Desmond from Lost: Serial Motorboater?

Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond on the hit series Lost, is being sued for sexual harassment by an ABC crew member who alleges the actor groped her in October 2007. E! News reports:

Plaintiff Chelsea Stone alleges that on or about Oct. 16, Cusick “placed his hand on her buttocks” and then caressed her back “while making moaning sounds.” He then put his face in her cleavage and wagged his head back and forth, according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. He then touched her breasts with his hands and kissed her on the mouth, Stone says.
Stone says that ABC and production company Grass Skirt Entertainment, which are also named as defendants, did nothing to keep her away from Cusick after she complained and, over the next several days, the actor and fellow employees became “very hostile” toward her.

ABC eventually fired Chelsea which, and here’s the fucked up part, she claims caused her to have a miscarriage:

On Oct. 28, 2007, Stone was informed that she had been fired, the lawsuit states.
Per the suit, “plaintiff suffered humiliation and severe mental and emotional distress, and suffered injury when by means of her stress Plaintiff miscarried,” causing Stone to incur various medical expenses and suffer ‘physical injuries, physical sickness, substantial losses in earnings” and other indignities.

Things to Stop Doing Immediately (Revised):

1. Forgetting to wear pants. Motorboating pregnant women.
2. Drinking alone.
3. Telling people what I ate for lunch on my Facebook status.

NOTE: How many Lost fans read this and thought “Wait, did she get pregnant on the island?” Me too. See you in Hell.

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