Dina Lohan is the kiss of death (Back me up, Lindsay)

Mingling Moms is having some serious regrets about honoring Dina Lohan Tuesday night as one of the Top 20 Moms of Long Island. Dina was voted in through an online survey which begs the question, “Who’s letting their wife use the Internet, and why are you a terrorist?” The AP reports:

“It just spun out of control,” Mingling Moms president Erica Logiudice told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “The press is welcome to be there — I mean, we want it to be out there. But what they did was they kept badgering me, `Why Dina Lohan? Why Dina Lohan?'”
But Logiudice said the attention around Lohan distracted from the true purpose of the event: to bring moms together for a fun time and raise money for breast cancer research. A portion of the proceeds went to the F.A.C.T. foundation, a Long Island-based breast cancer charity.
“This is such a good thing I tried to do, and I worked for so long on it,” said Loguidice, who said the organization has been getting hate mail on its Web site. “And to wake up and see all this nonsense, it’s just upsetting, you know?”

I want to feel sorry for poor Erica Loguidice, but at the same time, Why Dina Lohan?! I mean, if you were planning this for so long and drawing blueprints, every one knows the logistical symbol for Dina is a bottle of vodka that shoots rockets at small children. That’s Blueprinting 101.