Director James Toback: Pervert of the Week

When I first saw the LA Times headline that writer/director James Toback was being accused of being a sleezbag, I’ll admit… I had to google who this guy was. Turns out, I’ve only seen one of his movies throughout his 30+ year career. His best known titles include Black and White, Two Girls and a Guy, and Bugsy, which actually got him an Oscar nod for best screenplay in 1992. It also turns out that in between working with Warren Beatty and Robert Downey Jr., Toback spent a lot of his time luring attractive women into private places so that he could jerk off on them.

HEYOO! We got another one!! See ya never, ya fedora-wearing hogbody!!

Props to the LA Times for getting the story so juicy it barely warrants a breakdown…

He prowled the streets of Manhattan looking for attractive young women, usually in their early 20s, sometimes college students, on occasion a high schooler. He approached them in Central Park, standing in line at a bank or drug store or at a copy center while they worked on their resumes. His opening line had a few variations. One went: “My name’s James Toback. I’m a movie director. Have you ever seen ‘Black and White’ or ‘Two Girls and a Guy’?

“Probably not. So he’d start to drop names. He had an Oscar nomination for writing the Warren Beatty movie “Bugsy.” He directed Robert Downey Jr., in three movies. The actor, Toback claimed, was a close friend; he had “invented him.” If you didn’t believe him, he would pull out a business card or an article that had been written about him to prove he had some juice in Hollywood. That he could make you a star. But first, he’d need to get to know you. Intimately. Trust him, he’d say. It’s all part of his process.

Then, in a hotel room, a movie trailer, a public park, meetings framed as interviews or auditions quickly turned sexual, according to 38 women who, in separate interviews told the Los Angeles Times of similar encounters they had with Toback. During these meetings, many of the women said, Toback boasted of sexual conquests with the famous and then asked humiliating personal questions. How often do you masturbate? How much pubic hair do you have? He’d tell them, they said, that he couldn’t properly function unless he “jerked off” several times a day. And then he’d dry-hump them or masturbate in front of them, ejaculating into his pants or onto their bodies and then walk away. Meeting over.

The women’s accounts portray James Toback as a man who, for decades, sexually harassed women he hired, women looking for work and women he just saw on the street. The vast majority of these women — 31 of the 38 interviewed — spoke on the record. The Times also interviewed people that the women informed of the incidents when they occurred.

As is often the case, none of them contacted the police at the time. When contacted by The Times, Toback denied the allegations, saying that he had never met any of these women or, if he did, it “was for five minutes and have no recollection.” He also repeatedly claimed that for the last 22 years, it had been “biologically impossible” for him to engage in the behavior described by the women in this story, saying he had diabetes and a heart condition that required medication. Toback declined to offer further details. (from LA Times)

Another one bites the dust in the great sexual harassment inquisition of 2017. It’s kind of nice knowing that every horndog in Hollywood is sweating bullets waiting on one of their victim’s damning tweets to go viral at any moment. Judging by his “defense,” it’s pretty obvious that Toback was hit like a freight train on this one… “biologically impossible?” Puh-leaaase, the guy wears a fedora. EVERYONE who wears fedoras is a chronic masturbator.

I don’t know which one is more skeezy, James Toback dry-humping a drama student until he jizzes himself or Uncle Harvey jerking off into a potted plant. Either way, good to see more assholes getting pegged by the long dong of revenge.

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