Dina Lohan Says She’s Not Drunk On ‘Dr. Phil,’ Michael Lohan Says ‘The F-ck You Weren’t’

In case you missed it yesterday, above is the Dr. Phil promo where Dina Lohan is so visibly drunk that only someone like Dina Lohan would even think of saying she wasn’t and blame the editing which is, of course, exactly what Dina Lohan did which, of course, led to Michael Lohan finding a TMZ camera to shove his face into and saying she was:

Michael actually participated in the Dr. Phil interview — which was taped a few months ago — and says it was obvious at the time, Dina was intoxicated … and it was only 10 AM.
“I think when everyone sees the interview, they’re gonna know she’s not sober,” Lohan tells us.

Here’s where it gets messy: On one hand, Dina Lohan says she wasn’t drunk, so immediately you know she was. But then on the other, Michael Lohan says she was which immediately means she wasn’t. Granted, my own eyes tell me she’s completely sloshed in the video, but how do I know these two didn’t create a paradox that tore a hole in the very fabric of reality sending us all into an alternate tangent where everything is backwards and even worse, women are allowed to drive? *sees Amanda Bynes post* Oh, no…

Photos: Pacific Coast News