Dina Lohan actually got Lindsay to court

May 4th, 2010 // 33 Comments

Wow. If I made a list this morning of things most likely to not occur today, this would’ve been number one followed closely by Santa Claus revealing he exists but has been a pedophile the whole time. On that note, if these two aren’t arrested for still being drunk as shit in a court of law, the entire legal system has failed us. I’m pretty sure checking your breath for hints of Jim Beam and trying not to puke on the bailiff counts as probable cause. If not, it’s only a waiting game until somebody gets the shakes and makes a move for his gun.

DINA: Mommy needs her medicine. LOHAN KICK!
JUDGE: Ma’am, that was the stenographer.
JUDGE: Your attorney.
JUDGE: Your daughter’s vagina.
DINA: That one’s her father’s fault.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Taz

    They both look like death

  2. Cash

    Hung over and looking like hot mess in short pants. Would someone just throw the book at both these assclowns already? Put Lilo into solitary so she can clean up, before the bitch literally self destructs from too much smack and black hair dye.

  3. Is that her hair or a unabomber hood? Either way it is going to help her case.

  4. Jim

    It’s Jim Beam, fool. Not Bean…

  5. boo

    HOW is she allowed in court with shorts on??? I don’t care if they are formal shorts, most courtrooms do not allow them at all. Unless the rules are different in LA?

    And bitch, fix your roots.

  6. Jimbo

    Those two vags have seen more mileage than Route 66.

  7. What a couple of drunken whores…

  8. Johannes

    Hints of Jim’s Beans?

  9. Deacon Jones

    sooooo…no pics of them in court (sans shades) with their eyes looking like a stoned Gollum?

  10. White Trash Rules

    Why does anyone care about this skanky ginger? She tries so hard to hide the fact she is a Ginger by dying her hair 15 different colors.

    Nasty ass Ginger pussy..and she is a lezbo…and then she isn’t a lezbo..

    This bitch and her mother are as common as every other white trash piece of shit you would see at the county fair that would both fuck you at the same time behind Pig Barn 4. This is one person I can I wish would just O.D. and get it over with……what a waste of oxygen to the rest of. Nasty ass Ginger.

  11. WTF are these things

    When did the fucking government find extraterrestrial life and why are these odd aliens walking into a fucking courtroom. WTF Man…shit..I did not even know we discovered alien life. CNN, MSNBC, FOX..you all suck. Superficial has proof of aliens and you are covering a fucking oil slick…ohh..oil…birds..i can’t fish…3 months to fix…fuck the planet….WAAAAAAA!!!!! This is headline shit right here.

    This proves you can take trash out of the trailer but you can NEVER take the trailer out of the trash. Can we start a petition for this bitch to simply knock herself off…what a horrible role model. I think if you do more bad in life than good you should just end it and go away…hope you read this ginger bitch.

  12. fitting

    Fish, check out MSN – Lindsay confirmed to star in biopic about Linda Lovelace! At least she didn’t go straight to porn

  13. Can't Tell

    I can’t even tell which one is Lindsay and which one is her mom.

    Either way that bitch has aged a lot in the past 24 months…but we get it ..you are not one drugs!!!!! You just age in fucking dog years………….

  14. Which One

    I got $50saying Lindsay pukes first. These two need a hospital not a court room!

    I heard rumors they were remaking the Thriller video … I guess it is true.

  15. justifiable

    #12 No, she didn’t go straight to porn. She took the scenic route.

  16. justifiable

    #12 No, she didn’t go straight to porn. She took the scenic route.

  17. bar room hero

    Hohan looks like shite.

    Dina gives me the wiggins…


    From TMZ:

    “LiLo — who’s being sued over her wild, drunken car ride back in 2007 — was accompanied by the her mother Dina Lohan, as an endless line of photographers and fans watched her exit.”

    And what really happened:

    “LiLo — who’s being sued over her wild, drunken car ride back in 2007 — was accompanied by the her mother Dina Lohan, as an endless line of photographers and fans watched her exit. They immediately drove to a bar & started drinking heavily, to prepare for tomorrow’s depostion. Dina could be heard saying “I’ve got Lindsay under control” as she poured her another shot of whiskey…”

  19. justifiable

    She was also 22 minutes late to court – and if that had been any of us, the judge would have issued a bench warrent for our sorry no-show asses after 15 minutes.

    With so much riding on this, that fine nose-thumbing act of contempt just shows how seriously Lush Sr. and Lush Jr. take the whole thing.

  20. hateyoufornoreason

    I think I sold the outfit Lindsey is wearing at a garage sale in 1983.

  21. Lindsay Lohan came back to town with her mother Dina Lohan. Mama Lohan came with Lindsay to make sure she didn’t miss her deposition this morning

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  23. gueibor

    She totally pulls the Osbourne look, only Ozzy’s hair is never that greasy.

  24. “Dina Lohan actually got Lindsay to court”

    But couldn’t get Lindsay or herself dressed decently.

  25. Jonny Topside

    I want to bang Dina in a trashy motel while Lindsay watches and rubs her tits together while blowing lines off of a dirty table using a 2 dollar bill.

  26. captain america


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  28. she is looking rough

  29. lol nice legs

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