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The Duggars Try to Hide Their Sin Baby

Pictured: The entire Duggar clan including a moon-faced child molester, a gay-bashing Twitter troll, and a guy who thinks women’s exposed knees are the devil.

Banished under the stairs: The one girl who got it on before getting married. More »

Eight Ways to Write Kevin Spacey Off of ‘House of Cards’

I know nothing about the actual story line after season 2 so let’s give this a shot… More »

Watch Britney Spears Sing for Her Supper

“Daddy says if I wanna eat macaroni, I better earn it!” More »

Emily Ratajkowski Got Covered in Italian Food… for Feminism and Stuff!

SpaghETT-IT-GIRL! More »

Billy Bush Confirms Trump ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Is Real… Because, Duh.

Trump wants people to think that the entire thing was fake and it wasn’t his voice, yadda, yadda, yadda… I can’t believe we’re still even talking about this. More »

The NSFW Randy Travis DWI Video Is Coming…

I guess a judge really wants everyone to see that video of a hammered Randy Travis getting arrested with no clothes on. More »

Tara Reid Wearing a Frilly Lampshade Thing

I guess you could say she’s the light of my life!

I’ll show myself out… More »

Tomi Lahren and Ray Rice are Speaking at an Evangelical College to “Inspire” the Kids

Sorry Will & Grace, this is the kind of dynamic duo that 2017 has been waiting for! More »

Selena Gomez Is SO Bad Now, You Guys

Like, for seriously — she’s just like Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease when she pretends to smoke real cigarettes and stuff. More »

Hot Links Courtesy of Margot Robbie’s Décolletage Window

“Grab yourself some windex and take a peek for yur’self,” said the Arkansas cleavage connoisseur. More »

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