Dina & Ali Lohan kicked out of movie premiere party

July 29th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Dina and Ali Lohan somehow scored invites to the premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: This One’s Not Lesbian Porn Either, Sorry!. However, at the after-party Dina decided to be a giant bag of bitch and ended up getting tossed out. E! Online reports:

Sources report that when Dina, Ali and a friend of Ali’s arrived to the after-party, they sat down at a reserved table. A studio staffer politely asked her to change tables, but “Dina “went apes–t,” a partygoer tells me. “It so wasn’t cool.”
So not cool that “Dina was quietly removed” from the rooftop soiree, another source says.

I guess Dina felt she’s entitled to celebrity treatment simply because Lindsay Lohan passed through her birth canal. Shit, you don’t hear Samantha Ronson bragging about it. Show some class, lady.


  1. i want to poop on her head

  2. BigJim

    LL “passed through her birth canal”?

    I figured she must have crapped her out.

  3. WhoCares!!

    Ugly bitch!!

  4. Racer X

    “It so wasn’t cool.”

    /that’s E Online journalism for you

  5. rough daddy

    she’s such a moocher, and how is she the white oprah with no tv show…

  6. Lulu

    Haha.. wow.

    Ugh.. Birth Canal.

  7. shar

    I actually wouldn’t admit I saw the show itself. SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS 2. I wouldn’t see it just for the name.

  8. Deacon Jones

    She needs a good throat fucking to put her ass in line

  9. hahahaha #2!

    DiLo’s looking kinda tranny lately. Is it me, or is her nose shrinking ala Jackson?

  10. Cattyluo

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  11. jess

    Yeah, Dina’s nose is freaking me out. It’s like a munchkin’s.

  12. humpinfrog

    I hope it was like the old westerns. Where they grap the drunk by their legs and arms and throw them out through the swinging saloon doors. Man I like to see that on her non-reality show.

  13. Dina really thinks she has the whole milf thing going on, she has NO idea how terrifying she actually is.

  14. Great write up Fish and #2 – LOL.

    Why this bitch thinks she should get preferential treatment because her 2 no-talent kids, for some unknown reason, are famous is beyond me.

  15. Dyan Cannon will look like Dina Lohan in 50 years or so.

  16. Brutor

    > I guess Dina felt she’s entitled to celebrity treatment simply because
    > Lindsay Lohan passed through her birth canal. Shit, you don’t hear
    > Samantha Ronson bragging about Lindsay passing through *her* birth canal.

    Made it a little more obvious what the joke was…

  17. caljenna66

    @ 16 – really not necessary…for the rest of us anyway…

  18. Ferdinand Narcos

    Has anybody else noticed that L:indsey looks as old as her mother?

  19. dude_on

    Bitch is freaky. She has turned destroying children into an art form. Her last hope is if Ali doesn’t end up going for skinny butch girls, then she could utilize grandchildren as future subjects.

  20. Whatever! I hate Dina Lohan. For some reason, she thinks she is a star just because Lindsay is. Boycott Dina Lohan.

    And what does Ali Lohan do, anyway?

  21. Barrack Obama

    Bitch looks like the Grinch from Doctor Seuss!

  22. This again is: JUSTICE for ALL!!
    …………………….GET USED TO IT!!

  23. billabong021

    MWA HA HA HA i bet the sister (too lazy to scroll n get name) was so freakin embarassed :D

  24. poon tang

    what a fucking hoe bag.

    bitch needs to get fucked in the ass really hard until it bleeds

  25. Harry Ballzack

    HAHAHAHA …… Classless snatch !!
    Entitlement does NOT go with offsprings career. You’re damned lucky to have even scored tickets
    This bunch is only about a half of a peg under the Bollea clan
    Crash another party sweetie – I hear the Bolleas are planning a welcome home party for Nick-Wad …. I would pay a months salary to see these two families together at the same house… on the same day …. at the same time.

  26. Anonymous

    Hey Harry,

    Throw the Spears clan is as well. Triple the pleasure (or naseau).

  27. Matthew

    it looks like the parting mom is at it again! dina is a moocher

  28. Cindy Lou Who

    Is it me, or does she look like she’s straight outta Whoville?

  29. Jazz

    Poor Ali, how mortifying. That woman is terrifying.

  30. JimmyBachaFungool

    Dina looks like Miss Piggy.

  31. moobs

    You can never take the trailer out of that trash!

    FUGLY FAMILY both looks at attitude.

  32. birry

    she’s an alien.

  33. Jamie's Uterus

    There must be footage of her and that untalented Ali getting thrown out of this? I’m sure Dina was trying to score an audition for her dumb ass daughter for part 3 of this movie.

    I’m glad this arrogant bitch is finally getting hers. I never screamed so much at a TV screen while watching ‘Living Lohan’. Tune in for a huge laugh.

  34. Sam

    Fucking E! Thanks to them this bitch thinks she is famous. She really needs to be dick slap.

  35. lizzie

    @28 lol!!! She does look like a Who!

  36. jzz

    she looks like shit.
    #28 – you are a genius

  37. Whoever

    Why is she famous again?
    Well she’s not – no wonder she got tossed out, old lady.

  38. shark 25

    what a FUGLY douchebag.

    put a BAG on her head.

  39. Susan B

    if your wit gets any more amazing, I will not be able to surf this at work for fear of losing all bladder control. I love you.

  40. once a nobody always a nobody

  41. CougarTexas

    Being from Texas and all, I can say that her hair, tooth-caps, skin condition, nail job and overall look is 100% screamingly TRAILER PARK!!!!! Eeeek.

  42. I didn’t know Dina Lohan was that evil. She’s got the trailer trash thing going inside as well as out.

  43. joe m

    Why are so many ugly people jealous of Dina Lohan?
    It’s very obvious.

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