We Lost Dennis Farina (1944 – 2013)

July 22nd, 2013 // 35 Comments
Dennis Farina

Veteran police offer turned actor Dennis Farina died this morning at age 69 in Scottsdale, Az. from a blood clot in his lungs, according to TMZ. He’s probably remembered best my generation for his role in Snatch, but also had solid performances in Out of Sight, Midnight Run and pretty much whatever he was in. The man was a workhorse. He also was in What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher, but just like I didn’t mention that James Gandolfini was in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone when he died, let’s forget I spoke out of respect. But on a serious note, Dennis Farina didn’t pull any “cockamamie bullshit” like these new actors coming up today, and I’ll always remember him saying something like that in my mind to Justin Bieber who just pissed his pants.

Rest in Peace.

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  1. RIP Dennis. You always did a good job.

  2. MoozBoy

    Must’ve been that bloody English food. RIP!

  3. Michael_D

    Loved him in L&O, Out of Sight and Midnight Run but he will forever be Cousin Avi to me. RIP

  4. Jay

    RIP Dennis, and somehow Lindsay Lohan still breathes……..

  5. He always played a tough MF but with great wisecracks,

    Hope you’re busting God’s balls! Peace

  6. God dammit, no mention of Crime Story? Farina brought chops to that series like nobody’s business. He actually was a former Chicago PD officer before he started acting, and used to joke that he was known as “The Great Wounder” because anyone he shot at always got hit in the knee or the elbow.

    RIP, Dennis. Wherever you are, make yourself a sandwich, drink a glass of milk, do some fuckin’ thing.

  7. “Anything to declare?”
    “Yeah, don’t go to Scottsdale.”

    RIP, Dennis.

  8. Rico Jones

    Wow that sucks. I actually liked this guy.

  9. Yatz

    Oh, man… I loved that guy. Get Shorty, Midnight Run, Out of Sight – he was the icing on the cake.

  10. R.I.P. Great actor, I never knew he was an actual cop until today.

  11. Sara

    *pours one out for another lost L&O cast member*


  12. Your Mom

    He was badass in “Get Shorty”. Here’s a quick recap of some of his greatest work.


  13. dwagyak

    I remember an interview with a L&O producer who said that in one of the first chase scenes in the show that Dennis ran through the airport with his gun held behind him. They stopped the shoot and asked why. Dennis promptly schooled them that real policemen do not pursue in public with guns held out in front due to the panic it can cause In public places. They then continued letting Dennis do whatever the hell he wanted. He will be missed.

  14. Jake


  15. Batu Khan

    The world is poorer with a great actor today. What’s even sadder is that there are few of the young, up and coming actors who can hold a candle to actors like him. The torch cannot be passed on to remember the greats like him. RIP Dennis. You made the world a better place.

  16. Robb7

    This guy was the real deal. No “method” bullshit for him. He was a natural! RIP, you’ll be sorely missed.

  17. RIP Dennis Farina.

  18. cc

    Dammit. And thanks for bringing up Midnight Run. Great frikkin’ movie and he WAS great in that (along with Snatch of course).


  19. tlmck

    Absolutely loved his work. Crime Story was the best. RIP

  20. Big Toe


    Dennis you are a legend! You will be missed!


  21. First was Gandolfini. Now Farina. You don’t suppose God is organizing a crew or something, is He…???

  22. Yoda Mann

    Fine fucking way to start a week.

  23. They’ve been playing Unsolved Mysteries on tv every night, with him hosting. I always loved him as an actor and I thought it was adorable that he would be into narrating stories about alien abduction and ghosts and stuff. This year is sucking hard.

  24. Bringbackbabalu

    Dennis who?
    And who the fuck cares, is this an obituary page or a gossip site?

  25. Bringbackbabalu

    OMG IM SORRY ITS FUCKING AVI! Ok, I take it back. I just watched Snatch a few days ago…

  26. Dennis Farina = OG

  27. “Moron # 1? Put moron # 2 on the phone! You better start taking a personal interest in your job or I’m gonna take this f’n pencil and stab you through the heart with it you understand?” RIP Dennis. You will be missed.

  28. tuliplady

    “Shut and sit down, you big, bald, fuck!” RIP

  29. So sad. He will be missed. RIP Dennis.

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