Diddy is an old romantic

November 13th, 2009 // 34 Comments

In an interview to promote his reality show I Want To Work For Diddy, Sean “Diddy” Combs regales RadarOnline with a romantic tale about sending an assistant to fetch porn:

“One time, I had left my porn collection in New York,” he said.
“Its was a Friday night, I had to send him out,” Diddy said, adding he was also entertaining a lady friend, and wanted the XXX-rated entertainment to set a mood.

He needed porn to set the mood? I am clearly not meeting the right women. Anytime I try to get a chick to watch porn it always ends with “Hey, this isn’t Twilight, and why did you ask my mom to watch?” I was hoping she’d make popcorn! Jesus, why is everything about sex with you women?

Photo: INFdaily

  1. WTF. As a statement, not a question…

  2. Second?


  3. HeIsGay

    P.Diddy is gay. Not a statement, but a fact. For those of you who have seen and been with him outside of the spotlight, you know who you are. You know how he is. GAY. This is a total coverup.

  4. George

    I would totally suck his black snake. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  5. I’ve always been told that the ones who do all the bragging really don’t have anything to brag about – it’s just talk!

  6. datroof

    This douchebag is one of the most overrated celebrities of our time. If it wasn’t for Biggy, this clown would of been a gopher for someone with actual talent and ability.

  7. Danklin24

    Usually when you’re with a woman and you have any game at all, you dont need anything to “set the mood” you just fuck. My guess is, the woman he was with was too fucking ugly for him to get it up so he needed some assistance from his assistant. This guy is a first class douchenozzle. How can anyone call John Mayer, someone with actual god given talen, a douchebag when Diddy roams the earth with his fur coats and lackies carrying his umbrellla on beaches for him.

  8. Amber

    That’s because this man is a class act, duh!

  9. I don’t know what this man is doing.. He is nasty completely . But he is nice star.

  10. bill pesa

    If I ever get diagnosed with an incurable disease, the first thing I will do is shoot pdiddy/pufdaddy/combs, etc. I would love nothing better than to watch that human waste squirm and die in front of me.

  11. david coyne

    Will someone please do the world a favor and remove this dirt bag from society??????

  12. david fredrick

    I don’t understand why anyone likes or follows this talentless hack who cannot come up with an original song and needs to plagiarize every song. He cannot even speak proper English……Come on. What a waste of space. Like the earlier writer, I wish someone would physically remove him from earth. While they are at it, take the entire Obama family with them.

  13. mike harper

    Please erase this dumb nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jay-Z

    That’s a great picture.

  15. so what he makes shitty music, that makes you want to murder the dude?


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  18. Rough by popular demand

    You know for all the garbage website link people try to sell on the Fish? I would click on the link if they actually type something sincere….

  19. Unbelievable

    It’s remarkable how this guy is a multi-millionare. It just show the low quality mindset of the American public. What kind of person buys his music? Stupid people. How did he become successful? Stupid people. Who are these stupid people? What demographic are they? It should be obvious.

  20. Shannon

    I’m surprised that wildebeest gets any action at all.

  21. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    How did he make all that money? Wasn’t he a drug dealer to legitimate talented rappers? His own ‘music’ is awful. His clothes look like shit. I don’t get it.

    He did fuck that fat ass sloppy no talent J-Lo, making him even more disgusting.

    Didn’t he bomb on Broadway too, is some play?

  22. Danklin24

    How did “please erase this dumb nigger” escape the superfish censors? Sure i say one thing about Kate Gosselin and it gets deleted but a post with nigger in it stays. Justice.

  23. WTSF?

    I cant tell if he’s bustin’ a move there for trying to pop a squat? Blacks do some weird moves.

  24. Biggie Smalls would sit on him if he knew how he turned out.

  25. noriega

    yo i swear nobody can tell me diddy never had a man on his back combing him to the inside, this nigga is GAY period,

  26. what the hell is he doing in that pic?

  27. paul

    fuck it….had funny shit to write but i realized pointless,,,, did diddy do it? diddy did ii…. is diddy annoying? diddy did it. Does diddy single-handedly cock slap carrers? in his off time yea. Point. Of. Story. No madder how shiity ur ife is, its not is as bad as diddys cuz he has to live with what he has become. I hope shyne gets you u slimey fuck

  28. Ice

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  29. pretty – but why do women do this? oh yes, money – there are other and better ways to earn it..

  30. Jim

    very classy!

    who the EFF wants to work for a dude called “Diddy”?

  31. keep digging dude…

    P Diddy kinda sucks

  32. Broue

    Where’s P-Diddy? All I see is some fat guy doing a really bad imitation of Bobby Brown circa 1988.

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