Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins in intensive care

November 20th, 2007 // 125 Comments

Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were accidentally given a massive dose of Herparin – an anti-coagulant – at Cedars-Sinai Hospital on Sunday. The twin babies Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, who were born November 8, are in the neo-natal intensive care unit after receiving 10,000 units of the anti-coagulant. To emphasize the seriousness of this mistake, babies are only supposed to get 10 units. TMZ reports:

Late Sunday night, both babies started to “bleed out.” Both babies are now at Cedars in the neo-natal intensive care unit where we’re told they are stable.
We’re told a technician stored the Heparin in the wrong place, and when a nurse grabbed the medicine for the babies without looking — it was the wrong dosage.
A source says the babies are now being given Protamine, which reverses the effects of Heparin.

Jesus, man, that’s insane. Poor Dennis Quaid and his wife. When I have a kid the last thing I want to hear are the words “bleed out” in relation to my child. I want to hear things like “My God, it’s the size of a buick. Nurse, fetch my sketch book.” Or “Did he have that pot of gold in his mother’s uterus the whole time?” This, on the other hand, is some serious stuff. All funny business aside, I hope Dennis Quaid’s kids pull through so his family can have a happy holiday.


  1. Jimbo, we should leave. Everyone here is a troll.

    I feel like the last survivors of Invasion of the Body Snatchers..

    New post please….

  2. veggi

    #46 – well hello, parent of the year! Hanging out on at the Superficial, that’s just great. Why don’t you turn off the CAPS key, shut down your computer, and spend some quality time with your retarded children? Even if they’re teenagers, I bet at least one of them needs to be changed.

  3. Pat Robertson

    See, this is where liberals will take us with their love of late term abortions.

  4. p0nk

    Maybe the nurse overheard Dennis Quaid making an insensitive joke about hemophiliacs.

  5. Donkey Ass

    It is a new low how many people are making jokes at babies nearly dying. Some of you are really pathetic.

  6. What a terrible story, so close to Thanksgiving. Once the juices are gone, everything gets tough and stringy.

  7. roastbeef

    55 you need to lighten up, jeez!! Like you’ve never laughed at a politically incorrect joke…or even made one yourself…before?? There’s nothing like a dead baby joke to brighten your day…nobody takes it seriously, so LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP!!!

  8. @52 Damn troll. that was a good one. I think Veggi would be proud of that one..

  9. Ted from LA

    #22 not me… unfunny troll. Nothing funny about this story.

  10. Ted from LA

    I’m sensitive and caring.

  11. Ted from LA

    Yeah, what #60 the troll said.

  12. Mark

    that nurse should get what’s coming to her

  13. Grant

    Geez. The Superficial actually shows human tenderness. That’s…eerily awesome. Good for you, Fish guy. I hope his kids make it too. God bless that family.

  14. Alice

    Poor kids, that’s awful. I really hope they make it through without any major complications.

  15. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    If there’s any justice in this world, those twins were born HIV positive and none of the nurses wore gloves.

  16. Alice

    Poor kids, that’s awful. I really hope they make it through without any major complications.

  17. Wonderland???

    They bled out. Including in their brains. The best outcome is surviving with less than severe brain damage (and damage to other major organs). There’s no happy ending here.

  18. IWONKY

    This isn’t funny.

  19. 10pound

    Wo, not to be callous but if they pass, can I have em? Babies are DELICIOUS!

  20. Me

    my God, that is horrible news!! I hope his babies will be ok and will have no lasting effects of this OD….I also think both the tech and the nurse should be fired. any nurse, nursing assistant, dr. PA fully well know to read orders, medications, id tags, etc so that something like this does not happen. both of those people failed that day, and now there are two innocent babies suffering profoundly.

  21. ph7

    Same thing happened to Britney Spears parents. The child survived.

  22. IWONKY

    71, okay now that’s funny!

  23. leigh ann

    im all for off-color jokes – but not in the wake of a possibility of two children dying. some of you people have no off button. continue to hide behind your member names and board postings, and i hope none of you ever have to face something like dennis is and be met with the same absolute disrespect.

    superficial: maybe you can think ahead and not post things you know your 12-yr old readers cant handle like mature adults.

  24. p0nk

    ah cool, my troll has caught up with me. makes me feel important. did you miss me, troll?

  25. fuck off you humorless cunt

    gee, it looks like we upset mom…

  26. Antonio

    “im all for off-color jokes – but not”…

    That’s how it always begins, when some self-appointed nag begins a judgmental comment. The first part is alway a lie.

  27. SusiQ

    Who are you kidding? You don’t give a rat’s ass about those kids.

    All you care about is a dirty greasy punch line.

  28. Anna

    The best outcome is not necessarily brain damage – they could have bled into their abdomens or somewhere else. It just depends how soon they got the anti-heparin on board.
    Very sad though.


  29. northernlight

    # 62- nowhere does it say the nurse was female

    # 50- unlike cubicle jockeys, nurses don’t get paid to sit on their asses and surf the internet. They’re run off their feet trying to care for ungrateful assholes like you.
    By the way, real original that, using the word retarded as an insult.

  30. Katrina

    As a Vet Asst. it is drilled into our heads that we check the meds when we take it down, check the label again as we get the dose and check a 3rd time as we are putting it back on the shelf…all this before we give the pet the medicine. Why is it that human nurses aren’t required to do this? It’s a sad day when your animals receive better care than a human baby. This story is truly horrific and tragic.

  31. tonycatman

    You fucking litigious yank cunts (but not #79).

    Some poor guy has his new borns nearly die, and all you can talk about is retribution against some nurse, and sueing some hospital.

    I’m fucked if I would ever become a nurse and look after your fat children. If I make no mistakes – I get paid fuck all to work shit hours for ungrateful bastards who can’t wait to sue. I make one mistake. You destroy my life.

    Conversely, if I fuck your children or kill my ex-wife, I get away scott free provided I pay enough for a lawyer. Ironic that I’d make more money as a lawyer trying to destroy lives than a nurse trying to save them.

    I doubt that taking legal action would make Mr Quaid feel any better than my good wishes would. Notwithstanding I hope they both recover and maintain good health. Nobody deserves this.

  32. no1justminda

    This seems to be happening a lot these days. This happened last year to a group of newborns at a hospital around here and all of the newborns died. I heard that the containers that hold the different doses of heparin look the same, so they changed the colors or packaging to be able to tell the difference in the future. Really, how hard is it for nurses to do their job and double check before giving medication? So sad!

  33. Sue

    Yeah you all suck. Nurses are supposed to check and triple check meds, but everyone makes mistakes. Fortunately for all of you, usually your mistakes don’t effect anyone’s life.
    Nurses get paid what they do because of 4 years of intense schooling (here you have to have a Bachelor in Nursing to practice), brutal hours, working holidays, dealing with people lives day in and day out.
    # 50 medication errors can start with the doctor prescribing the wrong med/amount or the doc handwriting being so piss poor no one can read it. Nurses make the most mistakes because they provide the most care. I hope you when you need a nurse you make sure to tell them how you feel……..

  34. Gabs

    For those who are making the red-sauce and bloody comments…. if you are ever in this type of situation, I would gladly point and laugh.

    Who am I kidding… I wont put myself down to your level.

    I hope they get better.

  35. Ganja

    #73 and all the rest of you.
    Why don’t you go and get a life.
    If there is a joke to be made then it will be made. That’s what comments sections are mainly about, people trying to be smart asses.
    If there are potential jokes to be made they will be made.
    There is such a thing as black humor and if you don’t like it or “get it” then too bad. Don’t be all pissy just because you have no sense of humor.
    Someone makes a joke based on a play on words and you think that makes them heartless? Idiot alert!

    You are so full of yourself that instead of just leaving your “positive” comment you also start an argument by trying to “tell off” people not being sickly sweet.

  36. blizzy

    gotta agree with #73 – sometimes its okay to just say “wow that sucks” and leave it at that. sense of humor doesn’t outweigh sense of decency for the “average” human being.

    it’s a fucked up thing and I hope they pull out of it…the nurse should know better than to give a medication without reading…that’s just rediculous.

  37. Sissy

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  38. blah, blah, blah

    Wow, this is just such a re-un-assuring incident which points to the superior (inferior-)- ity of the US Healthcare system. Similar circustance took one of a set of twins in my own family. I hope people wake up here and take serious, serious note and mostly, I hope the babies make it through with no problems! Best Wishes!

  39. Bigger Thomas

    Wow! Look at all of the supportive comments on this story. Check out the Kanye story and people are laughing about his mom dying. White folks are so predictable, but turnabout is fair play.

    LOLOLOLOL, that’s what he gets for making “In Good Company.”

  40. color blind

    It’s not as if Kayne West is an imposing, stupid, egocentric, racist asshole or anything? Constantly being shoved down our throats and making our ears bleed by making shitty music.

    And Dennis Quaid is pretty damn cool, doesn’t annoy us and has a few good films.

    Noooo must be because he’s black!

  41. color blind

    FYI. Kayne’s mum is getting less sympathy because she is an old woman who underwent dangerous surgery voluntarily for looks.

    What did Dennis’ children do… be born? Oh my god! Stupid superficial bastards with nothing better to do with their money!

  42. JK

    This information is none of our business. Its one thing when some drunk celebrity slut flashes her cooter, but this is just tasteless

    I regularly check out this site, but with this post, its my last visit.


  43. jFk

    JK lmfao!! These celebrity blogs have ALWAYS been about prying into people’s private lives. Don’t pretend like you were a regular. Lets face it, you’re some sensitive lame ass who just came across this site today.

    How is this story in ANY way tasteless? IMO this is not tasteless so it doesn’t really belong on the site. The people coming here want nipple slips and drunken falls etc, not dying baby stories.
    A few posts down there is a private video of Paris Hilton stark naked in her bath that was leaked onto the net and YOU are complaining that a legitimate news story about children and hospital negligence is TASTELESS ?
    wtf kind of logic is that

  44. choocher

    I bet they look like dad when he conked his head at the quarry in ‘Breaking Away’.

  45. Miguelito

    Why is this the terrible news that everyone is obligated to be really serious about? It’s for the children… For the chilllllldrrrreeeeeeen. The children are the future, it’s true — THE REALLY SHITTY FUTURE.

    I’d concern myself more with a really serious topic, like the one-world government, the New Age, the de-Christianization of the world, the murderous freaks who run America, technology sneaking up everyone’s ass, etc. Instead of just popping out babies as if everything was fine and dandy.

  46. Kimberley McRae

    Just one more reason to have your fucking babies at home where doctors and nurses can’t accidently kill them

  47. fly

    de-Christianization of the world
    This is a celebrity website that’s why. You’ll see it covers scientology sometimes. Not because it’s interesting or relevant, but because it is a big thing among some retarded celebrities and it’s also funny.
    Christianity is just sad. There are also no aliens mentioned or anything.
    If you want to ‘concern yourself more with something else’ something more serious, then just you go ahead and do that. We certainly won’t miss you.

  48. Mike

    kimberly, but if you have them at home and accidently kill them yourself, you would have no one to blame and sue
    why can’t the nurses just learn to look at the labels properly instead of “grabbing” into a cupboard full of meds

  49. Amber

    Let me just say as a nurse, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to screw up this badly if you follow your protocol….such as reading the medication vial before sticking a needle in and drawing up the Units needed.

    10,000 Units sound like a lot….its not….but it is for a newborn. Some medications come in high amounts like Heparin……For a newborn, the dosage should have been 1000-5000 Units, not 10000 Units. And for her to blame a ‘technician” is lame….she needs to own up to the fact that because of her negligence, both babies may never regain consciousness and become vegetables or they may die.

  50. Bigger Thomas

    #90 – Dennis Quaid wastes millions of dollars making SHITTY movies. He made ONE good movie about Jerry Lee Lewis and since then, he’s been garbage.

    He’s just a lame, has-been actor whose kids may die. And what did Kanye’s mom do? She just wanted a surgical procedure that 99% of those white bitches in Orange County have.

    White = Sympathy for entitled no-talents
    Black = Scorn, Scorn, Scorn, and a little bit of malice thrown in to top it off.

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