Lea Michele & Ryan Murphy Banned Dianna Agron From ‘Glee’ Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

In case you were wondering if Cory Monteith’s death would make Lea Michele less of a diva cunt, the answer is no because she’s Mean Girls-ing Dianna Agron out of the Glee tribute with the help of Ryan Murphy who hates that ish, too. In related news, this is what’s holding up gay marriage more than Christianity. All of this right here. Via Radar:

“It’s shocking, because even though she’s not contracted for this season, many other actors returned to pay tribute to Cory…even ones with less of a story connection to Finn than Diana had!” the source told Radar.
“Remember, she played his GIRLFRIEND on the series, and was a major part of his storyline.”
The insider reveals that Monteith’s girlfriend, Lea Michele, and co-creator, Ryan Murphy, “intensely dislike Dianna and have both worked to marginalize her as much as possible.”
“They never saw her as a team player,” the insider added.
“They simply did not want her sharing the glory for this very special episode.”

Nope, nothing here that would drive a man to drink/heroin himself to death. Talk about a mystery.

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