Dina Lohan Lied to Matt Lauer

August 13th, 2010 // 49 Comments
Lindsay Lohan in Maxim

Seen here in the latest issue of Maxim, Lindsay Lohan‘s mom apparently lied about the number of times her daughter has been in rehab during her bullshit appearance on The Today Show this morning. RadarOnline reports:

During the interview, Lauer told the controversial mom that he understood that her daughter had been in rehab on four separate occasions, but Dina was adamant that it was only twice.
But Lauer and his research team were in fact correct, and RadarOnline.com has the timeline to prove it:
In January 2007, Lindsay checked into Los Angeles Wonderland Center for a 30 day stay. She released a statement at the time which read: “I have made a proactive decision to take care of my professional health. I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time.”
In June 2007, Lindsay entered Promises Treatment Center in Malibu for six weeks. Her rep at the time Leslie Sloan’s statement read, “On Friday, July 13, 2007, Lindsay Lohan successfully completed her 45 days of residential and extended care treatment at Promises.”
In August 2007, the Mean Girls star checked into Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah for another six week program. After she left the facility on October 5, 2007, Dina told People Magazine: “I’m proud of her. She’s moving ahead with her life. Things were getting out of control. She took action. She took responsibility. She really needed to heal.”
Then on August 2 of this year, Lindsay Lohan entered UCLA’s Resnick Neuro Psychiatric Hospital in Westwood, Los Angeles, for what is supposed to be a 90 day stay.

Of course, Dina will once again claim Lindsay is the target of a vast tabloid conspiracy, so I think it’s only fair I ‘fess up on this one. This morning, Harvey Levin and I combined our Power Rings and changed the past to make Dina Lohan look like a liar. In our defense, we were bored and there was nothing on TV. That being said, this definitely wasn’t as funny as the time we convinced a young Mel Gibson that getting blown for the thousandth time grants you the power of flight. Probably should’ve saved that one for last.

Photos: Maxim


  1. maybe dina’s only counting the stints that lindsay completed.

  2. Taz

    she looks great in this pic

  3. Raquel

    Who cares. Dina’s awesome, Lindsay’s awesome, the judge is a nutjob who had to excuse herself from the case because she overstepped her authority, and most of the commenters have driven while drunk plenty of times…and are ugly and untalented.

    • Rough, the new blaq

      When are you going to pick up Lilo’s dry cleaning?

    • J-Sin

      Raquel, please do us all a favor and euthanize yourself.

      • Rough, the new blaq

        No, seriously…

      • Rough, the new blaq

        Raquel sounds like a walking contradiction. I think shes saying the broads and the gays have a monopoly on gossip sites. Careful Raquel, its been said, ignorance can be cured and stupid is well, you know the rest…

    • GUY

      Guilty much Raquel. Seems to me you are actually defending your own fucked up life by using Lindsay as your cover. GTFO…Lindsay is a garbage can topling over with cum filled crack pipes.

      • Rough, the new blaq

        There lies Lilo’s problems, no not her parents. Fans with no convictions…And you wonder why she feels so alone?

      • Raquel

        In rehab, they diagnosed her problem – overexposure to chronic masturbators. They told her to stay out of the tabloid and especially away from anything that might land on all the flamer-infested internet gossip sites.

      • Rough, the new blaq

        Hey wait a minute! I need to make a correction here. Celebrity site> gossip site. Sounds manlier right Raquel?

      • “her problem — overexposure to chronic masturbators”

        id laugh but it’s probably the truest comment on the subject

    • KB

      Ali, it’s time to get off the computer and get back to your “home-schooling”

    • Andriiya

      Soooooo, if you’re pretty and talented it’s ok to drive drunk and endanger others? If I got run over by some coked up loser I’m sure my first question after waking up from a medically induced to find myself disfigured for life would be “Was the driver pretty and talented?!?!?!?!?”

      • Stephen Hawking

        “Soooooo, if you’re pretty and talented it’s ok to drive drunk and endanger others?”
        Woah. Hold on.
        Woah woah f*cking woah!
        for some reason lindsay Loahn is a celebrity.
        Beauty and talent are definitely not something she has.
        Her movies suck and her coke use has devastated what
        might have been a passable pump and dump body but
        let’s hold off on the determination that she is beautiful.
        This wh*re is so used up that she could barely get hired
        as a body double for a hooker’s dead corpse in a B grade horror.
        Her life as a walking excuse for illegal drug use is in full swing
        and she can thank Dina for the lack of proper parenting.
        When momma tries to do spin control on a daughter that’s
        beyond rehab it’s time to blame the media.
        That’s right folks, the National Enquirer and TMZ should have raised Lindsay
        Lohan and not led her to cocaine use and being a used up cow.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I’m sorry, she’s my guilty pleasure. I fucking love this bitch

  5. Tom C.

    Clearly the problem was that Lauer was being glib.

  6. Rough, the new blaq

    If you’re such a fan, why is that an insult?

  7. “Seen here in the latest issue of Maxim, Lindsay Lohan’s mom . . . ”

    Dina Lohan wishes that was her. So do I.

  8. McFeely Smackup

    I don’t think it’s fair to assume dishonesty in a situation where plain stupidity is the more likely excuse.

  9. Why is she famous again?

    I love Photoshop

  10. allie!

    im not sure how old this pic is, but she looks AMAZING! this is a hot picture. im hot and bothereddd

  11. phil

    Just before clicking the picture, the Maxim photographer said “Lindsay, show what you would do for cocaine”.

  12. Matthew

    hey dina in the words of the late great george carlin Bullshit is bad for ya!

  13. JD

    All I want to know is why we don’t have a bush shot yet? WTF?

  14. Amy

    Wait. Dina Lohan’s, lying?

  15. Maybe the wrong dummie was jailed.

    I’m for locking the dumb broad mother up and throwing the key away.

  16. tromba

    “Dina Lohan Lied to Matt Lauer” Duh!

    Ever who booked this interview should be fired. There is no reason for this show to stoop so low for ratings.

  17. captain america

    her name is related to lies.

  18. i think shes a beautiful girl, but after losing so much weight her body kinda sucks. she was stunning during her georgia rule/mean girl days. when she actually use to ACT…and not be known for bullshit drama only.

  19. alex

    Sorry but I dont care about all these words – i hit that little leopard print hump monkey so hard who ever could pull me out would become King of England..

    Mmm I bet her sweaty armpits taste like viagra

  20. blip

    I really admire the hours of photo editing that must have been required over at Maxim to make her look hot.

  21. herbiefrog

    beautifuil pic, we wont leave, never worry… something will turn uup


    never said any th in ng

  22. jerk

    id still bang her. but only for the free cocaine.

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