Desmond from Lost: Serial Motorboater?

April 26th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond on the hit series Lost, is being sued for sexual harassment by an ABC crew member who alleges the actor groped her in October 2007. E! News reports:

Plaintiff Chelsea Stone alleges that on or about Oct. 16, Cusick “placed his hand on her buttocks” and then caressed her back “while making moaning sounds.” He then put his face in her cleavage and wagged his head back and forth, according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. He then touched her breasts with his hands and kissed her on the mouth, Stone says.
Stone says that ABC and production company Grass Skirt Entertainment, which are also named as defendants, did nothing to keep her away from Cusick after she complained and, over the next several days, the actor and fellow employees became “very hostile” toward her.

ABC eventually fired Chelsea which, and here’s the fucked up part, she claims caused her to have a miscarriage:

On Oct. 28, 2007, Stone was informed that she had been fired, the lawsuit states.
Per the suit, “plaintiff suffered humiliation and severe mental and emotional distress, and suffered injury when by means of her stress Plaintiff miscarried,” causing Stone to incur various medical expenses and suffer ‘physical injuries, physical sickness, substantial losses in earnings” and other indignities.

Things to Stop Doing Immediately (Revised):

1. Forgetting to wear pants. Motorboating pregnant women.
2. Drinking alone.
3. Telling people what I ate for lunch on my Facebook status.

NOTE: How many Lost fans read this and thought “Wait, did she get pregnant on the island?” Me too. See you in Hell.

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  1. Brandon

    If she got pregnant on the island, then there’s no way Desmond, ABC, or the production company can be held legally accountable for the miscarriage.

  2. Meh

    I could easily beat the shit out of that scrawny weasel.

  3. Darth

    I guess she’s feeling lost at the moment?

  4. Gando

    Never trust unshaven guys folks.

  5. Nero

    Is he one of our Boogeymen?

  6. justifiable

    ABC has such deep pockets, I’m wondering why this took over two years to surface. If it took her all that time to get an attorney to take the case, it may be a real grievance but hard to substantiate, or she could just be a whackjob who was fired for a legitimate reason.

  7. Unless this guy just step off a time machine from a few decades, this is unimaginable…Is Gloria Allred on her legal team?

  8. riz

    who the hell would complain about getting attention from desmond hume? what a nutjob.

  9. WTF with that shirt. What a douchebag.

  10. Jay

    Udre Belicof!!! Seems fitting.

  11. mel

    I def thought that same thing. also, Desmond can sexually harass me any day

  12. Beck

    Yeah, I find this all hard to believe. Seems more impossible then a time traveling island!

  13. Casey

    Oh sure, guys walk up and randomly grope and motorboat women all the time. 100% believable.

  14. Scotty D

    Desmond really pushed her buttons, brotha.

  15. Kitty says

    They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but he totally looks like a slimey perv.

  16. Kitty says

    #8 #11 are you saying that its ok for “attractive” people to molest others? you are stupid like woah

  17. When some people don’t get the attention they want:

  18. xanadujulie

    I don’t buy it. I’m not saying its cool for hotties (but lets face it, hot damn! I wouldn’t be bothered by a groping by that man) to molest people, but this just seems like a bullshit lawsuit.

    She’s just pissed off that she doesn’t work on the show and now she’ll have to wait for the episodes to come out week by week JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!

  19. hcmar

    I hope it was worth it , brother.

    But personally its all B.S . Look up the firm thats doing the suit, ambulance chasers.

  20. I dont buy it – she’s probably just looking for a nifty out of court settlement to go away.

  21. Muhahaha

    It’s real easy to know what type of pasta is Desmond’s favourite.


    Because he’s always saying ‘I love you Penne!’


    B o o m

  22. anon

    how about the fact that she’s including “substansia lose of wages” in her lawsuit. Really? So because your job fires you and you’re longer getting paid, you can now sue for the loss wages you would have made if they hadn’t decided to fire you? The logic behind that is so circular that I think my brain would implode if I tried to comprehend how any lawyer would think this a legitimate claim.

  23. fred

    To # 22, The loss of wages thing goes like this. If you were wrongly let go, which she thinks she was, you are losing your paycheck the whole time you are fighting this in court right? So you sue for lost wages because you were fired “illegaly”

    Say your boss said “anon, I’m firing you because you smell” Wouldnt you sue his ass for all the lost time you were not working because of a silly reason for letting you go?

    make sense?

  24. justifiable

    #22 It can also be considered like this: I was unjustly fired from the set and made to look like a troublemaker so no one in the industry would hire me and since my annual salary prior to this was $$$$, etc.

  25. mel

    16. Kitty says – April 27, 2009 12:21 AM

    #8 #11 are you saying that its ok for “attractive” people to molest others? you are stupid like woah

    and you say things like “you are stupid like woah”
    I did not once say it was ok for attractive people to do anything. You are putting words in my mouth. I said I thought the same thing about getting pregnant on the island and that he can assault ME any day. please explain where I imply or say that it is ok for attractive people to assault. bc u are like totally stupidz like woah!! omgz!

    you might be well served by watching this video “Kitty”

  26. anyway

    #26 kitty also said you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and then he looks like a slimy perv and then he’s an “attractive” person who is molesting others.
    Don’t sweat it, she’ll be stupid like woah for a while I guess.

  27. justifiable

    This strikes me as a helluva lot of groping all in one go – he’s grabbing her ass, then her back, then he has his face in her boobs and then has his hands on them and THEN he kissed her? Is he in a phone booth with her or is she pinned in a corner so that she can’t move or back away from an assgrope and then a pretty involved frontal assault? And if she’s shoved into a corner how can he get to her ass and back to grope and caress them?

    I think I smell bullshit here.

  28. shellibelli

    it doesnt mention here, but I read that she waited 2 years to file this suit. So there went any credibility on her part for me.

  29. justifiable

    #28 It mentions right at the top this happened in October 2007. See #6 – I agree, but to be fair it also could have taken that amount of time to finally realize she can’t get work because of this and so has nothing to lose by finally filing, and/or find a lawyer to take the case..

  30. SoTe

    He can harass me all he wants. Yum.

  31. Lugh


    Big deal, so he motorboated some hot intern and grabbed her can. She should be grateful.

  32. Kitty says

    #26 thats why I put “attractive” in quotation marks i.e. thats not my view point, I’m questioning what they apparently think. I, personally, do think he looks like a slimey perv. I’m not stupid.I think you’ll find even clever people use modern idioms ironically. You seem very intelligent though. Read any Proust lately?

  33. Jim Lahey

    What a stud!

  34. Dev

    So… she’s blaming him for a miscarriage too?? Waiting two years to file smells like 100% BS.

    I would wonder whose baby it was and guess that more than likely it was Desmond’s.

    Really sounds like she is a jilted lover and this is her way of getting even with him.

  35. Right Fury

    Hope he gets swine flu and gives it to the hobbit guy.

  36. puh-lease

    To those who said they would’nt care if Desmond harrassed them….to each her own! If this really happened, IT WAS WRONG because the woman DID”NT want that attention from that guy.

    Would you guys be defending him if he were ugly? No.


  37. puh-lease

    To those who said they would’nt care if Desmond harrassed them….to each her own! If this really happened, IT WAS WRONG because the woman DID”NT want that attention from that guy.

    Would you guys be defending him if he were ugly? No.


  38. justifiable

    #36 IF he did it – then of course it’s wrong. I hope he didn’t; I like the actor and really hope he’s not a walking assbag – but if he did, I’m sure as shit not gonna make excuses for him not matter what he looks like. But he’s innocent until she proves he did it. And if he didn’t, the accusation alone is pretty damaging – it’s all anyone will remember about him for years.

  39. C

    state of cali allows one year to make a complaint to the state, but keep in mind that if you don’t like their judgment you can ask for said ‘right to sue’ letter. she’s got an ambulance chaser for a lawyer and if that much stuff happened in the course of a day or two like it was implied she’d have probably called the cops and filed an assault charge. not to mention contacting cali (which is the state in question since that’s where ABC is headquartered) and told her bosses that she made the complaint so they would know if they fired her over it it would be protected as whistleblowing. but apparently she did neither.
    not saying it did or didn’t happen, but it does make you wonder

  40. coeruleo

    obviously she got preggers on the island. and i’m sure they were onyl hostile because they got infected in the temple.

  41. Chad

    Hey, that’s Charles Widmore in the background!

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