Dennis Quaid’s babies’ overdose was hospital’s fault, says report


State hospital regulators are placing the blame directly on Cedars-Sinai hospital for the overdose of Heparin that put Dennis Quaid’s infant twins in jeopardy. It has yet to be decided whether the hospital will face fines, but I guarantee a lawsuit is coming once the Quaids finish suing the makers of Herparin. The LA Times reports:

“This violation involved multiple failures by the facility to adhere to established policies and procedures for safe medication use,” the state wrote. “These violations caused, or were likely to cause, serious injury or death to the patients who received the wrong medication.”

Don’t worry, Cedars-Sinai. You’ve accepted responsibility for your actions and are making changes. This will all blow over. It’s not like you provided ammunition for further malpractice suits by publicly dropping the ball again and violating ethical guidelines by allowing a TV psychiatrist to exploit a situation involving a celebrity mental patient. Whoa. Those are by far the biggest words I’ve ever used in one sentence. Quick, get my camera.

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