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Scott Wants To Fight Kourtney For Custody, Good F*cking Luck

I sincerely hope Kourtney’s entire legal argument is “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” (She would 100% win with that.) More »

Courtney Love Thinks She’s Marlon Brando’s Granddaughter

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 truther Courtney Love thinks Marlon Brando is her grandfather. Strap in. More »

We’re Talking About Emma Watson’s Pubes Now

How does Emma Watson keep her pubes luxuriously soft? I’m glad you asked! More »

Nick Cannon Is Probably Banging A Nicki Minaj Puppet, Just FYI

Nick Cannon has a vlog and an anatomically correct Nicki Minaj puppet. You’ll never believe what he does ne- *gets shot in the arm by Fish* More »

This Might Be Kim Kardashian Going Commando, No Promises

Kim Kardashian: Different, private, changed, maybe not wearing underwear. More »

Casey Anthony Sleeps Great At Night? Oh Thank God, I Was Worried

Casey Anthony maybe “allegedly” murdered her daughter, but hot boys buy her drinks, so why you gotta be up her ass? Damn. More »

Christina Milian Needed Her Own Gallery And Other News

How is Idris Elba eating a hot dog not a meme yet? [Lainey Gossip]

The Richards Simmons is being held hostage story is back. [Dlisted]

Gigi Hadid won’t heal US-Muslim relations? Get out. [TMZ]

Here’s how the GOP will fuck your health insurance. [Newser]

Your morning links. More »

Nicki Minaj’s Diamond Boob Is The Crap We Missed

Nicki Minaj’s diamond nip, highlights from The iHeartRadio Music Awards, and Carrot Top’s goddamn frightening face. It’s The Crap We Missed. More »

Who Let Charlotte McKinney Loose In A High School?!

Charlotte McKinney added a much-needed dose of sexual tension to a high school prom on Friday. There were no survivors. More »

Emma Watson Defends Her Tits

You animals made Emma Watson talk about her tits while promoting a Disney movie. Are you happy now? More »

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