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Please Don’t Let Harry Styles Ruin This Movie

Usually the teen-pop idol crossover into acting doesn’t go- wait… did they just crush him with a boat? THEY CRUSHED HIM WITH A BOAT!! More »

Video of A Porn Star Getting Bit By A Shark

This is the most recklessly American thing I’ve ever seen and I’m really conflicted on how I feel about it. More »

Justin Bieber’s Indian Tour Rider Is Full Of Completely Reasonable Stuff

Just kidding! It’s like an Arab prince’s letter to Santa Claus. More »

Alanis Morissette’s Manager Had One Hand In Her Pocket

Now he’s facing a jagged little prison sentence for stealing $7 million… want more Alanis puns? C’mon through, my hands are clean… More »

Martin Shkreli Is Acting Like A Penis Again

Yes, I just called him a penis… He deserves it. More »

Brad Pitt Is Officially An ‘Old Guy’ Now

Somebody get this guy a Fresca. More »

Melania Trump Is Crying For Help on Twitter Again

A Twitter “like” might not be worth a thousand screams, but it’s at least ten… or maybe just one “get me out of here- they make me sleep in a closet“. More »

Justin Bieber Is Not Dating Hailee Steinfeld

Ohhhhh, snap!! Does this change anything for anyone? Can we at least agree that this optical illusion makes her look like a human cauldron? More »

Neat! Jaden Smith Brought His Hair!

I have a decent explanation for why he did this, but I’m more interested in how long until someone on the Met Gala clean up crew puts one he dropped on Ebay. More »

I Guess Katy Perry Said Something Sorta Racist

She’s just diverting simple questions by bringing up the Obama administration… just like that one guy… damn, what was his name? More »

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