Diablo Cody really loves that Oscar

Diablo Cody’s tale is a touching story of feminine strength and following your dreams. It should really be turned into a movie that, fingers crossed, will air on the Spice Channel. Diablo used to be a stripper and managed to work her way off the pole to become an award winning screenwriter. She wrote Juno which earned this buxom writer a Spirit Award and a little something called the Oscar. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Her victory was an inspiration to a group of dancers who, in defiance of God’s will, were allowed to stop dancing and watch the Academy Awards. According to Page Six:

Meanwhile, the topless talents at Rick’s Cabaret NY were so excited about Cody being up for Best Screenplay Sunday night, they stopped dancing and stayed glued to the mammary mecca’s big-screen TVs as the winner was announced. They burst into tears when they heard Cody’s name. “She proves that if you follow your dreams, anything can come true,” gushed Charlotte, a busty brunette. The girls have even made a plaque for Cody that reads in part: “Dedicated to Diablo Cody, who has taken our calling to new levels.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to help these naked dreamers get a little bit closer to their goal by throwing dollar bills at them. *looks in wallet* Did I say dollar bills? I meant pennies. Lots and lots of pennies. Or, as I like to call them, “tiny copper dream circles” that I may or may not have found in the restroom.

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