Diana DeGarmo

DeGarmo’s oversized voice and personality earned her only silver on Idol, won by Fantasia Barrino. But like last year’s runner-up, Clay Aiken, DeGarmo, the TV talent search’s youngest finalist, is being groomed for A-list stardom by Idol mastermind Simon Fuller and RCA, the label that inherits the show’s bounty.

I dont actually know who this Diana DeGarmo chick is or what she sounds like, but if she’s in the same category as Clay Aiken, then she must be a winner. Normally I would complain about the losers on the show becoming more successful than the winners, but now that I think about it, I’m sure that a) they’re all equally annoying and b) I really dont care. Being a whiny, ugly, egotistical asshole is probably a prerequisite to get on the show, anyway.

I really dont get this whole deal with American Idol. Will somebody please tell me why this show still exists and who it is that actually considers Ryan Seacrest and his gang of tools to be good television? I am completely at a loss for words when I see all the the excitement and hype surrounding the likes of Ryan Seacrest, William Hung, Justin Guarini, Clay Aiken, and the rest of them. OMG LOL I’m a Claymate/Claymaniac/Kellyholic ROFL LOL OMG William Hung is putting out a CD!! YAY. I think everyone who bought that thing should be SHOT. And no, I don’t care if you’re 12.

But nevertheless, I’m so glad that they’re breeding another Clay Aiken. He = hot. I especially love his emotion-ridden facial expressions, sexy camera winks and overall dreamy physique. Mmm. And who can forget that creepy single he came out with that’s oddly suggestive of rape? That’s gotta be every girl’s dream. *swoon* You have some big shoes to fill, Miss Diana.

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I have to go burn my eyes out now.