Dina Lohan should realize she’s Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan questioned the parenting skills of the mother of Lindsay’s ex Riley Giles. Riley did a tell-all interview with News of the World where he said Lindsay was a sex-addict. This pissed off Dina who decided to make a friendly phone call, according to Us Magazine:

“Dina insulted her parenting,” says a source close to Giles, who met Lindsay, 21, during her August rehab stint.
(An insider at the tab says he got $120,000.)
Says a Dina pal: “Dina did call Riley’s mom.”

Before Dina Lohan crowns herself “Mother of the Year,” I included photos that illustrate the cumulative effect of her parenting. These are shots of Lindsay in a hotel room making out with Dario Faiella who was guy #3 of Lindsay’s 24-hour sausage fest in Capri. You might be thinking, so she made out with a dude, big deal. Well, somebody had to let a photographer in to take these shots. Perhaps it was somebody who’s reportedly short on cash and would’ve been better off if her mother was a coffee maker. (Hint: It’s Lindsay.)

NOTE: TMZ confirmed Lindsay fell off the wagon and drank champagne on New Year’s Eve. Dina Lohan, perhaps you and Lynne Spears should get together and, I dunno, volunteer to let NASA shoot you into space or something.

Photos: INFdaily.com