Disney: Miley Cyrus’ back? BAD! Barely legal lingerie models? GOOD!

Okay, before everyone flips out, these chicks are LEGAL. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t send you guys to jail – yet. Anyway, I was about to pack it in for the weekend when I stumbled across this little piece TMZ uncovered. It turns out Disney, who balked at the mere showing of Miley Cyrus’ bare back, is in the business of selling lingerie in China with girls made to look like a jail-bait bonanza:

TMZ has turned up Disney ads marketing lacy, sexy lingerie by models who are made to look underage. They’re hawking bras, undies and lacy boy shorts. They are nothing short of seductive. The photos are being used by Shanghai Zhenxin Garment Company to sell Disney clothes in China.

Now that’s good old-fashioned hypocrisy. In the meantime, I can’t really get turned on with Winnie the Pooh sitting on that chick’s shoulder quietly judging me. C’mon, Pooh, a man’s got needs. Like that time you and Eeyore got stuck in a snowstorm. Dude, don’t act so surprised. You had his tail stuck to your stomach for a week. No joke. None of us had the heart to tell you. Plus it was pretty damn hilarious – donkey fucker. BURN! Aww, I kid. Let’s go find Christopher Robin and get him to steal beer from his dad’s fridge.

Photos: Zhenxin Garment Co. Ltd., TMZ