Dina Lohan: Lindsay isn’t a thief

June 19th, 2009 // 51 Comments

Addressing reports that Lindsay was suspected of stealing $500,000 worth of jewelry from an Elle photo shoot, Dina Lohan wants everyone to know her daughter is innocent. People reports:

“Last month her personal cell was posted online and now her phone messages have been hacked,” Dina Lohan tells PEOPLE. “This must stop. She is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace. The tabloids need to leave her alone with all the lies and reporting with no proof.”
Specifically, Dina says any suggestion her daughter is involved in the theft of jewelry during a recent photo shoot for British Elle is “defamatory, false and unfair.” Lindsay is one of some 20 people at the shoot who are being questioned by police and has never been called a suspect. What’s more, “Elle made a public statement backing Lindsay,” Dina says.

And, for once, I actually agree with Dina: Petty theft isn’t Lindsay’s M.O. She’s more of the pretend to be lesbian then buy a bunch of cars and shit with her girlfriend’s money-type. Or “snatch and grab” if you will.

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  1. Morgan


  2. Morgan


  3. BBB

    “This must stop. She is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace. The tabloids need to leave her alone”
    Then Lindsay needs to stop using the media if she wants peace. She takes naked pics of herself and posts them online, kidnaps people and steals cars, has nude photoshoots for mags, gets into public brawls in PUBLIC, is a movie star (well kinda) and parades in paparazzi hot spots.

    Lindsay knows full well what she is doing.

  4. joejoe

    OMG!…is she a living twig or what?! …nice try with the baggy pants Lint!

  5. doesntmatter

    I agree with BBB – Lindsay knows exactly what she is doing and manipulates the media and lets them know where and when she is going out and where she will be – give us a effin break! We aren’t stupid!
    Dina lives in lala land if she thinks Lindsay is the innocent little victim.
    If Lindsay wants to live in peace then she should get a real job as her acting career is over. I hear McDonald’s is hiring!

  6. – Dina Lohan: “This must stop. She is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace…”


    – Dn: Is she F’n for real?! Hey, Dina, shouldn’t you be teaching Ali how to exit a car poon first? Lindsay would dry up and blow away if at least one camera’s flash wasn’t giving her some twisted kind of photosynthesis-like sustenance. K, toots? So take the, “poor Lindsay is being persecuted” crap and try to sell it on the same corner you hung your shit out on to hook up with, Daddy Lohan, in the first place… just let me know what corner that was, exactly, ’cause I love MILFS!

  7. I scissored my last credit card #7 do you take money order?

  8. kxo

    EAT A SANDWICH!!!!!!!!

  9. friendlyfires

    You know, other foreign nationals in UK get deported for less, why hasn’t she been given the ol’ heave-ho, does she have something on Gordon Brown’s Labour Gov’t, caught the Prince and Princess of Horseface dipping into the Royal Till w/o Mummy’s knowledge, has dirty pictures of the Oppostion Whip getting whipped? Why is she still there?

    Not that America wants her back

    Has she bred with Amy Winehouse yet, you know two female lizards can reproduce when they mate, I’ve seen Jurassic Park.

  10. Deva

    Suureee Dina Lohan, your daughter isn’t a thief. Didn’t she get busted not too long ago for stealing an $11,000 fur coat from a club, denied it, and then it was found in her closet.
    But she isn’t a thief.

    Maybe we’re all dumb, and her brood are the smart ones. Maybe?

  11. dude

    she can steal my sperm with her snatch any time shes HOT, rest of u stop encouraging her to eat i LOVE her like this!!!

  12. AteIsEnough

    Walking skeleton… and an ugly one at that.

  13. dontlooknow

    Lindsay appears to be a second generation Wynona Ryder. Same body too.

  14. mikeock01

    She didn’t even need to open that gate. She could have simply walked between the bars. What a time saver!

  15. Bia

    Didn’t she steal an original fur coat from someone last year and got caught wearing it out? She’s hardly above this.

  16. Nanotyrannus

    I’m going to use that first pic to ward off hobos when I ride the bus today…

  17. chupacabra

    crazies love stealing shit.

  18. I wonder how many times a day she faints…

  19. Karri

    she’s going to die if she doesn’t start eating…….

  20. Matthew

    yeah right party MOM dina No one bleves you! I hear k-fed work place is hireing

  21. Jammy

    Thief, no – Skank, yes!

  22. Anonymous

    Hey Dina……tell your drug addict daughter to stay home if she wants some peace. I think it’s a little difficult to get some peace when you’re in two or three different clubs every single night. As usual, blaming everyone else when you should be blaming your skanky daughter.

  23. anony

    if she wants to be left alone, why not try MOVING OUT OF L.A.??

  24. One L

    Well I agree with everyone else on here. If that girl wanted peace she wouldn’t be doing the things she is doing…. But would someone tell me what is wrong with her face. I mean she is ugly, but I never thought she was THAT ugly… And look at her legs. It looks like Scelators. She looks like a dirty hippie.

  25. MyDogLovesTV

    To 24: On behalf of dirty hippies everywhere….I object to that remark!

  26. burritoboy

    Wish I was rich and ran a website so that I could call stealing half a million dollars in jewelry “petty theft” Sounds pretty grand to me or am I just being petty?

  27. shouldn’t she be shaving her head soon?

  28. whomever

    She’s always eating her effing hand. What the hell.
    I hope this girl gets help.

  29. CrunchPop

    Of course she’s not a thief.

    She’s a freckled, self-loathing, carpet-munching, chain-smoking whore.

  30. deb

    Linds, back away from the crack pipe. you look like crack, and your mommy is a dolt

  31. giier

    “Snatch and grab”

    LMAO- classic!

  32. James D

    People that think they are “movie stars” often feel the desire to do whatever they want and I would gather to say she probably did steal the jewels since she has been caught before in a lie, she’s the kind of girl that needs continual assistance to even stay together and probably thought “they wont miss it”.
    But you have to remember the same pie hole that is saying that her daughter is innocent is the same person that taugh her the values she now displays for all to see.
    You should be lucky your daughter has no talent whatsoever and gets the attention of the crotcharazzi the same as “real celebrities” and makes money off of it when others are going hungry. Seriously with your daughters coke habit if she gave it up for 1 month and donated that money to charity it could feed millions. Oh never mind I keep forgetting your guys took her money and she sucks up to rich guys for cash. Good going pie hole.

  33. justifiable

    Dina, everyone IS leaving her alone and letting her “live her life in peace”.

    It’s called “unemployment”.

  34. Mastercom

    I just cant stop laughing, this is crazy, who is she anyway that she needs to rest in pieces LOL

  35. Rose

    Wow….most of you guys…catty much?
    How about you look at your own lives,
    and fix your stuff before you start lashing
    out at someone that you don’t even know
    in person…sheesh. No wonder this world
    is going to hell in a handbasket.

  36. One L

    To #25 I don’t care…

  37. jennifer

    She’s a pipe sucking METH WHORE

  38. Iambananas

    Okay, she is UGLY, WAYYY too skinny and FREAKY LOOKING! When will she just fade in to obscurity all the way?

  39. That chic needs to eat about a pack of hot dogs every 2 hours so she can get some meat on them bones. She’s so skinny you can see her bone marrow.

  40. Nathiest

    What fucking car’s are you talking about? And if anyone was being fake it was Samantha. Lindsay has a very gay history unlike Sam who has never been linked to a single woman before Lindsay.

  41. Tony Little

    She’s really in great shape for a 22 year old child.

  42. justifiable

    Cleanup! Bad blank verse spill on aisle 35!

  43. Rhialto

    Okay we’re going to leave her in peace.Till then,zoom in the 3rd camera! Where’s the sound of the 2nd microphone?

  44. You should be lucky your daughter has no talent whatsoever and gets the attention of the same as “real celebrities” and makes money off of it when others are going hungry.I like the pic she looks like a model.

  45. captain america

    yeah sure, “E.T.” is made up too!!

  46. spike

    Dude, stealing $500,000 worth of jewelry is hardly a petty theft. That’s Grand motherfucking theft, with a capital gee.

    Although, I believe the accusations are false, I don’t think she’s above stealing and exhibiting all kinds of anti-social behavior. She sprung from the loins of complete douchebags.

  47. piper

    Live her life in PEACE??? Yeah right…then stop being a media WHORE…mother AND daughter!!!

  48. AMO

    She isn’t a thief, really? Here are just a couple things that I can remember her having no choice but to own up to that she stole b/c she got caught red handed: thousands of dollars worth of LV clothing from a shoot and a mink coat from some girl at a party. Go sell crazy somewhere else, Dina cause we ain’t buying…

  49. Alex

    People have been speaking out about Lindsay’s stealing for years now. I remember like 10 stories at least. Fuck the fur coat incident, there was a girl who said Lindsay stole everything from her closet during a party, and then even wore the clothes out in public just to spite her for trying to file a lawsuit.

  50. Melissa

    LOL, whoever writes this shit is funny. Kudos. Brightened my day a couple of notches.

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