Dina Lohan gets sued

August 2nd, 2007 // 67 Comments

The world’s biggest joke of a mother, Dina Lohan, is being sued for fraud by Las Vegas businessman Antonio Almeida who claims she failed to return $400,000 he lent her four years ago to kick-start daughter Lindsay’s music career. Page Six reports:

Almeida’s lawyer, A. Raymond Hamrick, says some of the dough was used to record songs with Gloria Estefan’s husband, Emilio Estefan, who formed Miami Sound Machine. But Lindsay bolted in the middle of the sessions when she got a deal with Casablanca Records, which released her album, “A Little More Personal (Raw).” “My clients were out their money,” Hamrick said. Dina’s lawyer, David Chesnoff told The Post’s Marianne Garvey: “You mean the funds he claimed he lent her?”

I hate Dina Lohan, but this dude deserves to lose his money. Investing in Lindsay Lohan’s music career? I saw a guy on the street burning cash to stay warm and I’d rather trust my money to him than this Almeida guy.


  1. Wonky

    What a waste.

  2. poop

    if you have ever typed FIRST on a post I would have to assume that you are a loser

  3. Alan D

    And just think, isn’t E considering investing in Dina Lohan now for some kind of reality TV show?

    This world makes me want to shoot myself.

  4. Chauncey Gardner

    Isn’t Tony Almeida a character on 24? Did he get fired for letting too many moles infiltrate CTU and plan attacks on Los Angeles?

  5. Wonky

    What’s really sad is that for as much of a skanky washed up ho LiLo is, her mother is even worse. Sucking off her daughter’s teat pretending to be her “manager” is pathetic.

  6. CaffeBeotch

    Anybody care here? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

    It’s the Lohan’s, for chrissake! They all need to curl up and die…..

  7. #4 – I know I wouldn’t borrow money from Tony Almeida I couldn’t pay back. He’s friends with Jack Bauer. The last thing I’d wanna do is piss him off.

  8. Ms. Brightside

    You Dina Lohan is a WORSE mother than Britney Spears??? Go figure.

  9. pointandlaugh

    I agree with ya fish…….anyone who thinks investing in Lindsey’s music career is a good idea DESERVES to lose their $$.

  10. lulu

    Dina is like President Bush….takes money from people and spends it on something useless to try and benefit themselves

  11. dontknowdiddly

    But this investment was 4 years ago wasn’t it? The girl had just turned 17 and showed good potential – might have looked liked a good deal then. Who knew she would turn into a crackhead twatflashing alky skank in such a short time.

  12. Sherlock Holmes

    When I see them together, I see two co-conspirators where one is conniving and the other is in a drunken stupor. Now who’s who….hmmmm

  13. whataloser

    who would give money to any of the lohan family? i mean seriously, is there a bigger waste on the planet? they probably didnt even spend it on record deals. thats when lindsay’s coke addiction got started…

  14. [ ..... LOOK ..... ]

    … the HoHag & her ManaWhore.

    these two are pathetic. and any mother that enables her daughter the Dino has, deserves to be poked with a Heroine needle and have her skank ass thrown on Skid Row.

  15. Splooge

    If you’ver ever typed, “if you have ever typed FIRST on a post I would have to assume that you are a loser”, then you are also a loser.

  16. lindseylohan


  17. Bugman4045

    Lindsay’s movie came out on July 27th and it seems even the studio would rather you not notice. Over at rottentomatoes.com it has racked up a whopping 6% of positive reviews. That means it is in the running for the worst movie of the year!!! Yay Lindsay!!

    From one of the reviews:
    “…After a 20 minute delay in starting the movie, I had to assume the projector was taking an ethical stand and refusing to be party to the heinous act of showing this movie.”


  18. Bugman4045

    I just tried to play the trailer and my computer locked up midawy through it. My computer is trying to save me from this crap!!

  19. SIck of it ALL

    Could Dina Lohan be more of a hag? She must hang out with New York’s mother, Brooke Shield’s mother, Whitney’s mother, and all those other money-grubbing mother (fuckers).

    Boy, isn’t she ugly with that huge overbite and fake teeth. When pretty Lindsay was born, she must have gone “HOLY SHIIIIT, my second chance has arrived. Michael, hunny, get the caaaaamera!”

  20. adeliza

    #10 Yo Yo LuLu-
    Oil to Bush = war =money
    Lindsey to Dina= whore=money

  21. havoc

    Yeah….no ROI here.



  22. Guy

    FIRST FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    OH yeah…. *air hump from left to right*

  23. dontknowdiddly

    maybe Antonio would settle for a mother-daughter thing with Dina & Lindsay.

    Oh – sorry. Made myself puke

  24. Mick


  25. hoopT

    @23 I’ve seen some bad enough shit here but that’s just . . . . sickening!

  26. antoine

    Which one of these nasty bitch’s is Lindsey? They both look like the same skank!!!!

  27. wedgeone

    Maybe he’ll make LiLo & Dina do anal in a gang bang flick. That’s the only way he’ll ever get a dime of that money back.

    In even better news:

    Her new movie “I Know Who Killed Me”, grossed $3,506,291 on its opening week. Being that it played in 1320 theaters at an average price of $7.50, that means that each theater pulled about 354 people to her movie. Divide that by 4 showings per day, & that’s about 89 people per show.

    In contrast, The Simpsons Movie pulled in $74,036,787 on it’s opening weekend.

    How does it feel to get blown away by A CARTOON, LINDS?!? Certainly not an Oscar winning performance, eh LiLo! That’s two consecutive box office busts, hun.


  28. wedgeone

    Sorry … bad math in my calculation.
    4 showings per day * 3 = 12 showings.
    354 \ 12 = 29.5
    A mostly empty theater, in other words.

    That’s even funnier!!! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!

    I’m laughing so hard, I can’t breathe.

  29. lickmybutt

    whore number one and her lil whore daughter. how cute!!

  30. jrzmommy

    blah blah blah blah blah…..Dina Lohan eats youngest child….blah blah blah blah….Dina Lohan shoots laser beams out of breasts….blah blah blah blah….lindsay lohan cultured in petri dish not womb…blah blah blah blah

  31. Katrina

    why exactly did she need money..? She had done how many movies since then? Parent trap, life size, etc etc. They should have laughed and slammed the door shut in her face, and im not referring to the mess shes made of her life since then..

  32. Wonky

    Her mom looks like she was smacked in the face with a shovel.

  33. pablo13

    Mummy walks on solarium often.


  34. ssdd

    Dina … what a gutter slut you are …riding on the shirttales of your daughter… as if that’s hardly going to be possible for very much longer… Your whore daughters “career” is over .. no one is going to work with her…she’s too high of an insurance risk –among other things………………. Soo .. blow blow blow now while you can… because when you and that piece of shit daughter of yours have to start working in a DryCleaners.. ..well, … it doesn’t pay that well..

    Anywho … call up Dana Platos’ people and ask them what cleaners she was working at before she began her dirt nap.

  35. cocainomanus

    Anybody care to volunteer LINKS to -free- downloads of Lohan’s tunes?

    Any streaming? I am so genuinely curious it hurts. so. bad.

    Mash up artists?

  36. Big Mama

    I’m on my way out to go to the supermarket, and Dina’s dress made me think of “Hostess Snowballs”. You know, the chocolate treat with the vanilla creamy center, with white frosting on top that has been sprinkled with coconut, and the whole thing tastes like plastic. Wow, this even sounds like her.

  37. Dina Lohan? Court case? I hope she can adjust to the shock of appearing in court. It’s a very new experience for her.


  38. reflex

    i think it’s cool that someone can get a sex change like that. i wonder what her name was before she became a woman.

    he should have gotten an i o u.

  39. sweetnsnooty

    on your knees bitch, lick my toilet clean

  40. p0nk

    @wedgeone – wow, this little girl’s failure really means a lot to you, doesn’t it? That’s kinda…sad.

    p.s. Bummer about making a grade-school arithmetic error while slamming somebody (please don’t call it “math” – that’s like Britney trying to discuss “cuisine”).

  41. paco

    …she’s a terrific moral compass

  42. Lexoka

    “The world’s biggest joke of a mother, Dina Lohan”

    Be careful here, or you’re the one who’s gonna end up sued… or worse. That title rightfully belongs to Britney Spears, don’t try to get it away from her or she’ll get mad, and maybe try to eat you.

  43. ummmwhat

    Is it just me or do these two ladies look burned? Look at mama lohan’s shoulder, its the same color as a babyback rib that people get at steakhouse.

  44. Now we know why LiLo is such a mess. Between parents like hers and early fame, she didn’t stand a chance.

  45. Albaham Rinkon

    Holy shit, she’s got manface. What a tranny.

  46. I hope he got some cougar action for all that bread.

  47. Frybread

    But Dina doesn’t have any money of her own. She’s Lilo’s “manager.”

  48. Aubree

    Dina=Crypt Keeper

  49. nagger please

    Dina has got to be a liberal. instead of being a Mother to Lindsay she treats her like she’s her favorite coke friend. They call it being progressive..

  50. crazy otto

    ……….they said brook shields mom was bad

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