Dina Lohan still pimping out her children

October 28th, 2008 // 68 Comments

Ali Lohan and her mom Dina attended the Animal Fair Magazine’s 8th Annual Halloween Pet Costume Party last night.

Based on a true story.

DINA: Okay, Ali, we’re going to a backroom now where you’re going to drink milk out of a saucer while a man hands mommy a stack of cash.
ALI: But, moooommm
DINA: You will do it! You will fucking do it! They are not repo-ing my Lexus again! I refuse to show up at the country club in a rental! For God’s sake, Ali, I might as well shit my pants on the 18th hole! DO YOU HEAR ME? NOW GET IN THERE BEFORE I TAKE YOUR DOG AND DROWN IT IN THE TUB UNTIL HIS LITTLE PUPPY EYES BURST! AAAAAHHH!
ALI: Jesus. Okay.
DINA: That’s mommy’s favorite. Whiskey’s in my purse to take the edge off. Love you.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Yeah…that happened to me once…

  2. sere


  3. foxy comes with free installation

    obviously chatting with the spears’ mom.
    crap tattoo – check.
    see through shirt – check.
    boob job (at 14!) – check.
    can anyone else see where this is headed?

  4. Deacon Jones


    Holy SHIT, this woman has no shame! And EITHER DO I (reaching for Jergens bottle and tissues)

  5. jzz

    she looks like a dude

  6. Sarah "Pit-Bull with a strap-on" Palin

    This is so wrong for me to say i admit… But fuck it

    Why couldn’t what happened to J. Hudson’s family happen to the Lohans???? Honestly… I mean the world would be a much better place of someone shot both the useless parents… And then kidnap both Ali and Lindsay, rape them with paddle, then shoot them in the head. And just for fun, run over SamRo 3 times. Yes that’s mean for anyone to say something like that. But come on, these people are complete idiots and don’t deserve the air their breathing everyday. Look at this so-called 15 yr old girl…. Talent? Fuck no… Fake boobs, hell yes.

  7. Oh my!!! im going to enjoy watching this bubble gum cutie spring into maturity…

  8. It's Me Fuckers!!


    Holy fuck!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Heidi is next!! Lets see her held under until HER eyes burst!!!

  9. HuckyDucky

    “You will do it! You will fucking do it!”


  10. KG

    The daughter looks about 20 and used up in this pic.

    And it’s always nice to see a 15 year old who already has tattoos.

  11. Danklin24

    Isn’t this girl like 12 and she has a tattoo? Nice mommy Lohan, real nice.

  12. Kim

    Her nose is crooked. When is the nose job scheduled? She needs that done more than her boobs.

  13. VoterFraud

    The republicunts are stealing the election AGAIN! Get out there and vote you assholes.

  14. hmmm...

    There’s a resemblance there, but I can’t quite pin it down. Sort of a mix between Keanu Reeves and Bruce Willis. Something like that. But definitely male.

  15. Phoebe

    Yeah, I might fuck her if she had a bag over her head, a full body condom, and she was someone else entirely.

    Lohan = LowHore

  16. Matt

    #14 – it’s way beyond that. Nov. 4 is going to be a disaster unlike any we’ve seen before, including the 2000 election. Turnout will overwhelm polling stations and LOTS of people will end up being unable to vote. First-time voters will turn out in record numbers and stumble their way through the process, holding lines up all day long. Voter registrations will be challenged and people will be absolutely furious when they’re not allowed to vote because what they have on hand for ID isn’t accepted by the poll workers (that’s the ACORN/Democrat part), or they find out their registration had been taken off the books weeks ago (that’s what the Republicans are doing right now). At places with touch-screen voting stations, the returns will not match nearby paper-ballot stations and will not follow patterns from recent polls or previous elections – because all it takes is a simple simultaneous key-press combination (like control-alt-delete on your computer) to reset vote totals on these machines, and there’s no way of tracking that change. Vote totals will be challenged at lots of precincts in lots of states (thanks, 2000 election) and we’ll go to bed having no idea who won the election. It’s the new way of trying to get elected: there’s no reason to stop fighting and manipulating the process just because the people have voted.

  17. Face it. This Country is screwed either way. We have a Socialist and a liberal in sheeps cloathing to choose between. Once again we have to pick the lesser of two evils and that is McCain. At least with him he won’t take your money and give it to people who don’t deserve it.

    People talk about Bush’s low approval rating, but the Nanci Pelosi congress has an even lower rating. We are talking single digit here folks.

    Term limits are our only hope.

  18. I forgot to add two things. I don’t care what this girls age is, she is very doable.

    There is a place in Hell for Dina and that dude who shot J. Hudsons nephew.

  19. pelps

    is she still pimping out for her children?
    not sure about that! She’s once the hottest cougar on ‘” Agelessmate.com ” and hooking up with severl sexy young men there!!
    She’s won so many hearts back then!!

  20. Slap it on the bing bong, lick it like a ding-dong

    Yea, ACORN and all the other fraud has nothing to do with the Democrats…and Republicunts..you, Sir, are clever. I totally see what you did there. It’s up there with Nobama, McLame, and my favorite, Demosnatch.

    Hadn’t heard what the Republicans are said to have done so I’ll check that out. But No. 17 is right. This is going to be the most jacked up election ever. It will make 2000′s look great. Of course there will be cries of racism on both sides. But since only white people can be racist it won’t matter. This election is disgusting.

    As for the Lohan’s, ehhh.


    VoterFraud – October 28, 2008 11:46 AM

    The republicunts are stealing the election AGAIN! Get out there and vote you assholes.

  21. robert

    Is it just me or does Ali look like a young Demi Moore?

  22. Barney Stintson

    Dina should let those sweater puppies breath

  23. Sgt. C. Foxtrot


  24. Adolf Hitler

    I see nothing wrong, NOTHING! With the way the democrats have manipulated the media and polls to discourage Conservatives from voting. And how else is a Muslim operative supposed to get elected President in the US without groups like Acorn registering dead people, children, dogs, fish, automobiles to vote. I also like what the Ohio communist Sec of State has done too, by allowing anyone to vote in every county with same day registration and temporary residence at the local YMCA’s and no driver’s license and no background checks or registration verifications.

    You Democratic/Nazi”s have followed my lead well. After you steal the election, you can then move to ban all conservative tv and radio programs, and then start forcing everyone to wear Turbins!!!

  25. Adolf Hitler

    Those Lohan’s look like Jews to me, KILL THEM!!!

  26. my comment

    What do you expect from Long Island trash?
    But, I still feel sorry for the little girl.

  27. Slappy White

    What an ugly girl.

  28. mm

    Does that poor child ever smile? I hope she’s not trying to be “sexy”. Gross. She’s a child!

  29. boo

    THOSE are their costumes? All that money Lindsay made for them and they are wearing combination ear/headbands from the dollar store and that’s it?

    Also, Ali is what I would call “unfortunate looking”

  30. monkeyfightclub

    the daughter looks really happy to be there.

  31. katie g

    I hope that arm tat is fake because if a minor under the age of 18 gets a tat, in several states that can be considered child abuse. She’s too young to make that decision to mark her body forever. Wait til your 18, people! Also, an arm band, srsly??

  32. katie g

    I hope that arm tat is fake because if a minor under the age of 18 gets a tat, in several states that can be considered child abuse. She’s too young to make that decision to mark her body forever. Wait til your 18, people! Also, an arm band, srsly??

  33. Vince Lombardi

    Last time I saw such an unhappy look on a kid’s face was the day my parents told me that FOR MY BIRTHDAY we were going to church, then to Aunt Rose’s for Sunday brunch where I would be expected to kiss her hello. The woman had the WORST “old person who urinates on herself and doesn’t know it” smell, and her lip-waxing days were well behind her. She gave shitty presents, too.

  34. Greasy Weezel

    I liked Ali better when she played The Hoff’s son in Baywatch.

  35. Deacon Jones

    That’s because a women is running it.
    Contrary to the PC world, women do not make good leaders because they micro analyze and fail to look at things on a macro scale. The ones we hire at management levels in my office make it a year, maybe two, then they “step down”. Plus they hold grudges, which is deadly in business.

  36. dude_on

    I hope she enjoyed her reality show – that will be the epitome of her career. I don’t like to bash ugly children as rule, so I will refrain as best I can – but damn she ain’t exactly pretty.

  37. annie

    They are so pathetic. Go back to school you little slut.

  38. Matthew

    oh great dina “party mom” lohan back here at the fish! can we ban dina also along with mr.and miss douchabag (heidi and spencer)

  39. BM

    #38- agreed. her music failed now its time for the little girl to go back to school.. she is embarassing herself.

  40. sameshitdifferentyear

    See what I mean about the Irish nose. One girl gets it, the other doesn’t. It’s a crap shoot. Blarney killarney.



  42. Deacon Jones, funny, but still a douche

    yes, deacon is a douche….and a bigot.

  43. Jay

    Contacts. Nose job. Push up bra (implant rumors?). Also, she tries to hide her freckles. TOO MUCH LINDSAY IN THIS LOHAN!

  44. Booby

    Geeze how old is this girl? Shes got crows feet and bags under her eyes.

  45. Charlie Tuna

    Only one thing to say about little Ali Lohan-MEOW!
    She can snack on my kipper anyday (after I finish eating her clam)

  46. Deacon Jones, funny, but still a douche

    yes, deacon is a douche….and a bigot.

  47. Sheva

    Is this Ali chick hold enough to do porn yet. I am ready to spring for her in group action.

    Okay if she isn’t, then please vote for the DemocRats cuz nothing says goodbye to any standards (or shame) faster than giving them unconditional power.

    Just keep a look out for your kids so those ACLU pedophiles don’t get them.

    I know leave you to the hope of “Resdistributive change” and Obama’s plans to grow the unity of us all via class envy.

    Because nothing spells hope like taking stuff away from whitey.

    Rev. (Friend of Farrahkhan) Wright
    20 year spiritual leader of Obama
    (But he doesn’t know anything political I think. Really.)

  48. supersex

    dina lohan + hulk hogan = IQ of 1

    low life gold digger bitches!

  49. simplicity

    so sad.

    she’s how old?
    she’s dressed like a tramp
    she has a tattoo?
    and she needs to shave her upper lip.

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