Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins in intensive care

November 20th, 2007 // 125 Comments

Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were accidentally given a massive dose of Herparin – an anti-coagulant – at Cedars-Sinai Hospital on Sunday. The twin babies Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, who were born November 8, are in the neo-natal intensive care unit after receiving 10,000 units of the anti-coagulant. To emphasize the seriousness of this mistake, babies are only supposed to get 10 units. TMZ reports:

Late Sunday night, both babies started to “bleed out.” Both babies are now at Cedars in the neo-natal intensive care unit where we’re told they are stable.
We’re told a technician stored the Heparin in the wrong place, and when a nurse grabbed the medicine for the babies without looking — it was the wrong dosage.
A source says the babies are now being given Protamine, which reverses the effects of Heparin.

Jesus, man, that’s insane. Poor Dennis Quaid and his wife. When I have a kid the last thing I want to hear are the words “bleed out” in relation to my child. I want to hear things like “My God, it’s the size of a buick. Nurse, fetch my sketch book.” Or “Did he have that pot of gold in his mother’s uterus the whole time?” This, on the other hand, is some serious stuff. All funny business aside, I hope Dennis Quaid’s kids pull through so his family can have a happy holiday.


  1. Fisty

    Yeah baby!

  2. Twinkie


  3. poor poor guy. :(

  4. Limey

    That’s a bloody shame.

  5. Adam

    poor bloke :(

  6. veggi

    Somebody started making the cranberry sauce waaaay too early this Thanksgiving.

  7. missj

    That was a really sweet thing to say fish. I hope they do too..that’s horrible

  8. G Man

    I hope someone at the hospital gets fired for this this is a friggin joke and someone needs to be held accountable. I am surprised that an amublance chaser hasn’t filed a suit on their behalf and it is making the 4pm news…

  9. crewmancross

    #1 and #2….pathetic…at least take a second to read what the hell the article is about. Here’s hoping for them to turn out alright. Dennis always seemed like a good guy and certainly no parent deserves something like this to happen…least of all around the holidays.

  10. p0nk

    10,000 units? even Jenna Jamison can’t handle 10,000 units.

  11. Aura

    I hope the kids get better soon. Wrong / over dosage of medicines for babies sometimes have long term side effects when they grow up, like damages to other organs.
    Wishing them best of health!

  12. Kristy

    His family is in my thoughts. I hope the twins pull through, and that the Quaid family is able to have cheery holidays. What a horrid mistake :(

  13. Fat Bastard

    Twin Cacciatore! Well, listen up, sonny Jim: I ate a baby. Oh, aye, baby: the other, other white meat. Baby: it’s what’s for dinner.

  14. I bet he names at least one of them “Red”.

  15. Mrs. Quaid

    No no no! I said put out the holiday “plates”, not “platelets”!

  16. ya know #6 and #14, you are not funny, you are sick. You are making me sick. I have the number of a very adequate therapist.

  17. One of them’s a girl, so she’s pretty much lock up the world record for earliest period.

  18. baaaaaaa

    17, you’re stupid

  19. Lindsay

    I know an adequite therapist also.

  20. I’m sure you know several..

  21. TS

    Probably a mistake to name one of them after Katherine Heparin.

  22. Ted from LA

    #16 – I’m not sure a specialist in treating nymphomania would help in this case.

  23. jill

    wow….that’s horrible. I hope they’re okay. what an emotional roller-coaster. if I was that mother, I’d be raising some kind of hell. oh, and a lawsuit. that kind of huge mistake is unforgivable.

  24. Did Kanyes mothers doctor have anything to do with this?

  25. veggi

    Wrong holiday – these should have been Halloween babies.

  26. Big

    We can only hope that #17 was a jimbo troll and that he has not crossed over to the dark side. Sick fuck

  27. bb

    So Fish can trash Britney’s kids all he wants but then all of the sudden has some compassion for someone else’s kids?? Hypocrite!!! I hate this site.

  28. Why is this here? I am sorry this happened to him and his kids, but this is a celb bashing site. Not a lets feel sorry for celb site..

    @17 BIte Me troll!!

  29. I thought veggies marinara was a traditional Thanksgiving side dish only in Italian families.

  30. steve

    Jimbo your a sick fuck, but I agree. “newborn twins” at this site should only refer to pics of a hottie who just got implants

  31. whoneedsenemies

    Are you fucking kidding me??
    What the fuck is wrong with Britney’s kids?
    Are they in Cedars-Sinai Hospital?
    Shut the fuck up

  32. veggi

    Twins usually are premature and spend some time in incubators right after birth. So I wonder if they got sauteed?

  33. Mo

    Difference between Britney and this? Britney’s kids weren’t actually in INTENSIVE CARE. Come on, guys. Eeeeesh. Even the Fish doesn’t want to see them in NICU. Give ‘em a break.

  34. Ashness

    Poor kids. I’ve heard this happen before with a newborn and it died soon after. The same story too, people weren’t paying attention and gave the wrong dosage. Nurse and a few others got fired as well as the hospital got their ass sued majorly.

  35. Steve – Most of the post from myself, FRIST & Veggi are the work of our troll. We each have our own troll and sometimes they are funny, other times they are retarded, and today they are sick fucking assholes. We never know which personality is going to show up..

  36. ratchet

    Jesus. If these were my babies, someone would be paying dearly for that mistake.

  37. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    No, Ficial. Not cool. Never wish luck. Fuck Quaid. I say, if the kids die it just wasn’t meant to be. I wonder if the bastards are bleeding from the rectum?

  38. gotmilk?

    What a harsh story, total depressing bummer. Gee thanks, Fish. Even if they pull through, these kids are going to be severely disabled and will live very difficult lives. Sometimes in these cases it’s just too much by the time they’re teenagers and everybody is making fun of them. Suicide is not uncommon. So they might end up slashing their wrists, which would be sorta ironic.

  39. woodhorse

    The Heparin should reverse fairly rapidly but why were they getting it in the first place? Blood transfusion? – at least one person just exited the medical field.
    Blessings & Prayers to Dennis & wife & babies & his older child.

  40. I bet the insides of their bassinets looked like panty liners.

  41. eastcoastgirl

    What kind of inept people does this hospital have on staff? Even if a med was put away in the wrong place a competent nurse always checks everything before administering a med. Especially one this dangerous. They should fire that bitch.

  42. Dennis

    Nurse Elvira…goddammit, now how did I miss that?

  43. woodhorse

    41: TWO nurses are supposed to check Heparin, just like Insulin….

  44. mr sensitive

    His career bled out a long time ago.

  45. bb

    so what…kids die every day…

  46. XFILE102

    YOU INSENSITIVE FUCKING PRICK VEGGIE (#6)!!! HOW HEARTLESS AND COLD CAN YOU BE YOU SHELL OF A HUMAN FUCKING BEING??!! AS A PARENT WITH 3 CHILDREN, I FIND YOU COMMENT AS REPREHENSIBLE AND OFFENSIVE AS ANYONE EVER COULD. That was ridiculous and uncalled for. FUCK YOU. So wrong. My heart goes out to Dennis and his family and I wish them the best of holidays. I cannot imagine the number of people at the hospital that would get their asses sued after being beaten with a chair if that happened to me. Dear God..

  47. Lexoka

    Something similar just happened in France. While giving a boy some mophine, a nurse got confused between mg and ml and gave the boy 10 times what he was supposed to… which killed him.

  48. @40 You so funny you dumbass troll. Are you going to die anytime soon??

  49. Jaba the Slut

    Whoa 46…

    calm the fuck down…

  50. Bill

    Nurses are all retarded. Other than surgery, what goes wrong in a hospital? Wrong meds, wrong doses, skipped doses, infections spread across patients, bed sores…nurses. Why the fuck do they make so much money? Fucking useless.

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