Dina Lohan: ‘Lindsay is a genius’

Taking a page from Jon and Kate Gosselin’s playbook, Dina Lohan is blasting Michael Lohan in the press for claiming the two of them are planning an intervention for Lindsay. Page Six reports:

Furious Dina told Page Six yesterday: “I don’t go — like my ex — on national television and make things up. He’s estranged from Lindsay; he doesn’t know what’s going on in her life. Michael doesn’t talk to her.
“I’ve had full custody of all my children for the last 10 years. He has been incarcerated for some of that time, so whatever is going on in Lindsay’s personal life is our business. And for him getting paid to say things about her when he’s five months behind in child support is wrong.”
When we asked if Lindsay does have addiction problems, Dina, who sounded tired and emotional, said, “I have no idea what he is talking about. I can’t comment on everything my ex says.”
Lindsay was also hurt by criticism of her debut Ungaro fashion line. Dina said, “The critics can say whatever they want, but Lindsay is a genius.”

Okay, the instant that reporter heard the words “Lindsay is a genius,” he or she should’ve immediately called whatever organization handles hardcore interventions and sicced them on Lindsay because clearly every single word out of Dina’s mouth is pure fantasy wrapped in a layer of gin and dumb. I’d be willing to go so far to say, as we speak, Lindsay’s trying to get a French pharmacist to forge her a Vicodin the size of a pizza to chew on during the flight home.

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