, nipples, everything…..

  24. Dita is ridiculously hot, as always. The other chick is not hot at all, and her fake tan looks ridiculous photographed in b&w. Plus her bewbies are scary freaky alien-looking things. But Dita is still mind-blowingly hot.

  25. There are a lot of explicit Dita von Teese pics and videos floating around. I definitely like these, but, not shocking to see ‘em.

  26. Bush


  27. Seka

    Did these two muff up for the authentic retro look? What dedication!

  28. Pete O'file

    Im sorry penis, the skin will grow back. Hang in there.

  29. Superfacial

    I saw these photos years ago. They’ve been on Alley Baggett’s site since 1999.

  30. Linestepper

    Lesbians, lipstick ones specifically, are a balm for the world’s troubles.
    All is right when looking at these, you are a saint Superfish.

  31. yuristache

    Pop chute is in full view.

  32. dubba

    pic #9… you missed a nip peeking from the suit

  33. Thank you

    Fish, we are not worthy!!!!

  34. Pablito

    Finally, something work looking at.

  35. PurpleTurd

    These are actually not even remotely the first lesbo pics of her. I had an issue of Penthouse from probably like, 1995ish? that had her doing some lesbo dominatrix scenes in it. If i remember correctly, they were way racier than this. Dig around the interwebs for it.

  36. Cardinal Ximenez

    Never before seen? WTF… these are old news UberFish. I sacrificed thousands of sewer babies in worship of these pics years ago.

  37. boobz

    those areolas is large and in charge. just saying.

  38. I believe I told you my name in my earlier post, thank you very much

    The least she could’ve done was bleach her asshole

  39. Deacon Jones

    um…. Go Phils????

  40. antoine

    Talk about when Hairy meet Sally!!! Daddy likes!

  41. diggler


  42. Sheena

    Mmm! Muy caliente! Nice to see real titties & bush.

  43. O'Roughly factor

    Damn Fish this is a bigger compensation than an oil executive…

  44. Mike

    She looks to have a very tight bung-hole. I knew Maryln Manson was very small in the pants!

  45. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Love the fur patch.

  46. The Piv needs Lessons

    Jeremy Piven had the hots for Dita, but couldn’t close the deal. What a loser.

  47. Jizzy

    just shot a huge load! Thanx fishy-fish-fish!

  48. shankyouverymuch

    Dita is incredible, her tits, ass everything about her physical appearance is just drippingly delicious ….

    BUT her pussy is the absolute best most world class fuck-hole I’ve ever seen. The color & shape of that pussy is in my opinion, spectacular SPECTACULAR!!! it simply does not get any better.

  49. Jeremy

    Damn, that’s a hairy poop chute…..

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