Dina Lohan Wishes She Didn’t Let Lindsay Become A Child Star Now

September 21st, 2012 // 41 Comments
'I Wasn't Drunk!'
Dina Lohan Dr. Phil
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Presumably because Lindsay‘s just straight up taking hostages now (above), Dina Lohan is finally starting to regret pimping her daughter to the Hollywood machine, so she wouldn’t have to get a real job and just mooch off her. Except she doesn’t put exactly like that as much it’s all everybody else’s fault, she was like that when she got here. Via NY Daily News:

On letting Lindsay go into acting and how that turned out:
“I was born into the business. … My mother was an entertainer. It was natural. But yes, in the next life, I might not do it.”

On drinking with Lindsay, an alcoholic, over the weekend for Dina’s 50th birthday party:
“My 80-year-old mother was there, and she’s Italian-American, and to be able to have a glass of red wine there for her is normal for our family. … Some people who want to quit drinking do it cold turkey and some do it gradually — you want to keep a balance. I don’t know what’s a right way or a wrong way.”

On how Lindsay’s assistant is the one making her crash Porsches and steal jewelry:
“I have questions about Gavin. … There have been numerous incidents with Lindsay where he has been present. He was with her recently at [millionaire Sam Magid’s] party when she was falsely accused of burglarizing jewelry. It’s all very sketchy.”

On never partying with Lindsay but was just around to, uh, see who was letting her drink, yeah, that:
“I don’t party with Lindsay. In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were.”

Keep in mind, this comes on the heels of Dina slurring into Dr. Phil‘s face for an hour on television, so she had to do something quick that made it look like women who drown their babies in tubs aren’t better parents. Although, I’m surprised she had the wherewithal to realize that regretting making Lindsay into a child star would actually seem like a reasonable thought to other people because, really, that has to be her crowning achievement in life. “Oh, wow, you worked three jobs to put food on the table? Well, I taught my daughter how to say ‘Oral pleasure, sir?’ in Japanese before she could vote, so you can fucking eat me.”


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  1. She should’ve been sterilized before she had the chance to pollute the earth with her offspring.

  2. JC

    Wow, LIz and Dick looks just as stunningly awful as I thought it would be. You know you have a real winner when you have to pad the shit out of a 30-second trailer with on-screen text, still photos, and voiceovers because you only have 3 seconds of semi-usable “acting” footage.

  3. rican

    What a classic quote, SHE is taking HER to clubs “to see who the enablers were”.

  4. AbRtFl

    Lindsay is hot and probably the best actress in Hollywood.

    So many haters on this site.

  5. When Scientology won’t take you, there’s always Moloch.

  6. “You just blew your 4th customer?”
    “Oh, who’s counting…”

  7. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    “Look at you, you cute little thing. You’re a cutie, yes you are! And what’s all that cuteness worth, huh? A kilo at least! Yes it is! You’re at least worth a kilo! Yes you are!”

  8. The Grammar Police

    Wishes she “hadn’t” ?? you mean.

  9. Smapdi

    Dina appears completely incapable of self-blame or taking responsibility for anything.

  10. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    That kid is just now starting to realize how hard its going to be to poop out the necklace ‘Aunt Lindsay’ made him swallow back in the jewelry store.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She seems well fed.

  12. guest

    “I don’t party with Lindsay. In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were.”

    Well, lots of clubs do have mirrors.

  13. Surprise, Dina: YOU are the enabler.

  14. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    Even Dina Lohan wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to give a kid to Lindsay.

  15. Terry

    Coke has really fucked her face up.

  16. mel

    “I don’t party with Lindsay. In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were.”

    rarely is bullshit more obvious.

  17. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    “Ok, who put the traffic cone in front of my car? Very funny..”

  18. What an idiot

    “Dammit, paparazzi everywhere. I’ve got to convince them I’m not a drunken drugged up slutty whore hasbeen…quick, someone hand me a child to carry!”

    • cc

      The woman who let her borrow the child for that ruse realized her error when her heard Lindsay jingling her car keys.

  19. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    let’s hope we never find out how well this broad can mess up a male child… OMFG. someone please remove my brain so I can’t imagine what might happen! HELP ME HELP ME

  20. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    there. got it. never mind.

  21. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    How can you have a fat face with a thin body? Baffles my mind..

  22. Bob

    Now this isn’t really fair.
    Lindsey, when she was a child star, was actually successful (Parent Trap, Mean Girls). It was only later that she turned into a freak of nature who doesn’t even have her looks anymore (despite what some people still persist she maintains).

  23. Randy

    For all you Right Wings Fox News watchers. She can act when she is clean and the only ones mentioning Hate is AbRtFl , fudgesticks, I’m a Moderate Liberal I watched Fox until I saw them lie everyday and criticize Obama while years ago saying it was fine when Bush did it ex. Muslims attacking our Embassy after we freed them. Shepard Smith is the only true news man on that channel. I watch CNN, MSNBC AND NETWORKS and Jon Stewart I get all views before I open my mouth.

  24. Cuchulain

    “I WAS BORN INTOTHE PROFESSION….” PROSITITION Remember back in the day when this HOE claimed to be a Rocket! Delusional, ignorant and ….A PRO!!!

  25. Lindsay Lohan Carrying Child
    Commented on this photo:

    stay away from anyone I love you piece of crap

  26. anonym

    her career is over.

    only reason paps are still on her ass is that they’re waiting for the princess diana wreck that will inevitably happen.

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