This Duggarfucker Is Back Again…

Derick Dillard — one of many of God’s chosen fuckboys that were arranged to reproduce with Duggars — is back again telling his Twitter followers some new bullshit. Last week this overgrown child of the corn tried to tell everyone that the U.S. was one of the “least racist countries in the world.” He followed up with a little “abortion is murder” talk and then finished up with a dollop of hypocritical transphobia.

“On Saturday, October 14, Derick retweeted a quote from Janice Raymond.

‘No one – women, men, children or transgender persons – should be subjected to any form of exploitation or targeted for discrimination. Transsexual and transgendered persons are entitled to the same human and civil rights as others. Recognizing these rights, however, does not mean that we must accept that hormones and surgery transform men into women and women into men; or that persons who self-identify as members of the opposite sex, are what they subjectively claim to be.’

‘I agree with Janice Raymond on this,’ Derick added for good measure. (from Celebuzz)

I guess a lot of his idiot followers tune out after two sentences because there’s a complete 180 going on here. I feel like this quote was written by the kind of woman who consciously smiles so hard that it’s almost impossible to not see that she’s dead inside. It doesn’t even make sense: recognize trans rights, don’t discriminate or exploit, they’re just like us… oh and don’t accept their bullshit and continue seeing them as “lesser-than” for trying to flip the script on the J-man.

I had an interaction at a bar last weekend with two friends of mine (well one former friend, I suppose) where a straight man (lets call him Gary) couldn’t wrap his head around calling transgendered Gurtie (fake name, but sounds fun) a “she” because Gurtie had a dick hanging out somewhere down there. Gurtie was pretty unaffected by this, probably because she gets it a lot, but Gary proceeded to try and explain his black and white thinking to a person who doesn’t really exist in the black and white. Gurtie thinks of herself as a lady and didn’t appreciate being called “man” or “bro” by ole Gary.

Eventually I confronted Gary. I explained to him, in the way that you explain to a dense idiot or normal child, that it really shouldn’t matter to him what pronoun someone wants to take and he shouldn’t give a shit if Gurtie wanted to start being identified as a fucking potted plant — it should be no skin off his back to attempt such a minuscule amount of human decency.

… Also I think Gary secretly wanted to fuck Gurtie and he just couldn’t crunch the anatomical numbers on how to make that happen.

Which brings me back to my final thoughts on Derick Dillard… I give him two or three more years before his gay diaper fetish goes public after he’s busted by his wife/baby oven in a truck stop bathroom the day after Christmas. He will then be admitted to the Josh Duggar Shelter for The Sheltered to cleanse himself of his sin and she’ll take him back to have another three or four kids.