Dina Lohan Wants Conservatorship Over Lindsay

Despite the fact he pursued one himself back in April, Michael Lohan is freaking out that Dina might succeed in putting Lindsay under a conservatorship while she goes into rehab. That’s his hard-earned money that somebody else earned! RadarOnline reports:

Michael said he’s aware that Dina and Taylor are making the move behind-the-scenes, in the wake of the Mean Girls starlet’s brief stint in jail last Friday.
Taylor, who in 2008 helped put Britney Spears under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears, came on board just over three months ago when Lindsay was first sentenced to jail.
“Lou and Dina are trying to throw Lindsay in a rehab right now and get her out of the picture so they can get a conservatorship without her knowing,” he told RadarOnline.com.
“They would control literally everything Lindsay does, what projects she has coming up, her finances and the people she sees-and that includes keeping me out of her life.
“I hope Lindsay hears this and realizes what they’re trying to do.”

I highly doubt a judge will let Dina Lohan, Queen of the Harpie Enablers, to be in full control of Lindsay’s career, but we are talking about a court circuit so ass-backward it allowed a cocaine addict to get out of rehab early only to immediately fail two drug tests and get a slap on the wrist. So how much more could this really fuck things up? It’s not like Dina would have the legal right to carve off Lindsay’s face and become her like she’s always wanted.

Or does it? (You owe me, California Legal System.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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