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Don’t Call Richard Simmons A Woman, He’ll Get Mad

Apparently he’s really touchy about tabloids’ claims that he has been transitioning to become a woman. More »

Jay-Z Still Won’t Admit He Banged Rihanna In 2014

Solange is removing her high heels and waiting for him in the elevator as we speak… More »

What’s In Ben Affleck’s Box?

Ah, for crissakes what’s in the box, Ben – WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!?? More »

Leona Lewis Wearing An Ugly Napkin Or Something

Let me get that origami bird covered in television static…

… got u fam. More »

Iskra Lawrence Doing Underwear Things

Here we have Iskra Lawrence doing exactly what all of us do every time we get a new pair of underwear… standing around in public and letting people take pictures. More »

Bella Thorne Is A High-Fashion Swamp Monster That We Created

Seriously, what’s up with this girl’s posture? Every picture of her partying looks like she’s just emerged from Ursula’s sea dungeon from The Little Mermaid. More »

Chris Brown Needs To Go Away Already

He’s claiming that he only resorted to beating the living hell out of Rihanna because she “tried to kick him”… UUUGGHHHH. More »

Scary Spice Dressed Up As Rhinestone ‘Mystique’ To A Thing Yesterday

Turns out Mel B was actually forced into TWO different X Factors, and that’s fine if you don’t get that reference, it stops here. More »

How Did We Miss Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 Movie? Oh… That’s Why

And the biggest turd of 2017 goes to… More »

Melissa Riso Doing Bikini Things and Other News

Also Ezekiel Elliott is a piece of shit, Paris Hilton loves your idiot money, and we finally found out what was in Tiger Woods’ RX salad. More »

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