Dina Lohan is the kiss of death (Back me up, Lindsay)

May 8th, 2008 // 33 Comments

Mingling Moms is having some serious regrets about honoring Dina Lohan Tuesday night as one of the Top 20 Moms of Long Island. Dina was voted in through an online survey which begs the question, “Who’s letting their wife use the Internet, and why are you a terrorist?” The AP reports:

“It just spun out of control,” Mingling Moms president Erica Logiudice told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “The press is welcome to be there — I mean, we want it to be out there. But what they did was they kept badgering me, `Why Dina Lohan? Why Dina Lohan?’”
But Logiudice said the attention around Lohan distracted from the true purpose of the event: to bring moms together for a fun time and raise money for breast cancer research. A portion of the proceeds went to the F.A.C.T. foundation, a Long Island-based breast cancer charity.
“This is such a good thing I tried to do, and I worked for so long on it,” said Loguidice, who said the organization has been getting hate mail on its Web site. “And to wake up and see all this nonsense, it’s just upsetting, you know?”

I want to feel sorry for poor Erica Loguidice, but at the same time, Why Dina Lohan?! I mean, if you were planning this for so long and drawing blueprints, every one knows the logistical symbol for Dina is a bottle of vodka that shoots rockets at small children. That’s Blueprinting 101.


  1. bar room hero


  2. Kingsley Amis

    Maybe their criteria for Mom of the Year don’t include things like parenting skills. Maybe it’s the breadth of mixology experience, the speed with which a mom can raise bail for a child, always having mixers on hand, etc.

  3. She looks like a fucking muppet.

  4. Guy

    Simply, it draws attention towards them. However they picked the wrong kind of attention.

  5. “BAD” helping “WORSE”?

  6. Bro

    Whose = personal pronoun

    Who’s = Who is

    Grammer = your strong point?

  7. mark

    she needs to be shot!

  8. Yuck

    What did this woman think was going to happen by honoring Dina-Saur BlowHan???

    What a tool. She got what she deserved.

  9. Jodi

    I figured it was spelt “grammar”, but maybe I missed some badly-applied irony…

    Anyway, I had a longer message about charity etc., but I figured I’d just say that giving Lohan any publicity is a bit of a mistake owing to her resemblance to a diseased cock.

  10. Sasha

    No one cares about Dina Lohan……

  11. michelle

    not to be annoying, but apparently A LOT of people care about dina lohan, as they flooded this poor, misguided woman with hate mail.

    im with you that no one SHOULD care about her. what a twat!

  12. Long Island Psycho

    You did not look at the actual poll choices. The other contestants included Amy Fisher’s mom and, John Gotti’s mom, Elton John and Hillary Clinton. Dina actually finished 21st but was bumped up when Klara Pölzl Hitler was declared ineligible.

  13. Oh to be photgraphed at the exact moment you pull out an expression/weird-assed mouth contortion like that.
    If she wasn’t so ridiculously annoying I’d almost feel sorry for her..

  14. poot

    WHAT AN AMAZING PHOTO. oh, yeah, and duh.

  15. nick hogan is a killer

    Dina Lohan should be in prison.

  16. Anonymous

    Aw, too bad…..that’s what is commonly referred to as a “wake-up call”.

  17. amy

    She is my favorite. She will still rocks. It seems she is seeking true love online now. I saw her on -”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m**** last week. Good luck to her search.

  18. My aching Cleavage

    Bro at #6

    spelling…your strong point?

    I fuckin’ love these idiots that come on board with their “language prowess” and misspell the very words they attempt to be experts at.

    I suspect that bro’s strong point is feeding his mom cheetohs in the basement for head.

  19. mamadough

    my thoughts exactly #8

  20. WTF

    She looks much older than anyone’s Mother that I know. The judges were wrong, wrong, wrong, and should have given her the Great Grandmother award.

    I thing Lindsay needs to give her a Mother’s Day gift, this weekend, of a face lift. I know it won’t help, but hopefully she’ll stop pouting all the time. What a miserable woman, it must be because her two daughters are such a bunch of uglies that look just like her.

  21. Julie

    am i the only one who can no longer tell lindsay and dina apart?

  22. Julie

    am i the only one who can no longer tell lindsay and dina apart?

  23. Matthew

    bartender:; what have folks?

    panel:: give us a shot of everthing and don’t stop

    bartender::geez what happend?

    ::shows dina with her award and parties::

    bartender:: Yikes!!! I tip the bill for this and I will call the cops on the parting mom

  24. pat

    I think next year they’ll go for a Fathers of the Year event, so they can invite that guy in Austria.

  25. LL

    “Online survey” – that pretty much explains it. Any online survey that solicits the public directly is straight out bullshit, because it’s self-selected (ie, anybody with a computer and internet access can vote, including Lohan’s publicist or friends) and people can (if it’s not set up right, which this probably wasn’t) vote multiple times. It’s a survey about as legit as those surveys the poor bastards with clipboards at the mall try to get you to do.

    The dumb Long Island bitches should have just had a bake sale or carnival or something. The internet is like a giant bathroom wall at a truck stop, which is why anybody named “Lohan” is involved.

  26. aja


  27. Chris

    If there was a poll why don’t they come forward and publish the results? why ,because there was no such poll they honored her and they wanted the press and they got what they deserved. you don’t have to be a genius to know this woman is train wreck. I don’t feel sorry for this Erica Logiudice she is probably a train wreck herself. She knew the media got hold of the story and she went on the local news and defended her decision. These long Island women need to come back to reality.

  28. Grunion

    This is why they don’t let people in Long Island vote.

  29. Hank

    “… online survey which begs the question, “Who’s letting their wife…”
    That’s not what “begs the question means, Einstien.” Try looking it up on Wikipedia. You mean “raises the question.”

  30. That is the best picture to accompany this post. Haha.

  31. #6, bro, you’re fucking retarded :)

  32. holly

    MOMMIE DEAREST….WOW….Theres a real stretch…

  33. holly

    MOMMIE DEAREST….WOW….Theres a real stretch…

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