Dina Lohan swears they weren’t drinking

Despite the fact they showed up to court 20 minutes late looking like fried hell and were photographed at Marmont at two in the morning, Dina Lohan swears to RadarOnline she wasn’t out drinking with Lindsay the night before her court deposition:

“That is an absolute lie, we went out for dinner to the Chateau Marmont and we were home by 11 o’clock, I don’t know where they got that from, my ex [Michael Lohan] put that out and it is an absolute lie.
“He was at Industry until 2:30 in the morning, he was the one who was out.”

You have to love drunk logic: “Michael Lohan was actually the one out partying, so there’s no way I could be.” Because in Dina Lohan’s mind it’s scientifically impossible for two divorced spouses to be out at the same time. If we could see her thoughts, there’d be an image of Michael walking into a club whistling while Dina pouts on her hotel bed because she’s stuck inside now. But, wait, what’s this? It’s Ginny the Happiest Gin Bottle! He wants to make everyone forget they’re dead inside. Whee!

Photos: Splash News