Dita Von Teese is having intercourse

Dita Von Teese recently told the British tabloids she became celibate after her divorce from Marilyn Manson, but surprisingly it was just a joke. I say surprisingly because if there’s anyone who could make a woman never want to have sex again it’s Marilyn Manson. – And, okay, Criss Angel. E! News reports:

“All my friends [saw that] and were like, What?” the burlesque beauty told us last night at the Beverly Hills launch party for Amanda Eliasch’s new book, Cloak & Dagger Butterfly. “I just thought it was funny to say at the time.”
She added with a laugh, “I’m pretty sure it’s safe for you to report that I’ve had sex by now.”
Von Teese says she hasn’t found someone special to settle down with just yet, so until then…
“I’m just really enjoying being single, and having fun, global affairs,” she said. “I’m enjoying being free, and enjoying different men…I’m enjoying being in the moment and enjoying everyone for what they have to offer.”

Global affairs, huh? Note to self: Purchase globe costume. Let Dita Von Teese come to you. Do the sexy stuff.

Like shooting fish in a barrel. Unless she laughs at my south pole.

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