Diablo Cody really loves that Oscar

February 27th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Diablo Cody’s tale is a touching story of feminine strength and following your dreams. It should really be turned into a movie that, fingers crossed, will air on the Spice Channel. Diablo used to be a stripper and managed to work her way off the pole to become an award winning screenwriter. She wrote Juno which earned this buxom writer a Spirit Award and a little something called the Oscar. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Her victory was an inspiration to a group of dancers who, in defiance of God’s will, were allowed to stop dancing and watch the Academy Awards. According to Page Six:

Meanwhile, the topless talents at Rick’s Cabaret NY were so excited about Cody being up for Best Screenplay Sunday night, they stopped dancing and stayed glued to the mammary mecca’s big-screen TVs as the winner was announced. They burst into tears when they heard Cody’s name. “She proves that if you follow your dreams, anything can come true,” gushed Charlotte, a busty brunette. The girls have even made a plaque for Cody that reads in part: “Dedicated to Diablo Cody, who has taken our calling to new levels.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to help these naked dreamers get a little bit closer to their goal by throwing dollar bills at them. *looks in wallet* Did I say dollar bills? I meant pennies. Lots and lots of pennies. Or, as I like to call them, “tiny copper dream circles” that I may or may not have found in the restroom.

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  1. Arguman

    lol “gushed Charlotte, a busty brunette.”
    Those Page 6 writers must not have thesauri on their desks. Or

  2. fuckjedupamericans

    This is a transsexual right?

  3. Really?

    Strippers have dreams too?

    I always assumed they just… you know… dreamt of licking poles… and one day, they’d climb so far up the stripping ladder that they’d be given the pretty pink pole and get a free boob job with cheap botox thrown in.

    Damn you Superfish! Why are you destroying my dreams so?

  4. Lynn

    What a hot woman~! I saw her profile and lots of hot photos on a dating site called ~~~~~~~MeetWealthyBoomer.com~~~~~~~~. Is she dating with sugar daddy?

  5. Dido

    I never understood pinup tattoos.

  6. Donkey Punch

    Chicks that have pin-up tattoos of chicks = a dyke. I know a few dykes and they all have artwork like this around their homes or on their body.

  7. london

    She actually claims that it’s a coincidence and she’s never seen the Korean film. In the Korean version the boyfriend was named Juno. Strippers are so clever.

  8. Octavia Paz

    You’re all a bunch of assholes, who probably have unread screenplays on that desk of yours that’s gathering dust.

    To the person(s) of Superficial: you’re a fuckin’ sexist asshole – I don’t care if you’re male or female.

    Y’all suck, and I’m never coming to this site again. I mean, you’re commentary isn’t even funny or clever. It’s just lame.

  9. whatever

    @56 = So that means Amy Winehouse = dyke? Hmm.

  10. where am I?

    Fuck this anti-abortion propaganda script. It was probably written by some conservative nut group and they found a silly stripper that they paid to turn it in as her own.

  11. Racer X

    No teenage girl talks like Juno. If Juno would been in her early to mid twenties then it would have been a real good film.

    /tried to be tooooo-o hip.

  12. XavierH

    Per a NY Times interview:
    “I actually think everything is prostitution. We’re kind of constantly bartering with our dignity in life,” she wrote in an e-mail message after the lunch, adding that she always thought it was hilarious when strippers would draw the line at certain activities. “Same goes for people’s ideas, talents, emotions, etc. There’s a price on everything.”

    Translation: VERY interactive lap dances available for the discriminating gentleman!

    She may not be perfect to look at, but she’s definitely okay. Certainly better than either of the Wachowski brothers. Besides, everyone knows the super-hot strippers give crap lap dances. The sort-of-okay looking ones work way harder for the attention.

  13. FCS

    #58 I hope your serious about your never coming to this site again cause it saves me from having to tell you to fuck off and go away.

  14. underthere

    Are you fucking kidding me? BUXOM?

    bite me.

    I liked Juno and am not afraid to admit it. HOLY CRAP NOW I’M NOT COOL ON THE INTERNETS OH NOES

  15. BunnyButt

    48, I just drove through Lemont, IL, four days ago, and I’d hardly call it posh. I’d say more like a blue collar/mining/manufacturing town trying to aspire to something better.

  16. OutRunner1

    #56- I have a bunch of shirts with pinup girls on them… Holy Crap! That makes me a dyke! I lust after women too! Of course, I’m a hetero male… But that does not diminish my dykiness!

    What do you mean, “that’s not a word?”

  17. Chris

    I laugh everytime I see someone respond to a caption with “I never heard of her/him.”

    Yeah, right. Quit trying to be cool, not pretending to know who someone is. If you spend time at celeb sites, you know who they are.

  18. sweet mama

    i hope she sticks that where the sun dont shine ……..

  19. OutRunner1

    And gets it on digital camera… :-)

  20. Jay

    Has anybody hear about Pop Fiction. This show on E! Its going to be on air March 9th at 10:30 et/pt. If anybody knows about it let me know. Also ive seen these. This show is going to be good. It has to be its so secretive. Ive been hearing crazy rumors about it too!! Heres the link




  21. She z a perfect actress and she has just been a member of the dating site PINKMINGLE.COM .it’s said that she z very pop there, lol

  22. Laura

    Read Candy Girl.
    Do your research regarding the Jenny, Juno thing.
    Cody is awesome.

  23. Rick Savitch

    “Once upon a time There was this Stripper that came to Hollyweird with just a Stripper pole and a dream”
    Lol Yeah real dignified,all glammed up with tacky Tattoo on her arm
    Waldo Salt,Pamela Wallace,Callie Khouri,Mario Puzo..etc PLEASE Bannish this douche bag back to the bump and grind house where she came from.Where she belongs.
    She is Future trivia question on Jeopardy.

  24. Holy fuck, that’s a round face!

  25. I was told that she is a great woman. Especially to the people on a STD dating site ==== stdpal.com===. She helped about 20 people who can’t afford drug on this site. And she said she will help 50 users on this site this year!

  26. lila

    She’s hot and smart. That is sexy!

  27. lol

    This bitch plagarized that script. She did not deserve that oscar, why the hell would they even consider juno as a nominee?

  28. anti zion

    Shes a Jew . So figures she got the oscar. Now she is working with mega Jew Steven speilburg .. Stupid showtime show. Dirty Jews, they only work with their own peeps..

  29. anti zion

    Shes a Jew . So figures she got the oscar. Now she is working with mega Jew Steven speilburg .. Stupid showtime show. Dirty Jews, they only work with their own peeps..

  30. Ian Crossmack

    “Do your research regarding the Jenny, Juno thing.
    Cody is awesome.”

    And you believe everything Diablo cody says? of course she’s going to say that. She wants to save her won pathetic unearned oscar. What kind of choade are you?

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