Diddy is a terrible host

July 6th, 2007 // 53 Comments

Diddy was set to host a party at Whitehouse in the Hamptons Tuesday night, but he showed up at 2:15 am and then only stayed an hour before collecting his paycheck and leaving with two girls. The NY Daily News reports:

No wonder his stay was brief: The only other semi-celeb in the house was Samantha Cole. “He hid behind security in the VIP room drinking Champagne,” notes one guest. The Kim Porter -free mogul did find two “amazingly attractive” girls in “teeny black dresses,” who were hustled into his caravan of three SUVs just before it sped off.

This is what you get when you hire Diddy to host your parties. Last August he showed up five and half hours late to his own party. You could get a giant cardboard cutout of Diddy and it’d probably be a better host. Or you could get a cardboard cutout of me and never leave your bedroom. Rowr!


  1. joejoe

    aint this fool’s career over yet? Pee did he?

  2. Paris' godly spirit

    Oh, its truly unforgivable. And yes i did unashamedly promote his aftershave that smells like my toilet after i’ve had a brief ‘visit’ with it. God, is this Kym Porter blind? Did pushing out two babies push her eyes out of her sockets??????

  3. You need to stop and think President Obama is only a man and there was so much wrong in the nation when He got to the White House that only God will be able to fix now Obama has a good heart, what He is trying to do is fix the mess that the other’s made, all we do is knock him down when it is not going our way or we don’t agree leave Him along and let Him do His job.

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