Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins in intensive care

November 20th, 2007 // 125 Comments

Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were accidentally given a massive dose of Herparin – an anti-coagulant – at Cedars-Sinai Hospital on Sunday. The twin babies Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, who were born November 8, are in the neo-natal intensive care unit after receiving 10,000 units of the anti-coagulant. To emphasize the seriousness of this mistake, babies are only supposed to get 10 units. TMZ reports:

Late Sunday night, both babies started to “bleed out.” Both babies are now at Cedars in the neo-natal intensive care unit where we’re told they are stable.
We’re told a technician stored the Heparin in the wrong place, and when a nurse grabbed the medicine for the babies without looking — it was the wrong dosage.
A source says the babies are now being given Protamine, which reverses the effects of Heparin.

Jesus, man, that’s insane. Poor Dennis Quaid and his wife. When I have a kid the last thing I want to hear are the words “bleed out” in relation to my child. I want to hear things like “My God, it’s the size of a buick. Nurse, fetch my sketch book.” Or “Did he have that pot of gold in his mother’s uterus the whole time?” This, on the other hand, is some serious stuff. All funny business aside, I hope Dennis Quaid’s kids pull through so his family can have a happy holiday.


  1. tonycatman

    #99. Good point about the dosage.

    Not sure, but I think that heparin may come in different strengths, one is a concentrate you might use in a drip (the effects of heparin don’t last very long) or dilute, and one is for direct injection.

    So the units used were correct, and the substance was correct, but the strength was wrong. The twins were indeed given 1000 times the recommended dose.

    …so do you still think it is IMPOSSIBLE to screw up?

  2. Ian


    Could you BE any more racist? Just shut the fuck up.

  3. Amber

    You know, not to sound arrogant, but when giving medications, you have 3 checks you do….and that prevents any error from happening. So yes, it is impossible to make a med error IF a nurse employs the proper technique. However, many dont. As soon as they graduate, they forget about the “3 med checks” and just give med with 1 check or, many times, just by “memory” of where they think the med always used to be. Yes, its a pain to have to sit there and go through each dose 3 times for a patient before I give it….but on the plus side, I have never killed anyone nor have I ever harmed them, or put them in harm. And I know people arent perfect, I get that….but when you are a nurse or a doctor, other people’s lives are in your hands and unfortunately too many people dont take that serious enough.

  4. linda

    But someone said he is searching someone on a rich women passion site sugarmommymeet.. there are some of his hot pictures.. joke or not?

  5. sorry to hear that, hope the kids pull through in the near future. Hope they happy ..God bless you~~

  6. menotrouble

    Sick, sick world. People want to duiscuss racism or be funny about babies who almost die? Come on, get a life and maybe some of your fundamental feelings will appear again. Or maybe not. #89 and the other analyts of interne culture (ha, ha): No, it’s NOT RACIST to hope the twins pull throgh. And the worthiness of their life doesn’t depend on someone’s reaction o Kanye’s mother dying, to the quality of Dennis Quaid’s movies or the colour of his skin. Now, people, your pre-pubetarian humor is quite funny with Kim Kadashian’s ass or Lindsay Lohan’s booze. But in matters of life and death or even politics (#53: liberals? what do you know about that? nothing, obviously. don’t use terms your redneck brain can’t understand, keep talking about fishing and football) you better shu up. Because you are not being funny or smart or even just provocative. You are dumb. Still, I hope something like this will never happen to you or your kids. Because even the worst morons deserve good health care and their right to live life their own way.

  7. Cindy Seigle

    Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis killed 3 babies last year with Heparin. Link goes to story mentioning both Dennis Quaid and the Indianapolis tragedy.

  8. A hospital administrator

    This is why there are protocols to follow in a hospital; these things are supposed to be checked and double checked. For those of you having a fit that some people are talking about suing — there is a good reason to sue, above and beyond the money that might be needed to care for these babies in the future. Namely, Cedars HAS protocols or, if they don’t, they are a minefield waiting to explode. When processes (that are put in place due to best practices research) aren’t followed, the hospital is liable. Having a lawsuit pending *does* actually force changes so that it doesn’t happen again.

    There are too many hospitals that don’t follow best practices because they’re short staffed, or too cheap, or too poor. As a result patients die. Lawsuits are the only avenue the average Joe has to force hospitals to rethink patient care.

  9. vice president of hell

    100,000 of babies die daily of more tragic circumstances all around the world. those babies are tragedies. some rich, famous guy’s kids are accidentally overdosed,….well, this is more of an “oopsy” not a tragedy. he’s got more than enough money and access to the best medical facilities to fix this error. besides, as old as he and his wife are, the kids are bound to have dents in their cans anyway.

  10. Arden

    Jesus . . . major lawsuit and heads are gonna roll. I hope the babies make it OK. :-(

  11. key

    I wish nothing but the best for them

  12. Addison Jordan

    #106 — This is a sick, sick world. A world where a man can lose his mother to in a common surgery and then have people say she should have died, call him racial slurs, and call into question his love for his mother.

    Why don’t spread some of that kum-bai-ya B.S. on the comment section about Kanye’s mom…

    Oh I forgot. He’s black. His feelings are meaningless against the possible DEATHS OF TWO WHITE BABIES! OH THE HUMANITY! THE WHITE BABIES ARE DYING!!!


  13. Where am I, on Bossip?

  14. 7das

    Its interesting to read about celebs and their fuck-ups. But some of your are just stupid.

    Veggi – FUCK YOU!! You stupid waste of protein that your mother should have swallowed. I will read you like a book.

  15. zz

    fucking nurse whores.
    Oh man, that was really nice of you fish.
    This is sad :-(

  16. rara

    112 you are an idiot if you can’t tell the difference between the situations and only see the colours of the people involved
    for a start, these were BABIES. People always feel sorry for babies because they are just starting their life.
    Kayne’s mum was an adult and the babies didn’t choose for this to happen, they had absolutely no control over it. Kayne’s mum put herself in danger.
    so STFU racist cunt

    109 you are obviously an idiot too. they can’t do anything to “fix” this “error”
    It’s not like their fucking taxes. The “error” is their child’s body fighting for survival. Money doesn’t help. They are in the same ICU getting the same treatment as all the other sick babies and it’s just luck/fate/whatever whether they are strong enough to recover or not.
    Also this was preventable, a STUPID mistake. Which is why everyone’s so shocked about it. I don’t know what 10000 kids dying has to do with anything. People are dying all day every day but it’s still sad when you look at the individual cases.

  17. Menotrouble

    @112/ Addison Jordan: Well, poor thing, you got it all wrong. Do you think because some morons make fun of a mother dying, it’s ok to trivialize the pain of seeing two newborns fighting for their life? Your comment might have been meaningful when those braindead racists showed amusement on the death Kanye’s mother. Posted here, however, they just prove you are biased to the bone yourself. Anti-racist means being pro-humanity, equal rights for all, respect for every human being and so on and so forth, get it? A mother dying after surgery is a tragedy, two babies being overdosed is a tragedy, You will never take MY right to feel sorry for parents and children suffering, black or white, yellow or green, straight or gay, big or small, just because I won’t let you tell me whom to feel sorry for. That said, I feel sorry for you, because you want to fight for a just cause – like standing up against racism – but are to dumb to know how to do it. hehe – sad fool.

  18. Can he sue if the twins get brain damage?

    Or is malpractice suits another of one those outlawed terrorist activities?

  19. alana

    Oh my gosh. If these were my kids i would personally punch that nurse in the face.

    how could somebody make such a stupid mistake?!

    hope they’re okay…:S

  20. Carl

    Wow…even celebrities don’t know about the vaccine and Vitamin K (Herparin) injection scams. Thought they had inside info we common folk don’t have!

  21. Stephanie Bunt

    On 3/5/06, Cheryl was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for routine dialysis as a result of problems with her home dialysis machine. Cheryl had been receiving dialysis for several years due to renal issues, so this was not unusual.

    When Cheryl was admitted to the hospital on 3/5/06, a staff physician conducted a standard exam at admission. The exam report on 3/5/06 does not mention any external injuries; in fact, the report states that all external areas were normal.
    On the first night of Cheryl’s stay, Cheryl suffered head trauma and soon after that she went into a coma. Cheryl was dropped on her head and/or severely beaten. I questioned hospital staff numerous times about these unexplained injuries.
    After my mom suffered head injuries, the hospital falsified records starting the next day, 3/6/06, to make it appear that Cheryl was in a car accident that caused the injuries in question.

    I have photos of Cheryl in which, according to her treating physician, Dr. Blumenkrantz, “she looks like she got beat up by Mike Tyson.” At all time Dr. Blumenkrantz was obstructive about my mom’s chances of recovering from her injuries. In addition, while requesting physical therapy, Dr. Blumenkrantz refused to give my mom any therapy and left inappropriate messages on my machine regarding my request for physical therapy. These messages were left as she was starting to get sores on her bottom (see picture dates), but they were still not nearly as bad as they became.
    First message:

    Hi Stephanie, this is Dr. Blumenkrantz. I would like to continue to take care of your mom. I have been taking care of her for eight years, your mom wants me to continue to take care of her. I can not…We can not talk effectively. I can not deal with an immature, uh, teenager, uh who’s out of control, and umm, and uhh, it’s very upsetting to me, I try to be nice. I understand that you are angry, etc. which is a normal reaction to your mom being sick. But, it’s getting worse and worse more and more demanding and more and more antagonistic and more threatening. So, I am not going to be talking to you any more, I am going to be talking to Therese and Dan, uh, and inform them on what’s going on with your mom and uh, you can get the information from them. But, I do want to continue to take care of your mom, we have a nice relationship and I think I can do the best job possible taking care of her.
    Second Message:
    Stephanie, I apologize for telling you to shut up. But, umm, I have trouble dealing with you and obviously you have trouble dealing with me. Umm, I have a heart condition, I am 63 years old, I have taken excellent care of your mom for the last eight years, including this admission and umm, this is just not a uh a way, a mature way to deal with issues. I suggest that you talk with your psychiatrist about, uh dealing with the doctors and making demands, etc. I have been doing medicine for almost 40 years and I have never had to deal with a family member like you. Umm, so, I think it’s best that I talk to umm ,pause, your sister and brother about what’s going on with your mom and, uh, talk with your mom also and get her permission for issues. Umm, I am sorry, and I always always through your mom had affection for you and how nice it was that you were doing. But, this is not a very mature relationship and uhh, I can not deal with this. Umm, thank you.
    These messages were sent on 4/30/2006, 9am.

    Over the next few months, Cheryl’s condition began to deteriorate. Cheryl suffered through multiple pressure sores all over her body. The hospital failed to rectify them. The hospital also failed to give Cheryl physical therapy, which reduced her mobility. I tried to do it myself by moving my mom’s joints for her, but at one point I broke my arm and I could not continue to do so. My mom became stiff as a board. Her hands became gangrenous, as did a large portion of her head. I have photos of all of this.

    The hospital’s stories didn’t add up. First, my mom suffered severe head trauma and went into a coma. Then, the hospital neglected her, which caused pressure sores and stiffness that they wouldn’t treat sufficiently.

    Due to further neglect by the hospital, my mom’s decubitus ulcers worsened, turning into grotesque Stage IV lesions on her tailbone and other parts of her body. My mom’s legs split open and bled. My mom’s hand, one or two of her toes, and part of her head turned gangrenous(I have photos to review).

    As we came close to the time in the law suit, where my mom was supposed to do a deposition for the hospital, she was completely off the trach and on the trach collar, finally a speech therapist came one time to try and have my mom talk. The speech therapist came in for five minutes with my mom, she put the blocker on my mom’s trach to see if she could talk and a little bit of sound started to come out of my mom’s voice. The speech therapist was shocked quickly took it off and said we would not be able to do any more until Monday, this was Friday. But, Sunday, night my mom went into the ICU and about a month later she died. The day the speech therapist came into my mom’s room my mom’s weight was about 125 lbs. The day my mom died, she weighed about 170 lbs from the dialysis fluid they would add and then not remove from my mom’s body. This close to 50 percent increase in her weight would have course be horrible on her heart and lungs and now they had to pump/breathe through so much more and unnecessary fluid
    In the last weeks of my mom’s life, things appeared grave. One physician, Dr. Hadian, at Cedars told me on Friday, June 13, 2007 that my mom was like a crystal that has broken into many pieces and that, while [I] can be paid for the crystal, I would never get the crystal back.

    I was shocked to hear that, because around that time it seemed like the hospital staff was purposely reducing my mom’s care. They wanted me to start giving her sugar water instead of food and they were trying to stop her dialysis altogether. In fact, her main doctor, Dr. Kir Uomoto, informed me that the house staff was threatening my mom’s new nephrologist, Dr. Jack Ditlove, to stop dialysis. I as Cheryl’s conservator, would not allow this to happen, and I would try to make sure they were giving her dialysis and food. However, since I stopped the hospital from ending dialysis, the hospital got around me by adding the dialysis fluid to Cheryl’s body but not removing it. The hospital stopped correctly removing my mom’s (Cheryl’s) dialysis fluid in June 2007. Even I, a layperson, know that not removing dialysis fluid will eventually cause the patient’s death. My mom gained 50 pounds over the next three to four weeks. The hospital ignored my requests to make sure her dialysis fluid was properly removed.

    On 7/27/07, two days before my mom’s death, someone on the hospital staff removed her rectal tube, which was necessary for her to expel waste. When I got to the hospital that evening, I saw one of the physicians, Dr. Hadian, in my mom’s room, she was just leaving. I asked Dr. Hadian what she was doing, and Dr. Hadian said to me that she “was just rearranging some of the tubes.” Dr. Hadian then said she couldn’t talk and had to go. I immediately noticed that my mom’s rectal tube was gone. I frantically asked the hospital staff what happened to the rectal tube, but they all denied that my mom ever had the tube.

    On 7/28/07, late afternoon, I saw fecal matter start to come up through my mom’s GI feeding tube. This is when I began to panic. I first tried to get some answers from the hospital staff and get x-rays performed to see what was happening and why my mom wasn’t expelling any waste through her rectum. None were forthcoming. I called my mom’s main doctor concerned about the fecal matter. He left a message on my machine, which I have a copy of stating.

    Stephanie, Dr. Uomoto, so I talked to the house staff they spoke with Dr. Karambie who recommended to hold the feedings for a total of three hours and then resume them. So, I I think that is reasonable, so I don’t, I don’t think that is going to do her any harm. Ummm. So, you know whatever, however, long it has been held, if it’s been held or an hour or two hours, they will hold it for a total of three and then restart the feedings, so, uhh. And I asked and uhh I talked to Dr. Karambie and have him call you tomorrow and have him kinda explain what’s going on GY..GI wise. Honestly, I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on with the, uhhh, the dark stuff. So, I will have Dr. Karambie call you. Uhh. OK If you have any questions give me a call. Bye. Received Saturday July 28th at 6:02 pm.

    I called him back and again explained to him that fecal matter appeared to be coming out of my mom’s GI feeding tube. He said that they would temporarily stop the feeding and that the nurse would measure the fecal matter as it flowed out of the GI feeding tube and that I could not get any x-rays done, or have anything checked he assured me that she would be fine until the next morning when Dr. Karambie would be able to assess her and find out what is wrong. He told me that Dr. Karambie would see her the next morning at around 7 or 7:30am. I called my attorney via his paralegal (whom discussed the situation with my mom’s attorney), this was the only time I ever called the attorney’s office stating it’s an immediate emergency, I was told that my attorney and his firm were not responsible for my mom’s situation in the hospital and that he was only her attorney regarding the law suit and could not do anything to help her.

    I stayed at the hospital all night. I asked the nurse and house staff whether or not the feeding should be stopped or to have it stay on, they said that it should stay on 10cc. The next morning Dr. Karambie did not show up and I began requesting x-rays, etc. to be done. Then, at around 9/9:30, Dr. Uomoto showed up and said that it was too late nothing could be done and that my mom was going to die.

    I began to get upset as he had assured me she would be ok until now and he said that he was sorry but that nothing could be done. Soon after this Dr. Karambie showed up and said nothing could be done to save her and he refused to do any x-rays, etc. He said it was too late and she was too sick to do anything. Soon after this conversation, my mom died. I was also told by my mom’s attorney on the case that once my mom died her case against the hospital died with her. This gives the hospital a huge motive to kill my mom. In addition, on several occasions I tried having my mom transferred to another hospital. But, Cedars-Sinai would tell me that “she was not a candidate” and when I would ask why they said that once she is in their hospital if they are capable of doing whatever it is that she needs, I can’t transfer her to another hospital.

    After my mom’s death, it was very difficult for me to get the body from the hospital. First, they informed me in front of several witnesses that an autopsy isn’t possible, except by them and they wanted me to sign a form. I told them, that I wanted someone else to do the autopsy and they said that would not be possible as A. my mom’s body is not a coroner’s case and even if it were it would cost over $5000. I said I did not care how much it would cost, I still wanted an autopsy done out of the hospital. I arranged for Forest Lawn to pick up her body, and when forest lawn tried to pick up her body the hospital refused to give them the body and said that she was a coroner’s case and would go to the coroner. I had Forest Lawn call Cedars-Sinai again with me present and this time we told Cedars-Sinai, if she is a coroner’s case we will make sure the coroner’s office picks her up otherwise Forest Lawn will pick her up, it is up to them. They then finally allowed Forest Lawn to then pick her up and from there I took my mom’s body to a private autopsy person. The private autopsy person started to do the autopsy and said that my mom’s body was is such horrific shape that he had never seen anything like it in even his previous 20+ years experience at the LA County Coroner’s Office. (aka, she had what appeared to be fecal matter in all in strange parts of her body and horrific stage IV ulcers all over her body including her head, and was gangrenous on part of her head and hand.)
    Looking forward to your possible help,
    Stephanie Bunt

  22. umm

    @121… wtf?

  23. Brian T.

    I hope this is the last we will hear of the QUAIDS! There wasn’t a peep out of the third victim given the same overdose, hmmm wonder why? Maybe because the Quaids are publicity seeking whores and should shut their pieholes now and tell their relatives to shut the fu ck up too.

  24. Timothy

    Think Dennis Quaid was given an overdose of something when he was a kid because he is mentally retarded.

  25. Ralph W.

    Dennis Q. is the most narcissistic guy and should shut the hell up already. Yeah he’s a Christian, praying etc. All of a sudden he’s religious, my ass. He’s a drug addict, womanizing conceited asshole.

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