Lindsay Lohan never stood a chance

Being the responsible mother that she is, Dina Lohan arrived in LA yesterday to make sure Lindsay attends her deposition hearing today instead of bailing for the third time and losing the entire lawsuit against her. So naturally the two of them went drinking until two in the morning. TMZ reports:

If Lindsay made a beeline for home, she might get 5 or 6 hours of sleep before her deposition this morning … if she doesn’t appear this morning it will be her 3rd no-show and she’ll probably lose the case.
Lindsay is being sued by passengers in a car who claim they were held hostage by LiLo during a crazy, drunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

Did anyone actually believe Dina Lohan would be the voice of reason in this whole debacle? As soon as they landed she probably started yelling at Lindsay to buy her margaritas with her “movie money.” “You can’t show up to a court deposition on an empty stomach, dearie. See? I know how to raise kids. Ooh, your card’s been declined. Ali, mommy’s gonna have to leave you here until Lindsay can find an ATM. We’ll be right back. Promise.”

12 Hours Later

“You know who would love these mojitos? Ali. — I did it again.”