Dina Lohan honored for her parenting skills (Yup, you read that right)

May 7th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Dina Lohan attended a ceremony last night held by Mingling Moms, a Long Island social networking for mothers, where she was honored as one of the organization’s Top Moms. However, by attending, Dina skipped out on a mandatory visit to her shrink. But, damn, does she love those kids: Cash Girl and, uh, the boy- Petey? TMZ reports:

Her husband Michael told us that she was supposed to be at a court-ordered family therapy session just blocks away at the same time, but she chose to attend what looked more like a bachelorette party than a mothers’ event.
Of course, the same group — Mingling Moms — also gave Jennifer Lopez an award for being a great mom, and she hasn’t been a mom for three months.

I included a video after the jump so you can guys can check out the inner-workings of an event that honors Dina Lohan’s maternal instincts. While the mammoth daiquiris wielded by these mommy dearesteses wasn’t surprising, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring absence of Satan who I assumed would be handing out the awards.

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  1. joe

    First !!!!
    and she is one dump ass !

  2. Her daughters put out.


  3. Come-Honor-Face

    oddly enough, much like L, i’d wager she is prob great from behind

  4. eh

    this makes the superficial news?…fish are things that slow ???

  5. aja

    Her and Lindsay look and sound so much alike. It’s a good thing.

  6. Ted from LA

    This is complete bullshit. Brit and Jamie Lynn’s mom deserves these accolades more than her.

  7. Lara

    No wire hangers!!!!! Following the award ceremony Satan’s protégé celebrated with her kids by downing a round of shots…PAARRRTTIEEE!

  8. Proud to be an American

    Let’s see. Cult of the Celebrity. The Athlete. Politicians are all crooks. OIL is costing $$$$$$$$$$$ which will lead to worsening poverty, WAR for hidden reasons, importation of DRUGS, the WAR against DRUGS, Rush LImbaugh and Michael Savage (awesome fake name) and Glenn Beck and the other propagandist/promulgators representing BIG Business, a religion that preaches man’s dominion over a world that is dying but still needs to be killed forther for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Enjoy it all while you can fellow losers. Life is gonna get a whole lot harder in the coming years. And our “leaders”/masters want it that way. Don’t think so?
    Doesn’t matter what YOU think or WANT.

    So way to go MOMMY! Can we get a pussy shot?

  9. Tobias Myers

    funny “imagined” version of dina’s acceptance speech at:


  10. The Overseer

    @8, go do another shot of dope you dope.

    An award for a woman whose daughter is a drug, booze and cock hound that steals other peoples stuff without regard. Perfect.

  11. Rachel

    this story was definitely posted on here like 2 days ago…

  12. Auntie Kryst

    What the fuck you stupid Lawn Guyland whooures? You dumb twats didn’t give Amy Fisher’s mom an award? What the fuck kind of Long Island civic organization are you dumbfucks?

    Shudder to think that while all these painted bitches were downing Cosmos their little heeb and dago children were running around unsupervised..

    @6 Ted glad to see you back.

  13. Jeff

    You don’t see Satan because he was behind the camara, filming.

  14. Dear Overseer (the pillow over the head of his boyfriend)

    I don’t do drugs you little communist/fasict tool. Please try to struggle to come up with something a bit more clever than that.
    And by overseer I guess you think slavery was cool, right? HAaaa haaaa you are just a couple steps away from slavery yourself my little uneducated buddy. Wait and see as these years fly by how your money and rights will disentegrate bebore your very blind eyes.
    Of course it will all be due to the terrorists to a simpleton such as your breed.
    PLEASE don’t have any kids. The world needs to stop harboring morons.

  15. Where’s my motherfucking award?? I’m freaking MOTHER OF THE PLANET compared this nauseating bitch!!

  16. dude

    Re: #8:

    Yeah, yeah, we know.
    Looks like someone forgot to take their zoloft.

  17. dude

    We have to read more closely for this news to make sense…She won “MotherFucker of the Year”.

  18. English Bob

    ….and next week we bring you the Father of the Year awards, where we’ll be honouring Josef Fritzl and a posthumous award for Fred West…….

  19. LL

    I don’t even have any kids and I deserve this award more than Dina Lohan.

    And I live in Texas, but even I know that “Long Island social networking group for mothers” is all you need to hear to know how this happened. Next, a Long Island “social networking group” (remember when these were called “clubs”?) will give Kim Kardashian an award for chastity and modesty, another one will give Paula Abdul an award for mental health and I think George Bush is a lock to get one for leadership.

  20. They want all to be STAND-UP-COMEDIANS?

  21. pistache268

    Jesus. She looks like a Who from Whoville.

  22. mamadough

    so, were all those mormon moms from texas there too?

  23. Drugs

    I don’t take drugs. Unlike you cowards I face my day without them. I realize that all is not going to be the same as we fantasize and this is what angers you children When someone such as myself speaks of the horrors that await and the clear antecedents that the common idiot is unaware of I am criticised. Fuck the dead canary keep pickin’ boys $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Hey don’ worry little worker ants, the mound it gonna collapse. It has already started. Oh wait. You guys are Republicans! Just disregard my posts. Reality and justice were never your strong points.

    100 more years in Iraq!!!! Hey at what cost little tools? Little tools, how much do you think gas will cost in say 5 years?

    Ahhhhhh you people are problem solvers! Let’s ruin more plantet Earth and dig up some of dat ole OIL! Fuck ecology! That’s for Liberals! We will grow food on the MOON! Then ship it here!

    Hey right wing tools. Do you know anything at all about energy conservation? We have used up the inexpensive supplies of hydrocarbon. Our economy is critically dependent upon CHEAP (affordable morons) hydrocarbons and our capitalsist religion (yeah I said that) requires constant EXPANSION in order to operate at a profit. Why do you think it is all coming unravelled now little tools? C’mon Li’l Tools think for a moment for YOURSELVES. Don’t listen to Lord Limbaugh, surely you know he says all the right things for his Daddy Warbucks? We are crumbling now and the president is giving more powers to the unelected Fed. Res. CDOs have cost untold as yet damage to homeowners and we are in the early stages of a DEPRESSION. Our way of life at least for us poor suckers has been eroding since the 70′s and it is gonna slide way down starting now.

    You’ll see Li’l Tools!!!!

  24. #23 you should try some drugs..

  25. Are u fucking kidding me, if she gets an award for being the best mom, than i’m god.

  26. Harry Ballzack

    By all means – If you have a completely disfunctional family, award the mother then put them on national TV. THAT should make things all better.
    Although it’s a show I will never watch, I can’t help but feel sorry for Ali …………..
    Wait ……………. that’s not right – In all honesty, I will never watch this show. But I will read about the fall-out here without ever having to look at Dino Lohan.
    Superficial has it’s place in my world. It keeps me from having to witness these trainwrecks so I can laugh my ass off at them

  27. Sasha

    Wasn’t there already a post about this? Honestly, Dina doesn’t deserve even 1 post.

  28. agreeone

    She looks beautiful. Her blog and photos were found on welathy men for beautiful women site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  29. Harry Ballzack

    @28 – You’re a Toad

  30. Sloth

    I think she fully deserves this award. I mean, mingling mother of the year is obviously the woman who has least let her kids interfere with her socializing. Dina has even used hers to boost her own noteriety. SWEET!

  31. I Can't Believe I Read The Whole Thing

    This is to #23 – so uhm “Drugs” is it ?
    I ask you this – If life has been eroding since the 70′s why hasn’t it gotten there yet in 40 years ? I figure anything eroding must certainly be well on the way to colapse in 40 years – yet the economy has trippled sinced the 70′s.

    While I’m at it – I got YOUR tool – hangin moron

  32. Anonymous

    Hey Drugs at #23:

    Are you just a little upset because Billary is over and about to drop out of the race?

    You sound like you have major issues.

    Have you looked into anti-depressants?

  33. 31 Tool

    Where do you get the 40 year cycle irrelevencey thing? The economy has NOTHING to do with the income of the average worker. Our cost of living has increased and our wage earnings have decreased since the 70s, stupid.
    CORPORATIONS are raking in the $$$$$$$$$$$, dullard. How old are you?
    Are you idiots even aware of what is happening? I guess not.

    You say your (little I would imagine by the way you speak mindlessly) tool is hanging. Can’t you get that Republican whore stick hard anymore?FRIST I am sure can recommend lots of DRUGS to help you with that. Of course, that is most likely the least of your problems.

  34. Veroonica

    Hey 8? I love Glenn Beck. I know he’s full of shit and contradicts himself constantly, but I DIG that chin implant. It’s huge. Ever notice how his forhead never moves?

  35. Matthew

    dina lohan honored for her parenting skills? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! she manged to screw up lindsay and now ali? this is unbelivable! she blow her big check on parties

  36. boo

    God I hate cougers. Do they really think they look 20 and that young guys will find them hot? Fucking just grow old gracefully.

  37. tommy salami

    i wonder if her anus has freckles as well…………………

  38. justifiable

    When you and your daughter have the same hairstyle, it’s very very wrong. And no, Dina, it doesn’t make you look like sisters.

  39. trash hater

    She looks like a used up piece of jet trash. Or a tranny. Or both. And I don’t know if it’s the steroids she taking or her 12 pack a day habit, but dayumn – she’s got a voice like a man! Trashy Ho Mothers of the World, Unite!

  40. herbiefrog

    we just aa

    had to pull away for no. 14 ? [go check]

    20 cos we can soooo make fun of you

    ok 14 shhhhh : ) )

    here’s a new bridge

    every contract
    means a kick back

  41. Justice

    Gee they talk about kids being on drugs and making stupid decisions. WTF?! Then you have an organization like “Mingling Moms” honoring a twat like this. Whose on drugs now?! Ha-fucking-ha

  42. bootlips

    She makes me nauseous.

  43. annie

    omfg, what an ugly bitch. now we know where that Lohan fugliness comes from

  44. Kate

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