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Nobody Interrupts Justin Bieber’s Ice Cream, NOBODY!

Is Justin Bieber still shitting all over his fans? You bet! More »

Jax Taylor Hates Nick Viall If Anyone Gives A Shit, Which They Shouldn’t

Jax Taylor and Nick Viall had some sort of man douche tiff. More »

Why The Hell Is Blac Chyna At The Kids’ Choice Awards?

“You know who we should bring around kids? Blac Chyna.” – Someone who should not be working with kids More »

The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Is Actually Pretty Good, Goddammit

Wonder Woman has a new trailer that’s way better than the last one, so now I’m excited for a DC movie. Sonofabitch. More »

The Hammaconda In The ‘Baby Driver’ Trailer And Other News

Charlie Hunnam: Being hot is “collateral damage.” [Lainey Gossip]

J-Rod is in the Bahamas. [Dlisted]

Tyra Banks is hosting America’s Got Talent now. [TMZ]

Not even Trump’s going to bother with this. [Newser]

Your morning links. … More »

Lindsey Pelas In A Bikini Is The Crap We Missed

Lindsey Pelas and Emily Ratajkowski’s giant breasts next to important British people at a war memorial. I have no clue anymore. It’s The Crap We Missed. More »

Lindsay Lohan Thinks She’s Launching A New Fashion Line

Lindsay Lohan is like The Little Coke Engine That Could. More »

January Jones Wants A Dude From ‘The Bachelorette’

January Jones can’t figure out how to get in touch with rejected contestants from The Bachelorette. Has she tried leaving food on the porch? More »

Just Kidding! Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Are Still Divorcing

Divorce is “still on the table” for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. (Subject to change every 15 fucking seconds.) More »

A Moment For Emily Ratajkowski In A Bikini

Emily Ratajkowski is in a bikini and has a boyfriend who looks like a blogger? Yep, Hammaconda, we’re all thinking it. More »

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