Yo Dawg, Disney Heard You Like Star Wars So It Put Wars In Your Stars So You Can Star While You War

If you haven’t heard by now, Disney made a surprise announcement at CinemaCon yesterday that there’s going to be eight million new Star Wars movies now, or one every summer starting with Episode VII in 2015 if you like factual numbers steeped in reality. According to io9, the game plan is to realize an “Episode” movie every other year, with standalone movies presumably about Yoda, Boba Fett and a young Han Solo filling in the off years before culminating in Patton Oswalt’s Star Avengers Wars in 2022 if there’s any sense of joy or justice left in the world. In the meantime, above is Harrison Ford having a humorous exchange with Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a talk show an ABC, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company because this is exactly how bad it’s going to get.