Did Miley Cyrus Always Look Like This?

August 31st, 2010 // 172 Comments

Full Disclosure: I’m a man (on the outside) so I have absolutely no clue when it comes to make-up or fashion that doesn’t involve a giant pair of breasts trying to smother me. The “true death,” if you will. That being said, did Miley Cyrus do something to her face? Maybe she’s just making duck lips or got into her mother’s whore paint again, but something looks different does it not? Collagen, I dunno? I mean, I’ve heard the tales of a plastic surgeon who lives underneath Space Mount and performs procedures so traumatic, some girls’ minds never fully recover, but I always chalked that up to my love of a good conspiracy. Like that time I thought Chris Gaines was really Garth Brooks. Haha! Suuure, he was.

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. Your Mom's Cock

    It’s heavy eyeliner, pink lipstick, and tons of bronzer. In guy terms, it’s makeup. You fuck heads. Chill out.

  2. loveshoes
    Commented on this photo:

    I hate how she looks now. She looks like a whore!!!

  3. wtf?

    Well … i guess she’s another wanna-be superstar who is messing her face for nothing …
    Since she was not the prettiest Disney star .. ( compared to Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez ) .. i guess she thought that such shit would have help her … anyway ..

  4. Hahahan

    she looks like old school Beyonce

  5. theantichrist
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    Kade/mickey, First time to the site?

  6. miau
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    she is so ugly!, the mexican miss universe is way better than this!

  7. gigi
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    There’s a slew of reasons she looks different. For starters her hair color is lighter and her hair is shorter. Also, her make up is stronger and the style of makeup she has on would instantly age her some. Lastly, she looks like she’s gained weight or perhaps like someone else mentioned got her wisdom teeth pulled.

  8. Jeannified
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    Her face looks so bloated!!! That makeup job is horendous, too!

  9. Lol

    It’s that dirty light pink lipstick that looks like what you put on as a kid when you go to the beach. And too much poorly applied eye makeup.

  10. Bored with life

    I’d fuck her in the ass and then make her lick the shit off before spitting in her face – all while listening to Achy Breaky Heart.

  11. eve934
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    someone photoshopped her face to make it look squished. not that hard to do. false pics

  12. Commented on this photo:

    Meh. Looks like she’s putting on weight and trying to make a sexy pout at the same time…

  13. jessssicaaa
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    omg… shes not even smiling lol she has to much make up on lol make up is to enhance not mask! -.-

  14. Crush
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    Well, it’s my first time to the site and you guys are fucking hilarious…it’s just like a half gallon of rum deep with me and some of my friends with the same malignant humor as myself. Imagen – hilarious! I’d still flick her bean and get up in her guts, oh wait – she is of age? Right? I don’t want daddy havin’ to get an achy breaky hip replacement trying to hunt me down in order to protect his lil’ ‘golden goose’

  15. teen solo

    Here’s what i think it is, orange tan(never looks good on anyone anyway), the center part in her hair does make her face look wider, and the winged tips she did with her eye liner makes her look like she got botox, and she is wearing too much makeup for someone young. Oh, and the angle the photo was taken, just a little to the side of her makes her eyes look close together. And hello! her face isn’t frozen dummies, its obvious the pics were taken only few seconds apart hence her face seems immobilized. geez, and miley is a pretty girl all she has to do is not fix her face as though she’s in her 40′s and not in her teeny years.

  16. bongs1
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    Miley luks lyk shes been fucked

  17. Kirsty

    why does she look, ridiculous. I never call people ugly, because everyones beautiful in there own way, but she is actually ugly. Sorry Miley

    • wicked witch

      are u stupid or r u high? u just claimed that everyones beautiful in their own way, and then go and say miley is ugly? i’m not a miley fan (lil sis is, tragic now) if miley is ugly when she’s actually pretty what would u say to someone who’s, idk, butt ugly? ur whole comment is off and ridiculous oh and very ugly.

  18. mary

    no, she just put on some weight.

  19. Mei
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    That’s not Miley Cyrus, that’s a Latina impersonator of Miley Cyrus.

  20. lovey
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    duck lips.

    when did she get lip injections?

  21. Robert

    rock on Hunchy! No neck!

  22. cassie
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    probably had her wisdom teeth taken out.

  23. Nique
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    Maybe she’s on corticoids? They bloat you, primarily in the face.

  24. BlowChow Bob

    Now if she could only get some new teeth…. Those little corn kernels have been freaking me out for a while.

  25. dontlooknow
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    Looks like a baby Snooki…

  26. Nikole
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    she lookz like a barbie doll

  27. Gary B

    This makes me proud I am a Selena Gomez man.

  28. thepixinator

    I would describe that look as Updated Latina Gangsta, Lite

  29. is the place where i managed to get the new kim kardashian sex tape download hookup. probably one of the better ones i’ve ever seen.

  30. nsnsnnsnsns

    i really don’t know what you all look like ….miley looks good…she has superwhite teeth ( though they aren’t real, she has veneers, but it looks good i would like to have teeth like that) …..the people here who said bad things about miley like “she’s ugly” and things like that….i’m sure that these people don’t look any better …you are just jealous ….i’m sure that these people who wrote bad things are ugly and fat …..ugly in the inside…..and it doesn’t matter how someone looks …it’s important that someone has a good personality and a good heart ….i don’t know if miley has a good personality…..but it’s not nice to say those things to her especially when you don’t know her personally……so who cares how she looks ?? let her live her live

  31. Ciara

    It is really sad to see once a child pop star sensation turn down to a whitetrash older looking girl. I’m not trying to cause emotional feelings around here, but I don’t approve of the way she is presenting herself in the way she is currently. When she was 11 she was a great role model for youngsters. What happened to that girl who would always be smiling her way through the crowd? Kids these days are not heading to a positive pathway. Maybe this is just a phase she’s going through; I have to give her partial credit, all of us go through a certain emotional breakdown, phase, etc, of some sort. As of today, (2.27.11) she has a family meltdown and is disappointed with her father right now. So for as of now, give the girl with some slack.

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