Dina Lohan given ‘Mother of the Year’ award – No joke.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph this news is legit. Dina Lohan will be recognized as a “mother of the year” by an organization whose charter undoubtedly requires a commitment to smoking crack rocks the size of Buicks. TMZ reports:

Mingling Moms, a social networking organization for mothers, is naming LiLo’s mommie dearest one of its Top 20 Long Island Mothers of Celebrities at a ceremony on Tuesday.

It should be noted that Dina earned a spot after a woman who drowned her kids in a tub couldn’t attend. Although Dina had to agree to an immediate hysterectomy and sign over legal custody of her youngest child Cody. To which Dina replied: “Who? Oh, right, Boy-Lindsay. Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.”