This Duggarfucker Got Fired From TLC… Kind Of.

Derick Dillard, missionary sperm donor to Jill Duggar and her family’s cult of reproduction, has finally been let go by TLC. This comes after the star decided it was his place to tell fellow TLC reality star Jazz Jennings that she was still a ‘he’ in God’s eyes because fucking with transgendered kids is like, chapter 12 in the bible or something. If you go to his Twitter page, it’s pretty much a bible-thumping circle jerk/trolling of anyone who isn’t white and cranking out enough babies to man their personal Jesus army (seriously, they think that).

The network issued a statement after his latest transphobic tweet mentioned that he “pitied him [Jazz, who he consciously refuses to address as ‘she’] and those who take advantage of him for their agenda.”

Ughhh. Ok, TLC… whatcha got?

**BAAAMMPPP** This is bullshit, nice try though!

The fact that Derick Dillard wants to tweet his everything-phobic vitriol isn’t what upsets TLC. They know that he and the Duggars are a bunch of religious crazies and they love it, but as soon as he starts some shit with another TLC reality darling then all of a sudden he’s crossed the line? I don’t think so… They’re also still paying his wife and kids to appear on the show like nothing ever happened. Hmmm… haven’t we seen them do this before?

Hopefully this will be the last we ever have to hear from Derick Dillard, but considering his political involvement and his belief that vaginas are nothing more than baby ovens, I have a feeling he may wind up on an ass-backwards Arkansas ballot one of these days.

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