Dina Lohan still the best mom ever

June 4th, 2007 // 77 Comments

While her daughter Lindsay Lohan is off in rehab, mother of the year, Dina Lohan, is in talks with E! to get her own reality show called “Mom-ager” in which she’ll “try to turn her youngest children, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, into stars.” An insider tells Page Six:

“Can you believe that? She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a ‘star’ and living vicariously through her – and now she’s going to do the same to the other two? How the [bleep] can E! do this? Those kids should be in school having normal lives, the life that Lindsay didn’t get to have.”

Well this is just a really really great idea. I mean, sliced bread? That was pretty good, but this makes that look like cow poo. Look how great Lindsay Lohan turned out. Why do other mothers even try? They should just give up now and let Dina Lohan raise their children. Or, you know, a wild badger. They’d probably turn out the same.


  1. daguz


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  3. chloe


  4. RUSerious?!?!?!

    Can Dina be my mom??? Please???

  5. Donkey

    She’s going to be one of those women that looks 50 when she’s only 25.

  6. That is something new in reality TV that I will never watch.

  7. Stace

    It’s about time. Someone needs to teach those kids how to properly deep-throat a serrated blade.

  8. shanipie

    Okay anyone seen Mean Girls?

    Ya know Regina’s mom with the huge hard boobs who tries to act like her kids best friend? thats exactly what Dina is like.

    OMG what a fucking air head. Going to parties with her daughter while she gets wasted.

    Her kids should get taken away from her



  10. that is a major psycho mom! yikes! last year she leaked those pics of LiLo in just her panties wtf kinda mom does that?!


  11. .
    Oh Come on, you guys shouldn’ be so harsh, Dina is just trying to recapture her youth, back in the days when she used to stand outside the stage doors at Radio City Music Hall, hoping to meet somebody famous, back when her nickname was “Swallows”.

  12. Aivars Endzi??

    What a creepy picture that is! Like something from Dawn of the Dead.

  13. leelee

    oh yeah, great idea. Worked sooo well with the first one.

    Where is child protective services when you need them?

  14. For some reason the mention of badgers always makes me laugh …

  15. tinkerbelle

    and the saddest thing of all is LiLo probably loves her mother with all of her heart…like they say, even a bad mother is better than none at all. dina should have been on the Bravo back-stage parents reality series.

  16. Superevil

    12 You’ve obviously never seen Dawn Of The Dead

  17. Voz

    Hey now, I was raised by a badger and grew up to be governor of Alabama! Why all this taking pot-shots at badgers in the media? It’s specist, I say! After all, what’s a badger ever done to be put in the same category as Psycho Mom, here?

  18. TexasTranny

    #10, said panties………mmmmmmmmm pretty panties. tee hee

  19. MrSemprini

    How about “Celebrity Adventures with DFACS?” Catchy…

  20. titsonsnack

    I have yet to see a photo of Dina Blowhan that doesn’t have her bucktoothed mouth agape and her eyes wide open like she was just electrocuted.

  21. lawpunk

    E! loves to see how many out of control celebs it can kill off. Anna N. Check. Dina L.–NEXT!

  22. RUSerious?!?!?!

    And can we talk about all the bottles on the counter behind her??? WTF?!?!

  23. Joe

    SICK !!!
    Its Dina Lohan who belong’s in rehab !!!
    What a sick bunch of bastards

  24. lambman

    that’s just sad, somebody should call CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ASAP

  25. lambman

    that’s just sad, somebody should call CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ASAP

  26. jaime

    Why do ‘hollywood stars’ have the WORST looking nails? Chipped up polish on nubby nails is..what am I trying to say…NASTY. You’re supposed to be rich. Famous. Glamorous. Chic. Cool. NOT Trailer-park Patties.

  27. lambman

    sorry for the double post, comp acting up

  28. Chauncey Gardner

    What an outstanding idea for a TV show. I think in future re-releases of IDIOCRACY on DVD, Mike Judge should replace the “Ow My Balls” TV show with this one.

  29. NicotineEyePatch

    She’ll keep trying until she gets it right. She has two more chances, but something tells me, after this second daughter, she’ll be all out of ideas.

  30. lambman

    #26 – STAR’s don’t have chipped polish, but it is one of the tell-tale signs of an alcoholic…

  31. ifonly

    Just think, this world would be a better place if that knife had found its true home.

    And the pictures would’ve been that much more awesome.

  32. Darth Hater

    Why oh why must she tease us with this picture where we’re hoping she sticks that knife through the back of her skull?!?

  33. techclerk

    Bitches. IF I were the father, I’d change my last name and move to Antartica.

  34. kittenmcgee

    ur all jealous.
    im pretty sure she is happy that her mom made her rich and famous at such a young age-while the rest of us are working dead end jobs and educating ourselves to have craptacular lives. i’d rather be her.

  35. #34 kittenmcgee

    Please enlighten me as to just what part of Lindsay Lohan’s life I’m jealous about? Is it that she looks 15 years older than her actual age? Nope, not jealous over that? Is it that her mother has no feelings for her and would sell her into slavery if the price was right? nope, can’t say I feel particularly jealous there, is it that she is a drug addict who has ruined her once promising career before the age at when most other people BEGIN their careers? Nope, again, not jealous… is it that she’s in rehab? …well, I think you see where I’m going with this.

  36. mooquaysfart

    being rich or connected or both will get you anywhere -jobs you dont deserve, press, bad cases of VD etc. etc.

  37. mooquaysfart

    being rich or connected or both will get you anywhere -jobs you dont deserve, press, bad cases of VD etc. etc.

  38. kittenmcgee

    these people make more money than you will ever make in 10 lifetimes.
    of course you are jealous- they have a free ride, doesnt matter what they are or do- addicts or not. the true morons are those losers who spend a lifetime educating themselves only to find out that idiot president sent all their jobs to china

  39. Moderating of posts is not cool.

  40. julyper

    Obviously, we’re jealous because she has money. I wish I had her money, so I can get lots of alcohol, drugs and a a car. Yep, a car that I can drive while I am drunk, and probably die at 25. Yep. Jealous.

  41. kittenmcgee

    the world is at her feet, but it sits on your face.
    yup jealous.

  42. sharon

    well all i have to say is those lohan KIDS dont’need enemys with friends like MOMMY DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LADY YOU HAVE SCREWED YOUR 1 DAUGHTERS LIFE UP AND YOU THINK ITS FUNNY,I THINK ALL YOUR KIDS NEED TO BE TAKEN AWAY,you alway underage drinking and partys,you should do jail time,that is not letting them grow or expand as you say,that is plain old child abuse and neglect!!YOU SHOULD BE HARSHLY PUNISHED !!!!!!!!!!

  43. adfsdf

    well if i were on coke i might play with knifes too….

  44. LL

    Not sure what this means, but I didn’t know Lindsay Lohan had siblings. I’ve always assumed she was an only child. I guess it’s never too early to start running your kids through the show biz meat grinder, especially such a primo-sounding project like a “reality” show on E. Yeah, that’s the home of Paris and Nicole and that plastic surgeon show and let’s not forget, the show with Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. Yup, that’s where I’d want my kids, right in there with a drug addict, a felon, a guy who makes a living shoving fake boobs into women’s chests and Hugh Hefner’s fuck buddies. Way to go, Dina, you are the Carol Brady of the 21st century.

  45. Yelloz

    At least her nails look good.

  46. wedgeone

    After reading this post, it’s obvious that school is letting out for the summer and all of the 13 year old kids will be lining up at their local library to use their computers in order to RUIN the discussions that we have on this site.
    Let’s hope that it isn’t a bunch of krazikelli’z friendz who confuze where to uze a “z” with an “s”.

  47. wedgeone

    And why isn’t someone off camera popping LiLo’s hand so that the big long blade ends up sticking out the back of her head?

    Now THAT would be worth putting on the site.

  48. Hollywood Agent

    Dina Logan is just your typical slut, stage mother. She would be a bar maid if she wasn’t out exploiting all her kids.

  49. krazikelli

    you are all missing the point. she can buy and sell all of you.

  50. Oberservant

    whoa, does anyone else see the stack of wine bottles in the background?!

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