Dina’s in on the lawsuit

March 10th, 2010 // 69 Comments

Lindsay Lohan apparently called her mom bawling after seeing the E-Trade commercial about a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay and it looks like Dina’s in on the suit, according to The New York Post:

“They’re little babies doing this, mocking another child who’s just trying to survive Hollywood, basically,” Dina Lohan said.
“I’m just basically glad I took a stand. I’m not going to let them do this to us anymore,” Dina Lohan said of the “horrible” and “mean” ad.
She said that the ad was clearly aimed at her daughter because unlike other stars, her daughter’s first name is synonymous with the “Herbie Fully Loaded” actress.
“Everyone knows Lindsay, like Cher or Madonna.”

Did Dina Lohan seriously just chastise the babies in the E-Trade commercial for mocking Lindsay? The CGI-altered, probably not even a year old babies?


How fucking high is this entire family? I legitimately have to know now so I’m prepared for the lawsuit against Garfield who’s clearly an insulting reference to their cat’s obesity.

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  1. Dread not

    Dina Lohan – “my daughter’s first name is synonymous with, Herbie Fully Loaded.

    Close, Dina. Lindsay’s name is synonymous with Fully Loaded, yes, that part is accurate.


    Dina Lohan – “Everyone knows Lindsay, like Cher or Madonna.”

    Yeah, gotta give it to you on that, Dina. When I look at Lindsay, I do think I’m lookin’ at a chick whose best years are behind her, and looks like a five mile stretch of bad road. And that some time in the future she will squeeze her aging, wrinkled, saggy ass bags into some sort of spandex/fishnet outfit that will make the world remember that Hollywood magic isn’t really magic at all.

  2. There’s no way a judge will side in her favour on this suit. it’s not like she trademarked her name so none else in the world could ever say lindsay on tv.

  3. Superbiggerevil

    Lindsay, please pull a “Corey Haim” and do it soon!

  4. Enna

    I didn’t even know the baby had a name. And I’ve seen the ad loads of times. Of course, now I know the baby’s name is Lindsay.

    Thanks to Lindsay Nobody.

    What an entitled egotistical nothing.

  5. Seriously?

    Well, Ms. Lohan- my friend Lindsay was a dirty whore long before you became one. Can she sue you? Seriously, prepare yourself to be laughed out of the courthouse. Patients at Bellevue saw this story and asked, “Really, and I’m the one in the nuthouse?”

  6. E

    The funny thing is, I saw this commercial prior to reading this and that thought never crossed my mind for a second. But when Dina pointed it out, I laughed, again. And now I will FOREVER associate that commercial with Lindsay Lohan and her binge drinking habits.

    It’s pompous enough to assume the name Lindsay is as landmark as Madonna or Cher. But not to worry Mom, she’s young, she has A LOT more years of whoring herself out to do. Just look at Madonna and Cher.

  7. Tom

    what happened to africa?

  8. yyy

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  9. Lindsay Lohan is not a child. No one’s making her stay in Hollywood, either, so she doesn’t have to “try to survive it.” She’s in a free country; she can move anywhere she likes and try to have a normal life.
    And what 20-something calls her mother “mommy?”

  10. Waw she looking so gorgeous in this dress, and looked her eyes, The mind wants to go deep in her eyes, and looked her lips, i Just want to kiss them once her lips,,

  11. captain america

    ……………her person was second best?

  12. colt13

    Is E-Trade paying Lindsay? I barely remember the commercial, and they are getting loads of free press because of this.

  13. sickboy

    I thought they were referring to Lindsey Wagner

  14. mike nike

    Firecrotch Freckled Pussy really thinks alot of herself.

  15. faded

    Seriously Dina, just get the copyrights to the first name “Lindsay” already. Because everyone named “Lindsay” is clearly trying to capitalize on the “success” of your daughter.


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  19. Delmar

    It doesn’t matter what individual makes or does not make a connection. The fact is after the commercial was aired twitter was full of people that made a connection to the baby being a reference to Lindsay Lohan. The suit is about right of publicity and people can go find out about it if interested. Dina wasn’t just in on the lawsuit, it’s DINA’s lawsuit. The lawyer used is not Lindsay’s regular lawyer but Michael Lohan’s lawyer, Lindsay’s was in Paris when it was filed, Lindsay wasn’t saying anything about it but her mother was bitching about it, Dina pretty much said she filed it by saying “I took a stand”, Michael Lohan on Geraldo said that he introduced Dina to HIS lawyer and he guessed that DINA took it upon herself to file the lawsuit with Lindsay. The majority of people are wrong in thinking its coming from LIndsay because they don’t know enough about LIndsay and how she initially reacted to the commercial (she joked about it) and that her mother was the one that was pissed. The argument also comes from DINA, not Lindsay, about LIndsay being a one-name star (which is no big deal, the first name only needs to be unusual (neither Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan are one-name stars). Finally, LIndsay did make a mock date video saying the following words “I’m a workaholic, a shopoholic, and according to the state of California, an alcoholic”. I think that’s the connection that is interesting, at least those that saw this mock video will see that Lindsay, while making light of herself, used something “holic” to describe herself. The law suit seems more a statement than anything else, and haven’t you noticed, LIndsay hasn’t commented once about it publicly.

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