Dina Lohan is a sack of stupid

March 31st, 2008 // 74 Comments

Dina Lohan started filming her new reality show Living Lohan and would have us believe her daily schedule consists of interrupting dance classes in the middle of Harlem. Riight. She, of course, does this while towing around her 14-year-old daughter Ali and her grandmother – allegedly. Poor woman probably was taken from a nursing home screaming “The orange devil’s got me!” Which isn’t far off considering Dina’s days really involve eating infants then beating up homeless guys for change.

Thanks to Ashley who would provide a safe and fire-crotch-free home for Grandma Lohan. In exchange for snickerdoodles.

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  1. FIRST! biatches

  2. micros101

    That’s Lindsay in ten years. Damn you boooooooooooooze!!!!

  3. natalie.


  4. Yeah yeah, proud day, lemme tell ya..

  5. @1 Thanks for covering form me while I was at lunch troll..

  6. Jumpin_J

    They say booze is the great equalizer, but in the case of the Lohans, it just makes the rest of us more equal as thier brain cells die. Die, brain cells, DIE!

  7. I’d fuck all three of them. I’m starting with you, Grandma.

  8. veggi

    She really is the white Oprah.

  9. @7 OK that is enough troll. I think it is time for you to get back into the trunk..

  10. veggi

    I see the trolls are out to play.

    Seriously, she looks terrible! But she could be wearing just a shirt and no pants as that’s the style these days.. Let’s all be thankful she hasn’t caught on to that..

  11. @8 Yeah she has the arm wings just like Oprah..

  12. i mean really

    perfect example of how women go sour after 30.

  13. Jimbo, no – start with Ali’s pussy (like a good cherrypoppin’ daddy), then switch to Dina’s ass (just because she deserves to be in pain), and then bust your nut all over grandma’s face (because her mouth will probably be hanging open anyway).

  14. I’m gonna go get a bacon burger..

  15. veggi

    FRIST!!! Make sure to get it blended with no salt..

  16. pointandlaugh

    damn. that whore has been ridden hard and put away wet. UGH. hard livin’

  17. @13 Thanks for the instructions FRIST Troll. I am sure you are all over grandma..

    Real FRIST – Enjoy your bacon burger. That sounds good..

    Veggi – why no salt? I like salt on my margaritas..

  18. ubee0173

    wow- if i was grandma lohan,i would NOT appear anywhere aknowledging that i was related to those shitbag people…

  19. mike

    Jimbo “blended with no salt” is lesbian code.

  20. zim

    Good to see that “White Oprah” has been getting mouth-posing lessons from Heidi Montag.

  21. Mike Lesbian code for what??

  22. mike

    A “bacon burger blended with no salt” is a double-headed dildo. (thanks, Urban Dictionary)

  23. BunnyButt

    Personally, I go for the pants no shirt look…

  24. @23 Butt you have the rack to pull that look off..

  25. Edcio

    I have make poopie to give her many pleasure.

  26. @22 Mike, You were looking on the wrong page. “bacon burger blended with no salt” means you have a little dick and can not get it up..

  27. Glad my lunch amused you all. But actually I didn’t see bacon burger on the menu so I just ordered the double headed dildo figuring I could just give it to Mike and Meaghan. That’s when I realized I was not at White Castle, but rather Castle Superstore..

    I hate Mondays.

  28. mike

    Jimbo, we’re not all on your page.

  29. Auntie Kryst

    Man, I got nothing here. I’ll just say that Dina Lohan is a ubercunt. Watching this piece of shit makes me want to send Joe Jackson a father’s day card.

  30. EuroNeckPain

    Strange woman; at times she looks fresh and beautiful, and then all of a sudden she is saggy and covered with yellowish spots.Is she 35 or 60, it is hard to tell.

  31. @28 Mike, Good, stay the fuck off!!

    @29 Auntie, Do you have any comments about the “bacon burger blended with no salt” That is at least a little more interesting than Dina Blohan..

  32. Great, now not only do I have to stop at the grocery store after work, but I gotta hit the liquor store and porno shop..

  33. Grunion

    If she was in Harlem why wasn’t she shot?

    The Spicy Baconator is not a lesbian term I hope, cause those bad boys is tasty..

  34. mike

    Frist ordered the doubled headed dildo that’s white on one end and peanut-brown on the other. It’s called the “FRIST 80m Invader”.

  35. #33 is that at Wendy’s?? That was kind of what I think I wanted. I dunno, saw a commercial for some kind of bacon burger, and guess it was NOT at BK..

  36. Auntie Kryst

    @31 None that are funny sadly.. Anyway I’m saving my appetite for dinner. By dinner I mean happy hour at my local. Shit, still almost three hours till booze time.

  37. The porno shop? Couldn’t your daughter get a ride home after work?

  38. Grunion

    #35 yes at Wendy’s. Which is normally gross, but they have this bacon thing going on which I am helpless to resist. much like beaver. mmmmm beaver.

  39. tylor


    that old lady looks like my mammaw. omg.
    dina lohan, not the stolen elderly woman.

  40. Ashley

    I love Grandma Lohan! What a cute little ole’ lady :)

  41. Ashley

    I love Grandma Lohan! What a cute little ole’ lady :)

  42. @36 Aunti, You mean we are suppose to wait until we get off work to start drinking?? There goes my day. Thanks buddy..

    @37 Go fuck yourself troll..

  43. Grunion

    I just took a crap. i can’t believe VH1 hasn’t called yet to give one of my nards it’s own show.

  44. #34, yeah, but I got it for you so..


    She’s wearing a bathrobe to dance on her TV show?
    wow, that takes some chutzpah, yes?

  46. PunkA

    Hopefully, next time she goes to Harlem, so drug deal with go bad, and she will get caughtin the crossfire. Dina sucks. horrible human being.

  47. Sam

    #43 – it’s on already, it’s called “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

  48. Auntie Kryst

    @43 I’m sure the offer will come through soon.. Alternatively consider optioning the pilot with E! PS, LOL at the Midnight Express comment. That was fuckin’ funny.

  49. #42 Jimbo, you don’t have to wait until after work unless you have a broken turn signal on your car..

  50. juniper

    #2 ten years? I’d say ten months.

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