Dina Lohan still pimping out her children

Ali Lohan and her mom Dina attended the Animal Fair Magazine’s 8th Annual Halloween Pet Costume Party last night.

Based on a true story.

DINA: Okay, Ali, we’re going to a backroom now where you’re going to drink milk out of a saucer while a man hands mommy a stack of cash.
ALI: But, moooommm
DINA: You will do it! You will fucking do it! They are not repo-ing my Lexus again! I refuse to show up at the country club in a rental! For God’s sake, Ali, I might as well shit my pants on the 18th hole! DO YOU HEAR ME? NOW GET IN THERE BEFORE I TAKE YOUR DOG AND DROWN IT IN THE TUB UNTIL HIS LITTLE PUPPY EYES BURST! AAAAAHHH!
ALI: Jesus. Okay.
DINA: That’s mommy’s favorite. Whiskey’s in my purse to take the edge off. Love you.

Photos: Splash News, WENN