Dina Lohan Wants Conservatorship Over Lindsay

September 28th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Despite the fact he pursued one himself back in April, Michael Lohan is freaking out that Dina might succeed in putting Lindsay under a conservatorship while she goes into rehab. That’s his hard-earned money that somebody else earned! RadarOnline reports:

Michael said he’s aware that Dina and Taylor are making the move behind-the-scenes, in the wake of the Mean Girls starlet’s brief stint in jail last Friday.
Taylor, who in 2008 helped put Britney Spears under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears, came on board just over three months ago when Lindsay was first sentenced to jail.
“Lou and Dina are trying to throw Lindsay in a rehab right now and get her out of the picture so they can get a conservatorship without her knowing,” he told RadarOnline.com.
“They would control literally everything Lindsay does, what projects she has coming up, her finances and the people she sees-and that includes keeping me out of her life.
“I hope Lindsay hears this and realizes what they’re trying to do.”

I highly doubt a judge will let Dina Lohan, Queen of the Harpie Enablers, to be in full control of Lindsay’s career, but we are talking about a court circuit so ass-backward it allowed a cocaine addict to get out of rehab early only to immediately fail two drug tests and get a slap on the wrist. So how much more could this really fuck things up? It’s not like Dina would have the legal right to carve off Lindsay’s face and become her like she’s always wanted.

Or does it? (You owe me, California Legal System.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. gogo

    Firsttt what a crappy news this is too

    • Neither parent cares about their daughter. They both are trying to leech the very last drop of income from her while she is in rehab. When Lindsay loses her earning potential do you think either of them are going to give a crap? Both parents should be held partially responsible for their childs miscreant behavior and be ordered to stay away from her.

  2. More like “I want to make as much money off Lindsay as I can before she dies, then I have to get Ali hooked on coke.”

  3. herbiefrog


    does that sound like a good idea ?

    duh ! > ?


    FIRST AGAIN!!! Third time this week so far!

  5. “What projects she has coming up”? “Her finances”? Who knew Michael Loha was such a great comic? Hey, if Dina wants to have control over Linds’ upcoming court appearances and then plan what part of her wardrobe will go to the thrift store for quick cash for the month, let her.

  6. Cock Dr

    While reading that headline a chill went down my spine.
    Yes, let’s hand over all decision making regarding one Ms. Lindsey Lohan to this horrible & stupid person. Great idea.
    I can’t believe I’m on the same page here as the father.

  7. Gary B

    WORST IDEA EVER, next to LiLo wanting to have a baby. Notice that Lindsay was pretty much in a 2 parent household for the most part. While Selena Gomez was born when her mother was 16, and her mother got divorced when she was 5. Yet she turned into a intelligent, mature and stable young woman, who has a career that on only go up.

    Lindsay on the other hand is a drunken, drugged out wreck who is still going downhill.

    Shows that having only one functional parent is still far better than two dysfunctional ones.

  8. An ex-con and an enabler fighting over the estate of someone on the verge of bankrupcy. Absurd as two skinheads fighting over a comb. Hope they both go broke in legal bills.

  9. The Real TAB

    Sadly, the way the California Judicial Systems the way it is, this Queen of Cunts will get her wish and make herself out to be Lindsay afterall..

  10. # Mind melding with rough's wang is prohibited

    ♫ Papa dont snitch, im in trouble now. ♫ Papa douche cube♫ But I made up my mind, i”m strappin it to Sammy, i”m trashing out my sybian…

    Weird Al need to come out of retirement!!!!

  11. Mister Mean as Hell

    She could easily avoid all of this by squatting out another kid, teaching it to love cocaine, and introducing it to Mickey Mouse. It’s the makings of a great career, and unlike her current children it’s a career that might spawn book deals, bed sheets with her picture on it, and a line of K-Mart priced clothing that oozes with tween appeal.

    Or she could pull out a set of jumper cables and say “My daughter was in Machete, give her some work, she’ll do it!”.

  12. jay

    This mothercunt of the cunt needs to be kicked in her cunt.

  13. chuck d

    Oh thats a good idea huh?
    Isn’t her photo op whore parents a big part of the problem?
    they are now pimping Ali
    Lindsay run for zee hills, well as soon as you get out of rehab

  14. jaytoo

    I am so sick of these people. Isn’t anything going on in the entertainment world that doesn’t involve some Lohan idiocy?

  15. The Lohans all suck

    She doesnt give a crap about her meal ticket or her well being, just in denial and wants to control THE MONEY.

  16. oh this makes perfect sense. Lindsay, an ADULT, is going to be judged incapable of running her own life, so they’ll give control over to her mother…the one who produced an offspring incapable of running her own life.

    great plan, what could go wrong?

  17. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  18. fester

    Most tables have four legs, right? Dina, Britney, Paris, and Jeremy London should be Lindsay’s co-conservators, which places Lindsay under the table.


  19. The Geekologie Writer


  20. Bunny Foofoo

    Originally I read the statement “Dina Lohan, Queen of the Harpie Enablers,” to be “Dina Lohan, Queen of the Herpes Enablers,” I think I like it better my way.

  21. baybay

    I beg you… I’ve been reading this site for years, and I’ve never commented on anything before because of my satisfaction for what you write. Please, stop only writing about the same four celebrities. For the first time, I’ve been reading sites outside of this one to keep myself entertained and in the loop. I don’t care if you write about them, but please expand your stories to include other people.

  22. OMFG

    Has this cow ever worked a day in her life? Does she really expect people to believe that her main concern is what’s best for her daughter(s). I can only imagine the panic she went into when her pay cheque was hauled away to jail (again). Neither one of these people are decent parents. They are too busy kissing Lindsay’s ass for fear of getting thrown off the gravy train.

  23. Commented on this photo:

    I could see Dina doing a line off of my cock. Typical NY warpig.

  24. welldoneson

    Why are you posting pictures of the Kraken and calling it Dina?

  25. LJ

    Wasn’t James Spears running his own business before he was appointed as Conservator of Ms. Spears?

    That’s not the case for either Michael Lohan or Dina who make their living leaching off their sick daughter’s antics.

    If the Court is going to appoint a Conservator for Ms. Lohan it should be someone outside of the family. Then the girl might have a chance.

  26. Matthew

    Dina “party mom” Loahn is at it agai you all ready ruin your daughter’s career Party Mom GO AWAY!!!!!!

  27. rooster

    Id hit it

  28. TheDuuuuuude

    No judge in their right mind would give Dina (or Michael, for that matter) control over the train wreck that is Lindsay’s finances and what’s left of her career. Dina’s just scared shitless because if an independent conservator is appointed, her access to what little money Lindsay has left will be cut off.

  29. Piggy Feet

    No judge is ever, ever, ever going to let Dina Logan be Lindsay’s conservator because she is more incompetent than Lindsay. If anything, a judge would choose an impartial party like Merrill Lynch or another large financial firm. Lindsay also doesn’t appear to be out -of -her -mind. She’s just a well functioning drug addict, and being a has been, used to be child star, is not a crime.

  30. oh no

    Why aren’t the clowns referred to as Hohan’s parents sharing the jail cell or rehab center with thier prize of a daughter??? Also, why hasn’t the state taken the younger sister away from those loser leeches?

  31. VV

    I think Dina cares about Lindsay. I just think she always lies to the public to keep Lindsay’s ‘private affairs’ to themselves, unlike her father. Don’t get me wrong, Dina is a complete idiot, but I think she’s at ends in dealing with her daughter… and god knows why she’s letting the other one follow in her foot steps.

  32. They(the parents) have to make sure that their darling daughter stays alive , after all she is their “meal ticket”. The youngest daughter isn’t quite famous enough ,yet, and can you imagine what their lives would be like without the Paparazzis? Their lives would be meaningless and without substance. Now who would want to be in that situation?

  33. tromba

    If anus-faced Dina files suit, the judge could appoint a conservator ad litem. DIna’s suit would give the judge the ability to get these 2 God-awful parents out of her life.

  34. captain america

    please americans: EVICT THIS WOMAN, including her daughter!!

  35. Anonymous

    what a bunch of miserable people on this site. are your lives really that bad? That sucks…for you

    I dont comment about celebs, that is what losers do all day. I comment about people talking bad about others. Beyond sinful. It is all kinds of wrong. This is why our society has fallen, scumbags like you in the world bringing everybody down.

    complaining , griping insulting, etc.. is what pms chicks do, are you all pmsing or just p*ssies?

    let me know

  36. Captain America

    No, we are not either. We just love stanky, nasty bitches like you. Evict this whore

  37. Kelley

    This “woman” is looking incredibly botoxy around the mouth, wow …

  38. jesternhell

    if either parent is awarded conservatorship then that person needs to be put in jail for being as dumb as her parents.

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