Dina Lohan given ‘Mother of the Year’ award – No joke.

May 5th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Jesus, Mary and Joseph this news is legit. Dina Lohan will be recognized as a “mother of the year” by an organization whose charter undoubtedly requires a commitment to smoking crack rocks the size of Buicks. TMZ reports:

Mingling Moms, a social networking organization for mothers, is naming LiLo’s mommie dearest one of its Top 20 Long Island Mothers of Celebrities at a ceremony on Tuesday.

It should be noted that Dina earned a spot after a woman who drowned her kids in a tub couldn’t attend. Although Dina had to agree to an immediate hysterectomy and sign over legal custody of her youngest child Cody. To which Dina replied: “Who? Oh, right, Boy-Lindsay. Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.”


  1. panties


  2. iamatroll


  3. andie

    Good Lord. That is all.

  4. lame

    It doesn’t say anything about mother of the year award. All I see is a lame club that appointed her because of her semi-yet not really celebrity status.


  5. panties

    #2. NO.

  6. tommy salami

    i wonder who’s pussy smells worse ….mom or daughters?

  7. Jumpin_

    Wha? Was Joan Crawford not available? I don’t know who’s the biggest whores here. Is it the organization that’s so deperate they would even consider Dina at this event so they could get press, or Dina for … well … just being Dina. Your call.

  8. Mo



    Something. Anything. Srsly? I LAUGHED.

  9. Sid

    I don’t see a problem. “Mingling Moms” is the organization. Lindsay just might be the #1…”mingler”…in Hollywood right now. Last night she mingled 3 guys at once (when she was drunk and got into the wrong car).

  10. Wendy

    Congrats to you, White Oprah! Don’t listen to the haters! Let them choke on their haterade!

  11. mamadough

    well then, i nominated that austrian fucker who locked his daughter in the basement and raped her, producing 7 kids, for “father of the year.” and Jesus wept.

  12. 2for2true

    Screw this shit. Tom Waits just announced a summer tour.

  13. veggi

    I don’t know if she deserved the award or not, but I do know that I’d love to lick her drooping freckled gray-pube-covered labia.

  14. alex

    long island mothers of celebrities? how big could that pool possibly be? …besides the mom of the “my new haircut” guy.

  15. @13 That was a nice one lesbo troll.

  16. veggi

    13~ Your poor brain must hate you..

  17. Auntie Kryst

    Funny thing is I bet this cunt Dina really thinks this is an honor. I hope she brings her film crew with her to accept her “award.”

  18. And im the best drummer in the world….

  19. JM

    Other signs the world is ending in 12 hours:

    Scott Weiland accepted a position as counselor on the show intervention.

    Creationism is scientifically proven to be true – Pope says “fuck you Darwin”.

    Paris Hilton kills John Madden in a freak Madden mixup at the hotel. Sources say the Turducken inventor withstood the cardiovascular assault, but died 3 minutes after his wishbone came into contact with Hilton’s disease ridden stuffing.

    John Stamos is relevant again.

    Keanu Reeves did a movie without saying “whoa”.

    Someone actually called Ryan Reynolds “Ryan Reynolds” instead of saying “Fuck you Van Wilder”.

    Jessica Simpson has reached agreement to only star in film roles where her character spends their entire time performing oral sex. When asked about the change, Simpson said “ummhh ummhhh uh uhhmm ummhhuu umhumhu.” What she was trying to say was that she realized she ruins everything by opening her mouth, so from now on her camera time will be limited to sucking dick. Unfortunately she didn’t realize a recorder couldn’t catch that, so I had to translate my interview as her mouth was full for all my questions.

  20. bootlips

    Hulk Hogan got Father of the Year and now this.

  21. Matthew

    dina might get party mom of the year award also!

  22. whatitdo

    man that picture is scary, she looks like skeletor

  23. Io

    hmph! apparently those women who voted for her were purely desperate for attention and knew the only way to get it was to nominate a terminal teenaged-like crack whore who so greatly lacks in the maternal instinct department that she whores out her kids so she can get a lay with creepy hollywood producers for some quick cash. I’d lay money on she’s got more herps than Paris, and the ooze could supply the research groups for 10 lifetimes over.

  24. We should get Dina together with Joe Simpson. Imagine the whore-slime they could produce…

    Boggles the mind.

    Oh yeah, ickie

  25. renez

    What’s that category again for $100 bucks???

    Top 20 Long Island Mothers of Celebrities

    Do they have to be really good at being a mother or just given birth???

  26. ToTellTheTruth

    Are you fuckin serious?

  27. Sasha

    That’s funny considering people who actually have to live near this ugly hag can’t stand her! She thinks so highly of herself that she actually tried to get a fence put up for her with tax money!

  28. jaw dropper

    Scott Peterson was one of the ones for father of the year, edged out, ever so slightly by charles manson…this is a joke right?

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