Dina Lohan swears they weren’t drinking

May 5th, 2010 // 28 Comments

Despite the fact they showed up to court 20 minutes late looking like fried hell and were photographed at Marmont at two in the morning, Dina Lohan swears to RadarOnline she wasn’t out drinking with Lindsay the night before her court deposition:

“That is an absolute lie, we went out for dinner to the Chateau Marmont and we were home by 11 o’clock, I don’t know where they got that from, my ex [Michael Lohan] put that out and it is an absolute lie.
“He was at Industry until 2:30 in the morning, he was the one who was out.”

You have to love drunk logic: “Michael Lohan was actually the one out partying, so there’s no way I could be.” Because in Dina Lohan’s mind it’s scientifically impossible for two divorced spouses to be out at the same time. If we could see her thoughts, there’d be an image of Michael walking into a club whistling while Dina pouts on her hotel bed because she’s stuck inside now. But, wait, what’s this? It’s Ginny the Happiest Gin Bottle! He wants to make everyone forget they’re dead inside. Whee!

Photos: Splash News

  1. chupacabra

    that’s the funniest thing you have written in a LONG time. I almost forgive you for Failing Breastferatu yesterday…

  2. Willie Dixon

    Scary she knows Mr. Lohan’s whereabouts considering they hate each other so much.

  3. VD

    LL is so fat now… what a fug.

  4. pdoodle

    Who cares?

  5. These two washed up drunken bar wenches need a 50 step program to deal with their alcoholism. They probably drink a lot so they can face themselves in the mirror. Too bad it doesn’t help in the am.

  6. The should be walking into a rehab and then jenny craig.

  7. Is Dina really wearing leggings to court? Just sayin’.

  8. First!

    I’d hit it.

    I threw up in my mouth a little.

  9. RoboZombie

    If Lindsay had never been in a movie, everyone would just treat them like the trailer trash they are!

  10. havoc

    Awwww…just in time for Mother’s Day.


  11. toothepoint

    The father.. with his unfortunate rubber-looking face… in a club… with his cellphone stylishly clipped to his side… NO. Just, NO.

    Couldn’t give a piss but, this fellow is very strange indeed. Daughter used to be fairly attractive but that was never going to last with a bunch of nutty parents.

  12. captain america

    ……….just fucking for the money is legal now?

  13. mitch

    Wash your fucking hair, Lindsey. Just looking at her makes me feel hung over.

  14. Cash

    Pft… even Lilo can’t keep a straight face. “Oh, we were totally just drinking club sod…. ppfffttt HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m sorry mom I can’t do it.

  15. Matthew

    YEAH RIGHT dina NO one beleves you! Hohan is now z-list and now party mom dina your now on the The Z-list

  16. Sisam

    Lindsay Lohan is such a pathetic waste of life. A real human train-wreck. In other words, she is just like most American women… slutty, dumb, obnoxious, attention-seeking, and irresponsible

  17. They're both Delusional Alcoholics

    DELUSIONAL. That’s the only word for it. Despite the fact that they were photograped at the Marmont at 2:30am, the stupid bitch still claims they were home at 11pm. I guess 3 & 1/2 hours of lost time is typical when you’re a full blown heading to the grave alcoholic like both of them are…

  18. #16 herds camels

    Hey #16, your burka wearing mommy is calling you. Time to go visit the harem…

  19. Sandra

    Its Edina and Pasty from Absolutely Fabulous!

  20. white oprah BLOWS

    Love how she first says “I don’t know how they got that” and in the same sentence immediately blames her ex for it. Amazing how out of her mind this whore is; she can’t even avoid contradicting herself if it will place the blame on her ex. No wonder blowhan is such a screw up; with “White Oprah” as a role model, she never had a chance to be normal…

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  23. ...

    You know it’s bad when your 40 something year old mother looks better than you do.

  24. they are both sexy

  25. she aged up quick

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