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¡Ay, caramba! Tyga Found Someone Who Looks Sort Of Like Kylie Jenner

A guy took these pictures from a bush that shows him hanging out with his ex-girlfriend’s body double and it’s soooo juiccyyyyy if you ignore the fact that a ton of white girls in LA look alike. More »

Where Is That Wind Coming From, Kate Compton? Wait… Don’t Tell Me.

Terrible fart joke aside, this is the best gallery the plug has delivered since I started writing here… Since the nips speak for themselves, I’m also going to talk about a totally unrelated dream I had last night. More »

Jessica Simpson Flashes Her High Beams and More Link-Beef

Apparently impregnating strippers can lead to messy divorces, Caitlyn Jenner’s book is full of shit, Zoe Saldana celebrated Halloween early this year, and Mike Pence weighs in on Jessica Simpson’s massive bazoombas… … More »

Live-Action Aladdin Movie Might Have Will Smith As Genie Because Johnny Depp Was Probably Busy

Every time another live-action remake comes out, it feels like Disney is just poking us with a stick to see if we’re still dead… we are… and so is Robin Williams- WHY IS THIS HAPPENING! More »

Cue The Chumbawamba: Trumpthumping Tomi Lahren Is Still The Worst

People who worked on-set with Tomi Lahren are speaking out about how the Trumpthumper made them absolutely miserable… Are you surprised? More »

Holly Graves And Rachel Vallori Are Models Doing Model Things On A Beach

“Oy! You on the left! Gimmie more of a velociraptor with a head injury- yess… YESSS! YESS THAT’S IT, DARLING! THE CAMERA LOVES YOU!” More »

Billy Bush Might Be Coming Back- Is Anyone Actually Mad?

It seems like the only people against this guy were never even watching him on TV in the first place… Hell, it’s not like he tried to run for president. More »

Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Are Looking Terrifying Today

Are we sure this isn’t just an old picture of my aunt from her Joan Baez days? More »

Chrissy Metz Is An Inspirational Gangster

Chrissy Metz isn’t the first ‘big fine momma’ to make People’s “Most Beautiful” list, but her letter to her high school self is like final scene of Homeward Bound-level touching. More »

Has Anyone Seen or Heard From The White House Bunny Since Sunday?

If anyone has any information on a giant, white bunny with drag queen makeup, Ben Franklin glasses, and a look on its face that says “I haven’t slept since ‘Nam” – please contact authorities. More »

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