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Lindsay Lohan Has A Nightclub In Greece

LOHAN Nightclub – An exclusive hotspot for music and danci- Let’s be honest, you’re coming for the coke. The walls are made of it. More »

‘Trump-rested Development’ Was Worth The Wait

Sorry, Time of my Life mashup, you’ve been bested. More »

Here’s How Trump’s ‘It Was Just Locker Room Talk’ Bullshit Is Going

Donald Trump’s locker room talk sounds strangely like these women’s stories about him sexually assaulting them. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.  More »

Miley Cyrus Sleeps With A Picture Of Woody Allen Now

Woody Allen hates working past five. How could he possibly be a monster?” – Miley Cyrus More »

Billy Bush Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

Billy Bush went from deeply sorry to innocent scapegoat already. That was fast. More »

Samantha Bee Moved On Donald Trump ‘Like A Bitch.’ Yes.

Samantha Bee on Pussy-gate. Hell to the yes. More »

Kim Kardashian Is Suing Over Inside Job Claims

Everything that’s been going on with Kim Kardashian’s robbery, because I don’t value your time or mine. More »

A Brief Interlude For Quentin Tarantino Mauling His Girlfriend’s Face

Quentin Tarantino and his girlfriend made it weird at a French film festival. More »

Shia LaBeouf Got Married

Did Shia LaBeouf really get married in Vegas or was this more fart-sniffing performance art? Only time and a Snapchat divorce will ever truly tell. More »

Good Morning, Claudia Romani’s Butt, And Other News

It’s still cool to hear about Warren Beatty slinging D. [Lainey Gossip]

Bai Ling is 50?! [Dlisted]

Shailene Woodley’s nose ring almost saved Mother Earth. [TMZ]

The leaked Clinton campaign emails continue to turn up jack shit. [Newser]

Your morning links. … More »

Joy Corrigan Bikini Photos Are The Crap I Missed

Joy Corrigan in a bikini is The Crap I Missed. More »

Pete Campbell Is The New Col. Sanders. Jesus, Why?

Pete Campbell is the Col. Sanders now, because we don’t need drugs anymore. Real life is drugs now. More »

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