Dina & Ali Lohan kicked out of movie premiere party

Dina and Ali Lohan somehow scored invites to the premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: This One’s Not Lesbian Porn Either, Sorry!. However, at the after-party Dina decided to be a giant bag of bitch and ended up getting tossed out. E! Online reports:

Sources report that when Dina, Ali and a friend of Ali’s arrived to the after-party, they sat down at a reserved table. A studio staffer politely asked her to change tables, but “Dina “went apes–t,” a partygoer tells me. “It so wasn’t cool.”
So not cool that “Dina was quietly removed” from the rooftop soiree, another source says.

I guess Dina felt she’s entitled to celebrity treatment simply because Lindsay Lohan passed through her birth canal. Shit, you don’t hear Samantha Ronson bragging about it. Show some class, lady.