Did Miley Cyrus Always Look Like This?

August 31st, 2010 // 172 Comments

Full Disclosure: I’m a man (on the outside) so I have absolutely no clue when it comes to make-up or fashion that doesn’t involve a giant pair of breasts trying to smother me. The “true death,” if you will. That being said, did Miley Cyrus do something to her face? Maybe she’s just making duck lips or got into her mother’s whore paint again, but something looks different does it not? Collagen, I dunno? I mean, I’ve heard the tales of a plastic surgeon who lives underneath Space Mount and performs procedures so traumatic, some girls’ minds never fully recover, but I always chalked that up to my love of a good conspiracy. Like that time I thought Chris Gaines was really Garth Brooks. Haha! Suuure, he was.

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. tacosnomnomnom
    Commented on this photo:

    ps. she kinda looks like a man.

  2. Marcus

    I’d rub her raw.!!

  3. captain america

    since she joined the lifestyle of 300 milion americans she is turning into a LAZY & FAT personality!!
    ………………..of american origine.

  4. Clark
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    She’s fat as hell. Look at that round face. Looks like Fozzie Bear.

  5. Vice Magnet

    She looks like the Annoying Orange on YouTube now.

  6. paco

    she looks like a fucking duck. a dirty duck

  7. marko

    Billy Ray has done a terrible job of parenting, the kid’s a trainwreck. Coke binges and orgies are next. Shame on him for letting her earning power control his decision-making.

  8. Emily

    I’m 99% sure that its just a bad haircut that makes her face look fat and her eyes look way too close together. Its amazing what a shitty haircut can do.

  9. Harley

    Looks like she’d fit right in with those Jersey skanks you have as the background right now. Bad makeup + horrible expression = an even uglier than before Miley Cyrus. She’s just gross, and she’ll never be even remotely sexy to me.

  10. K Wheelz

    Guys, it’s the center part. Seriously.
    She shouldn’t have a center part with the cut she has. or ever.

  11. Dank
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    When did she turn black???

  12. Dank
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    This isnt Miley

  13. Dank
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    This isnt Miley you fools.

  14. Jennifer

    it’s pretty obvious that she just got her wisdom teeth removed…

  15. JoeStar

    OMG did she put on a couple of kilos in her face alone? Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice, she looks like her face has been stretched.

  16. Jen
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    uh 1, this is miley…2, shes not fat at all…3, she does not show any signs of being fat in the future. so until then all of you jealous haters keep the trash talkin to yourself. shes beautiful and looks wonderful in these pics, alot better than i have seen in the past so leave her alone..

    • Don

      sure… shes fugly, she looks like jar-jar binks. that is why she’s always almost naked so nobody notices that weird face…

    • J

      I think Miley, looks fine. i think she just got her hair cut or she toke out theose extensions. but to me this is one of her better pictures.
      She looks tanner, she has make-up on and it NBD!

  17. Kade
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    ha fat? your trippin, she looks hott as hell!! whoever is callin this fine lady fat needs to check in the mirror…JEALOUS MUCH?

  18. Kade
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    you guys are assholes. like what the hell is wrong with you??

  19. Brooke

    She looks like she’s gained a little weight. That’s also some REALLY bad makeup, and the tan is over the top. Since she’s only 17 her skin is still tight enough that weight gain will make her look like she’s injected herself with something. And I think she got a hair cut… I don’t know if that’s recent or not, but the last pic you posted of her was probably when she had butt-length long hair. Her hair was her only decent feature, so I’m not sure cutting it did much for her.

  20. Glenn Beck

    1989 called and it wants that outfit back

  21. tod

    Everyone on this site cant be this stupid……… her face has been photoshopped to make her look bad, its very easy to stretch a face or anything else on a computer, the person who did it didnt even do a good job. it dosent look natural at all.

  22. Schnib

    Maybe Karl Pilkington is really her dad?!

  23. JollyJumJuck
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    If she is going for the flat-faced-duck look, it worked.

  24. She looks like a clown. Whoever did that makeup should be fired.

    Aside from that, those lips are not natural. She has obviously had something done to them. Disgusting.

  25. Commented on this photo:

    She’s always had that chipmunk thing going on. But it does look like she got her lips done. And gained 30 pounds……


  26. uno
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    shes just trying to be guido

  27. LovinNOLA

    I agree with Lainey. She and her boyfriend broke up. Heartbreak = massive amounts of salty junk food! She does look like Snooki though!

  28. Don
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    not fat, just ugly.

  29. Commented on this photo:

    I love her boots……….

  30. Lary
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    for me, looks like she took some cortisone. It makes “full moon” faces on people. :(

  31. jhohn
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    puppy fat implants to look like snooky. check.

  32. darwyn4
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    @imagen you might be right

  33. sitin
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    Wonder if she found some Botox laying around?

  34. JeremiahStanfieldTheThird
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    Stung by bees.

  35. Herman Bumfudle

    miley you look like a very beautiful eskimo indian girl. you are very beautiful.

  36. marcus welby
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    she’s pregnant…

  37. jkfqshkq
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    she wass giving the paps her BITCH-face .. lol

  38. Bored with life

    What? Ugly? Yes, she’s always been ugly.

  39. sheryl
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    ok i don’t see anything wrong with her….

  40. mannequin
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    She’s weird lookin’; like a duck that can’t be tamed.

  41. mickey
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    you people are complete idiots why do you always talk shit about people go take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and see whats looking back at you it is a sad day in the US when you cant step out in public with out some jackass reading about it or looking at a picture and talking shit GET A LIFE PEOPLE…… face it the girl has more money and talent in her little finger than any of you will have in your entire life……

  42. cc
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    that’s what my face looked like after i got wisdom teeth out.

  43. danielle

    she luk a hot hot mess she need amirror,make up, and some more clothes
    as old as she is she wrong fa wlkin out da house fa det BS TRAJIC MILEY, TRAJIC


    OMG, similiar to ROSANNE BARR

  45. Courtney
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    Maybe she got dental work done to fix her exposed gum that people give her a hard time about. That would explain the puffy cheeks/mouth area when there is no other weight gain.

  46. Budhaven
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    Se looks like she was made over Jerseylicious style.

  47. anna

    she had her nose done…

  48. blahdamn

    bulimia all day. explains the cheeks, voice, teeth weirdess- very renee zellweger, yes? thought so for a long time, but the fact that her cheeks grow and shrink at random pretty much confirms it.

    • badonkadonk

      fairly sure MC’s voice was always like that
      and if she was “bulimia all day,” she’d be a hell of a lot skinnier and sallow looking like that, don’t try to trivialize mental illnesses like that in the future kkthxbai.

      • blahdamn

        well dick, you can go fuck yourself- i dont think having something for 15 years is trivializing in anyway. you have no fucking clue so why dont you not pretend that you do. there is this thing called the internet so if you dont have the facts go look them up. and please do fuck yourself with a wooden spoon. kthxbai.

  49. Blech
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    The haircut and highlights have fattened her face.

    I’ve had long hair for most of my life, and the day I got it cut that short, my brother said that my face looked fat.

    I never cut it that short again.

  50. Blech
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    I forgot that the tranny make-up isn’t working. Miley is cutesy, and she doesn’t need so much sh*t on her face.

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