Gwyneth Paltrow’s Eating Like A Poor Person? The Gwyneth Paltrow?

By: The Superficial / April 10, 2015

Gwyneth Paltrow will only eat $29 worth of food for a week as part of Mario Batali’s NYC Food Bank Challenge. She’ll be dead by continental brunch. More »

Have You Heard Alyssa Milano Breastfeeds?

By: Photo Boy / April 10, 2015

Alyssa Milano’s breastmilk got confiscated at Heathrow, so now you’re looking at her kid breastfeeding. The Internet! More »

Madonna Thinks She’s A Stand-Up Comedian Now, Wonderful

By: The Superficial / April 10, 2015

Madonna tried stand-up. It wasn’t good. More »

Good Morning, Emma Slater’s Butt, And Other News

By: The Superficial / April 10, 2015

Nobody’s afraid of Tom Cruise anymore, Hilary Duff is happy as a brickhouse, Baby Goose hates being interrupted and Lindsey Kevitch has giant breasts. Your morning links. More »

‘True Detective’ Season 2 Has A Trailer

By: The Superficial / April 9, 2015

The trailer for ‘True Detective’ Season 2 is here. Hot dog? More »

Taylor Swift’s Mom Has Cancer

By: The Superficial / April 9, 2015

Taylor Swift’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer. I’ll try and keep things respectful. More »

It’s Daredevil’s Red Costume

By: The Superficial / April 9, 2015

Marvel unveils the final red Daredevil costume for its upcoming Netflix series which is all very exciting if you’ve ever gently caressed your own penis with a 12-sided die. I almost prefer it. More »

Justin Bieber Touched Ariana Grande, Is Going To Die

By: The Superficial / April 9, 2015

Justin Bieber touched Big Sean’s girl. Shit’s about to get real if real means deleting Twitter threats like a giant pussy. More »

Don’t Let Jon Hamm Near Your Balls With A Hammer

By: The Superficial / April 9, 2015

Jon Hamm used to be an asshole frat boy. That’s disappointing. More »

Good Morning, Tereza Jelinkova Bikini Photos, And Other News

By: The Superficial / April 9, 2015

Mischa Barton sues her mom, Sofia Vergara talks about her breasts, Kim and Kanye go to Armenia, and Joanna Krupa’s nipples. Your morning links. More »

The Crap We Missed – Wednesday 4.8.15

By: Photo Boy / April 8, 2015

Genevieve Morton topless, Brooke Hogan’s impressive performance venue and Hey girl, that street meat you’re eating looks good. It’s The Crap We Missed. More »

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Really Did Break Up (Maybe)

By: Photo Boy / April 8, 2015

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are on a break, which everyone knows is code for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ reboot movies were awful dogshit. More »

Marilyn Manson Got Punched In The Face At Denny’s

By: Photo Boy / April 8, 2015

Marilyn Manson is suing a guy who punched him at Denny’s, because dickless-aliens-with-tits videos aren’t paying the bills anymore. More »

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Still Having Sex With Someone, Too, You Guys

By: The Superficial / April 8, 2015

On the heels of Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence revealing they’re still dating, Gwyneth Paltrow goes public with her new boyfriend, too, because ‘conscious uncoupling’ totally wasn’t a crock of shit. More »


By: The Superficial / April 8, 2015

‘Daredevil’ gets a Honest Trailer. The shitty Ben Affleck one, not the good one we’ll remember fondly and not spit on the floor whenever it’s mentioned. More »

Kate Upton Was Pissed Everyone Saw Her ‘Cat Daddy’ Video

By: The Superficial / April 8, 2015

Kate Upton reveals Terry Richardson was never supposed to release her ‘Cat Daddy’ video which she thought was shot just for fun. More »

So Brian Williams Is Pretty Much F*cked

By: The Superficial / April 8, 2015

Brian Williams probably won’t be coming back to NBC News, according to a Vanity Fair report detailing the behind-the-scenes politics that led to his suspension for lying about being shot down in Iraq. More »

Good Morning, Amanda Nicole Thomas, And Other News

By: The Superficial / April 8, 2015

Kristen Stewart is saying shit again, Kylie Jenner got her nipples pierced, Bethenny Frankel is probably lying about her weight, and Emily Ratajkowski completely naked. Your morning links. More »

Charlotte McKinney Did More Topless Stuff

By: The Superficial / April 7, 2015

Charlotte McKinney posed topless again. That counts as news. More »

John Travolta Won’t Watch ‘Going Clear’

By: Photo Boy / April 7, 2015

John Travolta defends Scientology against ‘Going Clear’ despite not seeing it, and the fact that Scientology is batshit crazy by any and all accounts. More »

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