Dita Von Teese makes neutering sexy

September 26th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Okay, for those of you who don’t know who Dita Von Teese is, she’s an American burlesque star who was married to Marilyn Manson briefly. If you needed that information to enjoy this ad, seek psychiatric help. As for me, I’m now totally into spaying and neutering. In fact, I went out and rounded up a pack of stray dogs just to show Dita how much I’m into animal birth control. So what do I do now? Make them watch a video or something. Whoa, wait, I cut off their what? I don’t care what the hot lady in the corset says, that’s just nuts – no pun intended.


  1. Liv

    Stupid PETA…. Isn’t she American though?

  2. luc


  3. katie

    wow, i might be first

  4. Molly O'Connor

    Dita Von Teese was born in Michigan–she is not European

  5. Quartz

    She’s from Michigan….

  6. Quartz

    lmao that was changed really fast

  7. Liv

    No no darling, first is mine :D Oh the prestige of it all…

  8. havoc

    Leave it to a woman to advertise castration……..


  9. lenoz

    just in case you needed reminded:
    luc = idiot
    katie= idiot
    Liv = respect

  10. jo smo

    i wanna see er nakid

  11. Who is she and who cares. Ugly ass wench.

    Peta can kiss my gun totin’, deer eatin’, dog kicking ass.

  12. sevenandaswitchblade

    I still think Bob Barker wore a corset and heels better, but hey, if this is what does it for you, to each their own.

  13. emily a

    yes i know i just mentioned something similar in the last post, but PETA doesn’t even help animals. form ’98 to ’00 they eunthanized 90% of the animals that came into their custody…and they wanted paris hilton to do a kentucky fried cruelty ad…she dresses her and her yorkie (which came from a pet store, just like her other dogs, which come from puppy mills) up leopard print clothing..

    PETA are fucking assholes

  14. G

    That’s really fuking stupid!

  15. freakwad

    i don’t like peta.. and i don’t like meat. anddd i don’t like marilyn manson.

  16. emily a's an idiot

    emily a, you’re an idiot. peta doesn’t take animals “into custody” — it’s not an animal shelter, it’s an advocacy organization. get a clue.

  17. LadyJane

    That looks like one of them carboard pictures you shove your head through to take a souvenir photo of your trip.

  18. Dita Von Teese is amazingly hot. That is all.

  19. yolatengo

    jus’stupid…. how fitting

  20. lastangelman

    What a waist! OMG, I’m crying! No fair, Dita, your beauty makes me cry! Here, here, take this, Dita, it’s a, it’s a engagement ring, yes, I know it looks like the rubber ring of a condom, just say yes, and we’ll elope now, to that back alley right now, nevermind the nuptials, honeymoon first, why are you complaining? You married Marilyn Manson, I didn’t. At least, I’m faithful, say that poodle looks, Dita?Dita? Awww, poodle made me look, now Dita is gone. HEEEERRRREE DEEEETTTAAAAAH!

  21. yolatengo

    emily is the a for assinine??

  22. adeliza

    Yawn to the ad.

    how embarassing to be cheated on by Marilyn Manson.

    Geez Louise!
    I’d kill myself.

  23. yolatengo

    why was she married to that ugly, mongoline that is MM??? why, why, why??

  24. Texas Tranny

    I really love her outfit, but her corset doesn’t have garters. Pink and black are very sexy colors together.
    I hate stay-up stockings with that rubber band at the top.

  25. hill

    She is very hot, but seriously, PETA can kiss my ass.
    For every animal you don’t eat, I’m eating three. :-)
    Enjoy your tofu sandwich and your veggie burgers.
    I mean, I love animals, they’re delicious…
    But not dogs… i mean, I don’t feel like Chinese today.

  26. veggi

    emily is a statistic maker-upper!!!

  27. Hemlock Queen

    Oh TT, she makes it look so yummy. I’d do her! Gawd Dita is hawt! Marilyn Manson is a complete ass for losing that woman!

  28. VeryImportant

    This is very important. I will marry Dita and walk her dog. In return I only expect to be served breakfast in bed while she wears what she is wearing in her PETA picture. Marry me Dita! You know you want too!

  29. yolatengo

    hill….dont worry, i’ll be over later and fry up your dog for dinner. yummy.

  30. Texas Tranny

    Yes, she does look very sexy and fuckable.
    I’d pay good money to watch you do her.

  31. yolatengo

    the funny thing is what MM ended up with, some average looking chick you’d see working in your local Applebees

  32. veggi

    Hill “for every animal you don’t eat, I’m eating three”

    oooOOOoooo, you’ll show them! ignorant bafoon.

    I just don’t get how people get sooooooo offended by what others will or won’t eat.
    Do you just HATE it that some people don’t like to eat mustard? For every non-mustard sammich, are ya gonna eat 3!!!????

  33. PETA folks are belligerent and self-righteous, with attitudes not much different from any other terrorist groups (except, sadly, they don’t explode themselves). If they want to act that way, fine, but no whining about the blowback from regular folks.

  34. Bam

    peta is a retarded organization, if you even want to call it that, but i do think people need to spay & neuter their cats & dogs.

    8, how do you castrate a female dog? just wondering.

  35. my comment

    She can be interesting sometimes, but that corset and hairdo ain’t cutting it. Legs are a little bony and her smirk is distracting.

  36. Bam

    i’m just going to drink the mustard right out of the bottle, so suck on that fucking mustard haters!

  37. biddy

    i wear human coats, i mean, i wear coats made out of blood, sweat, tears and shattered lives, but, like, nobody cares.

    hah! frist! i wish they would blow themselves up, too. more leather for me.

  38. MrSemprini

    Manson family leftovers… *sigh* I’d rather have the veal… mmmm, baby cow….

  39. emily a

    yes the a does stand for assanine, and that is exactly what PETA is..and you think i made those up…check the web moron..forgive me for actually caring about animals

  40. LL

    What I wanna know is, who is the old dude and why is he looking at her face? Dummy.

    I’m not sure showing a scantily clad chick is going to make all the dumbfucks get their animals fixed, but whatever. You go with your strengths. If they gave away a free blowjob to everyone who brought a pet in to be fixed, the problem of animal overpopulation could probably be solved over a long weekend. It’s not unprecedented. Police exchange stuff for guns, this is just the next step. So get on the stick, PETA. Get all those hot vegans to start putting out. For the animals.

  41. biddy

    do you care about human animals?

  42. MrSemprini

    Hey, Texas Tranny… I got a question. If you’re wearing a corset that’s all tight and stuff, and you put something into you that’s really big, do your eyes bug out?

  43. biddy

    i descended upon the farmlands of our own midwest, and as i landed, i heard an awful clamour. see, it was the cries of the carrots. for the farmers, it was harvest day, but to them, it was the holocaust.

    let the rabbits wear glasses! save our brothers, man! can i get an amen?

  44. bib

    It’s kinda funny Peta chose Von Teese to promote their campaign, considering there’s a whole chapter in her biography on how she LOVES to wear fur.
    Retarded people…

  45. emile

    are you kidding, bib?




  46. havoc

    I’m a member of PETA.



  47. Rossafur

    Actually, PETA *does* take in animals. #16, you in fact just made yourself look like an ass. There are a million websites that will tell you all about their idiocy/hypocrisy, and Penn & Teller even did a whole episode of Bullshit! on them.
    Unfortunately it looks like that episode has been pulled from Youtube and Myspace, or I’d link to it.
    PETA supports terrorism and is now trying to weasel their way into the heads of youth with PETA2. I keep having to stop liking bands after they start putting up PETA shit. :(

  48. pissy skank

    love dita.

  49. jrzmommy

    I’m sorry but I can’t find a Marilyn Manson fucker sexy.

  50. wedgeone

    “Get all those hot vegans to start putting out.”

    Both of them? Or do you mean we’re going to start a massive campaign of forced dieting, shaving, and bathing?

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