Dina Lohan: ‘I’m a great mom!’

May 8th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Despite the fact her oldest daughter is actively trying to start a lesbian relationship with her younger daughter to fill the void left by the volatile, high-profile previous one, Dina Lohan insists she’s a great mom. She particularly takes umbrage with claims that Ali is out socializing with Lindsay instead of going to school, according to People:

“Ali is in a home-schooling program. She has never been pulled out of school,” Dina tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s the same home-schooling program that Lindsay was in since the tenth grade. It’s a wonderful program that many celebrities are enrolled in.”
Defending her parenting skills, she says, “I am a single mom of four children, and I devote my life to my children.”

Okay, Dina, you probably don’t want to start any defense with “Ali is getting the same _____ as Lindsay.” Not exactly a confidence builder. In fact, whatever Lindsay received growing up, you probably want to say Ali is getting the polar opposite. Unless, of course, you want to torpedo her career then, by all means, let everyone know you’re throwing her naked coke parties in the pool house. It’s not like you can’t whore Cody out in a few years. That’s why you had him!

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  1. Monkey

    FIRST! 0_0

  2. Psycho


  3. Me

    Man, that poor younger sister is not even remotely pretty. She should probably stay away from the whole “trying to be famous” thing, for the sake of her self esteem.

  4. They misquoted her.

    She said, “I’m a great Lay”.

  5. Which is why I’d have a foursome with all three of them.

  6. Dina (hiccup) Lohan: ‘I’m a great mom!’ (hiccup)

  7. The Observer

    Now I know where her daughters get their hideous fashion ‘sense’ from.

    Also, all horrible moms consider themselves great moms. It’s science.

  8. ugly x3

    those are some real uglies there.

  9. Krassy McKrass

    She looks ready for a Dirty Sanchez.

  10. EB

    like firecrotch, like mom

  11. ph7

    I’m pretty sure Dina has done a lot of sexually degrading things for money.

  12. ph7

    I’m pretty sure Dina has done a lot of sexually degrading things for money.

  13. mikeock

    Horse face. She makes Hillary Swank look positively pretty.

  14. Jim

    Ali is a very pretty young girl! I’m not religious and I still pray that she’s nothing like her sister.

  15. Barry

    Too bad that Ali is not very pretty, hope she is smart, but considering her “Home Schooling”, I would say she should hope to marry a rich guy or win the lottery.

  16. Kelley

    Holy Kak !! Alia was really cute (naturally) before all the surgery procedures … the child is 15 years old, and Dina Lohan Mom of the Year ? (**wretch**), allowed this ? I suppose to get her into the money-making spotlight. She’s funnier than Paris Hilton, and actually twice as useless. Did I just say that out loud ? My bad.

  17. Cash

    Dina Lohan: Crack is yummy!!

  18. chango666

    Just like Jim @ #14 said, “I’m not religious and I still pray I could fuck her.(Ali)”

  19. Matthew

    your a great mom? (turns around laughs) dina your a party mom! no one beleves you a great mom all you are is a party mom nothing mom nothing less

  20. Considering how lindsay and Ali dresses, I think Dina is one of the best moms ever! no joke!

  21. Jamie's Uterus

    I remember en episode of ‘living lohan’ where the fire department goes to their house, due to an electrical fire. One of the kids calls selfish Dina, who is out at some event, but she stays there to party instead of coming home to ensure her children are safe, and not scared. Yup, a great mother!

    She’s a good pimp, that’s about it. She is having a hard time pimping out the no talent Ali though.

  22. chango666

    @21 (Jamie’e Uterus)

    WTF, you admit to watching “living lohan” ????
    No wonder you’re a fucking uterus . . . .

  23. ehh

    Since when is Ali a celebrity?
    when mom Lohan says “It’s a wonderful program that many celebrities are enrolled in.”

  24. DrunkenJules

    Shit, dude. What’s going on with Lindsay’s face lately? Damn drugs.

  25. SoTe

    Mommy dearest!

  26. Christina

    wow ali makes lindsay look hott!

  27. mere

    you can tell she hates her sister, look at that face her eyes are closed witha slanted corner mouth, shes like eww COKE ADDICTED DIKE yuck

  28. jenny

    Linds looks like Jim Carrey as the Grinch

  29. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    Yeah, i bet that little slut Alley is at a naked cocaine party right now, getting fucked. And wait, I’m sorry, what is her talent again….because somehow I seem to have missed that part.

  30. isitin

    These two girls are very ugly.

  31. …………………OFCOURSE!! (without all the misery)

  32. Kye

    If she’s a great mom, Paris would make a great president.

  33. A very pretty young girl!. I love hair…

  34. Ali is less than remarkable looking. That doesn’t mean she should get surgery, though.

  35. HUH?

    –Dina Lohan: ‘I’m a great mom!’–




  36. Matthew

    you know the late george calrin puts it best is all bulls*it and is bad for ya

  37. Yeah

    If these sluts are both still alive in three years, they should make pornos together.

  38. jimmy

    That leather skinned c*nt needs a swift kick in the ass!

  39. Unklejoe

    This bitch needs to stay off her knees theyre fukd up lookin

  40. EVERYONE WHO SAID THE SISTER ISNT PRETTY- i right! i dont know why they are even trying…i would have given up al long time ago on he.

    also maybe the mom should use the kids money to pull up the knee skins..GROSS

    thats enough knee for a pork-skin-chip company to run off for at least a week or 2?

  41. She’ll never be America’s worst mom as long as “that freezer lady from Georgia” is still around. That was today’s incredibly obscure Simpsons reference.

  42. Fryshlock

    Lindsay looks like a f**king clown

  43. Yeah, I bet that little slut street cocaine party is now a naked, fucked getting. And wait, I’m sorry, what’s his talent again …. Because somehow I missed that part sounds.

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