Dennis Quaid sues pharmaceutical company


Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly Buffington filed a lawsuit this afternoon against the makers of Herparin after their newborn twins were given a 10,000 unit dose at Cedars-Sinai Hospital instead of the normal 10 units for infants. The bottles for each dose look exactly the same. The couple is seeking more than $50,000 in damages, according to People:

The Quaids assert that the company knew of previous dosage mix-ups, yet failed to recall shipments of the drug or properly warn hospitals of the dangers.
“On a negligence scale of one to 10, Baxter Corporation gets a 10,” the Quaids’ lawyer, Susan E. Loggans, tells PEOPLE.

Glad to see the Quaids are seeking justice for the potentially fatal medical mix-up involving their kids. That being said, on a “using numbers to denote severity “scale of one to 10, Susan E. Loggins gets a seven for immediately jumping to 10 during an interview. You drop that bomb in the courtroom. I’m not even a lawyer and I know that’s a rookie mistake. Granted, I’ve been sued in several (hundred) paternity cases, but still.

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